All Sermons: Exposition

Expository preaching takes a passage of scripture and explains its meaning, closely following Ezra’s method of Nehemiah 8:1-12, “So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading” (Neh 8:8). A single, specific passage promotes exegesis (drawing out the meaning) and limits eisegesis (inserting one’s own ideas). Since Jesus ordered His ministers to preach the word (II Tim 4:2), and since the Holy Spirit wrote each passage, pastor and people are led to consider subjects useful to both as the church of God.

4/14/2024 PM
Jeremiah Chapter 11

God reminded Judah of covenant promises made with Moses, which He had kept but Judah had violated for much pain. God mocked their countless idols and shamed them for lewd religious adultery. He told Jeremiah of a conspiracy to kill him and promised to kill them without any survivors.

4/14/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 10

God dramatically contrasted Himself to idols and warned again of severe judgment. The opening reads like a Christmas tree, though an idol, yet loyal Christians would never touch one. Jehovah is infinitely superior by His life and by creation. Faulty pastors would bring God's judgment on the nation.

4/7/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 9

God called Judah to join Jeremiah mourning the ruin of Judah for their sins and to alter their confidences. They should hire fake mourners to get more serious, change their objects of delight from human measures to Him, and to not trust Jewish circumcision, for they were uncircumcised in heart.

4/3/2024 PM
Romans 9 Slides

Romans 9:6-24 to review God's electing grace to save men and His dominion to damn rebels. Paul used family examples of Isaac and Jacob. He used scripture about His mercy and Pharaoh. He asked and answered questions. He exalted the Potter over the clay. He summarized it perfectly.

3/31/2024 PM
Jeremiah Chapter 8

Rather than mourn or repent to avoid the terrible punishment coming - even the dead would be mocked - they obstinately resisted. Even birds are wiser. God mocked his own scriptures, for they carry no profit or value for those that disobey them. They had worldly sorrow but not godly repentance.

3/31/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 7

The Jews obstinately resisted the warnings of God through Jeremiah. They presumed they were safe because they had Jehovah's house of worship in Jerusalem. But God corrected that lie several ways. He also explained that He did not care about sacrifices nearly as much as obedience.

3/24/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 6

The war against the delicate and reprobate Judah was for obstinance against God's warnings. They had uncircumcised ears, refused to walk in the old paths, and were reprobate silver in spite of true prophets to save them. So God called the nations to witness what He would do to them and why.

3/17/2024 PM
Jeremiah Chapter 5

The coming desolation of Judah was right and proper; their many sins were great. They had forsaken the truth, committed idolatry and adultery, rejected the true prophets, served other gods, and did not fear God. Wicked men prospered, and prophets and priests conspired against Jeremiah.

3/17/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 4

Return, Israel! Repent, Judah! The king of Babylon comes with an army to destroy. Judah's sins brought the wrath of God on the nation; the destruction would be terrible. The chapter ends with bewailing the pain and suffering coming, all because of sins. Listener, repent! Thank God for His mercy.

3/10/2024 PM
Jeremiah Chapter 3

The shame of religious adultery, Israel's clear example, and a call to repent with gospel promises. God would take adulterous Israel back, though men should not. Judah was worse than Israel. God offered full forgiveness to Israel and briefly foretold the gospel era of glory with Gentiles.

3/10/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 2

Creative, emotional, and logical appeals to condemn Judah's idolatry. God asked Judah why they left Him given former affection and kind treatment. No nation in history changed religions and gods like Judah had. They had lost and would shamefully lose further due to their religious adultery against Jehovah.

3/6/2024 PM
A Short Overview of Jeremiah Slides

A ten-minute look at Jeremiah and kings during his ministry from various angles using tables and maps, including a table of the major and minor prophets and which ones were contemporary to each other.

3/3/2024 PM
Glory Only in the Cross

Galatians 6:14 is a precious and special verse summarizing our faith. Very different than Jewish legalists Paul opposed, his glory was only in Jesus Christ's death. There are three crucifixions in the verse, and all three are important. If you are not crucified to the world, Jesus' death must not mean much.

3/3/2024 AM
Jeremiah Chapter 1

God ordained Jeremiah to be a prophet in a wondernful exchange and gave him the words to preach against Judah. He warned that all of Judah would resist him, but he should not fear their faces, for He would deliver him. His ministry was to warn Judah of the invaders coming soon from the north.

2/25/2024 PM
Jeremiah – Introduction (2)

Get excited about learning this book. God sent these words for Judah and for us. There are powerful lessons we can learn for our own lives in 2024. There are jewels that will delight your soul through the book. Read it. Pray to get all God has for you in it. Pray for your pastor to rightly divide it and exposit it.

2/25/2024 AM
Jeremiah – Introduction (1)

All scripture is inspired and necessary for maximum spiritual growth. Though Jeremiah had to tell Judah they were to be destroyed by Babylon for Manasseh's sins, they could be spared and prosper in Babylon. God sent this prophet to Judah and neighbor nations to tell that Nebuchadnezzar was his servant.

12/20/2023 PM
The Great Whore and Christmas Slides

In Revelation John saw a false church as a great whore with harlot church daughters and full of abominations of false doctrine and practice. This church by its home city ruled over the earth in John's time - Rome. The features can only be the RCC, and we despise her filthy mass on December 25.

12/6/2023 PM
Romans 5:19 Slides

PPT review of the difference between total depravity and original sin, emphasizing the great doctrine of imputation, which is God assigning to others the act of another.

12/6/2023 AM
Psalm 110 Slides

Jesus is both King and Priest, and this great Messianic Psalm declares it so in just a few verses. Learn this short Psalm and embrace its precious truth about our Lord and Savior.

12/3/2023 PM
Seven Facts of Salvation (2) Slides

Hebrews 1:3b declaring Jesus the Son of God as our Savior explained word by word. The book of Hebrews exalts Jesus and salvation like no other. This verse is a favorite. Enjoy these inspired words of God and pick a favorite(s). Revel in the glory of what Jesus did for us and where He is now.

12/3/2023 AM
Seven Facts of Salvation (1) Slides

Hebrews 1:3b declaring Jesus the Son of God as our Savior explained word by word. The book of Hebrews exalts Jesus and salvation like no other. This verse is a favorite. Enjoy these inspired words of God and pick a favorite(s). Revel in the glory of what Jesus did for us and where He is now.

11/19/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (25)

Jesus confronted His hearers by what they would do with His sermon. If they obeyed it, they would be wise and ready for Judgment. If they disregarded it, they would be foolish and destroyed in that Day. No man preached like Him, which pastors should copy. Rather than be astonished at His doctrine, obey!

11/12/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (24)

The great Day of Judgment is coming when Jesus will expose all false prophets no matter what they claim they have done for Him. He will declare He never knew them and cast them into hellfire for eternal torment. You can avoid any such thing by doing the will of your Father in heaven.

11/12/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (23)

Fruit is God's way to test teachers to expose false ones. Like fruitless trees, fruitless preachers are discarded. Fruit is the key over any other measure. Church members must learn the Bible, teach it to children, stay vigilant against heretics inside or outside, and help and pray for their pastor.

11/5/2023 PM
Abundant Grace

God's grace saving sinners is a great Bible theme. Paul and Timothy justified their trials by the good news of grace they brought in the gospel (II Cor 4:15), which should cause the elect to give thanks for the greater glory of God. Enjoy a fast review of many Bible mentions of God's glorious abundant grace.

10/29/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (22)

This sermon defines bad and good fruits to approve or condemn preachers as Jesus had taught. The children of God need protection from these liars, and Jesus taught to look at their fruits. What are fruits? That is the goal of this sermon and the one before it.

10/29/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (21)

False preachers are dangerous and common. Jesus and the apostles said so. What can God's children do to protect themselves? They can judge preachers by their fruits to approve or condemn them. What are fruits? The goal of this sermon is to define them.

10/22/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (20)

What kind of sheep's clothing do wolves use to hide themselves? Get ready and think! Here are some of 50 kinds of false prophets that come with exciting and popular approaches to the ministry, but they and their methods are condemned by the Bible.

10/22/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (19)

Jesus warned of false preachers coming as sheep, but they would actually be ravening wolves. This grave danger must be known and remembered for the children of God to protect themselves. False prophets and their lies corrupt the good of Bible Christianity.

10/15/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (18)

False prophets, due to ignorance or malice, never tell you they are deceivers. So the children of God must be on the lookout for them, thus Jesus cried, Beware! You must not foolishly or ignorantly believe what you hear or from whom. Be vigilant. Be critical.

10/15/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (17)

Jesus warned there would be many false preachers, disguised and dangerous as hungry wolves. They appeared quickly, even while the apostles were alive. And they would not go away, for God would use them to show His children that He approved of.

10/8/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (16)

False teachers have done great damage in both testaments. The blessing of God's word and right preaching is precious. Thank God for it! Many children of God have endured seasons without revelation. False teachers in the N.T. began while the apostles were still alive. It has only gotten worse since.

10/8/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (15)

As Jesus began to close His Sermon, He warned against false teachers that would seek to take hearers away from the truth He had preached. The warning is strong - Beware! These lying deceivers would be against His straight and narrow way, and at Judgment would be exposed as reprobates.

10/1/2023 PM
Shiloh and Gathering the People

On his deathbed Jacob prophesied of a great ruler coming from Judah, named Shiloh, who would gather the people of God. Both the Old and New Testaments give many fulfillments of this work of Jesus Christ to gather the elect together into the family of God - legally, vitally, practically, finally.

10/1/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (14)

The golden rule should be understand and expanded to include personal preferences and spiritual goals. Even the O.T. law and prophets has great wisdom. Worldly religion is easy and popular, but Jesus calls us to follow Him in the strait and narrow religion, where there will be a few saved to heaven.

9/24/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (13)

A review of a simple guidelines or rules for effectual (effective) praying. Not all prayers are heard, for God has warned of errors in the character or conduct of the one praying, errors in prayer content, errors in spirit, etc. These guidelines are useful for praying more efficiently and a review of powerful results.

9/24/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (12)

Jesus gave us great encouragement to pray in five verses. He could not have stated the offer better. Here is not a command to pray or rules against improper prayer but rather powerful persuasion that God will answer prayer and will answer prayer abundantly. Believers should rejoice to pray more often.

9/17/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (11)

Matthew 7:6 is a lesson from most ignore, for they reject Jesus' criticism of fools and scorners, which He called dogs and pigs. Such men do not deserve truth, and Jesus taught us to protect the truth from them and to protect ourselves from their violent tendencies against anyone correcting them.

8/27/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (10)

Matthew 7:1 is the most abused practical verse in the Bible, often hurled about as if no one should criticize anything. It rather warns against judging harshly or judging hypocritically. Let Jesus warn you against thinking, speaking, or working on others' little motes while you have bigger beams. Work on your beams!

8/23/2023 PM
Psalm 112 Slides

A quick review of this psalm showing the character of good men and God's rewards.

8/20/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (9)

Christians must have a single goal - to serve God. They cannot serve God and the world; they are opposites. They should not worry, for spiritual things are most important, God can provide, worry does no good, they deny faith by worry, putting God's kingdom first He will provide, all that matters is today.

8/13/2023 PM
The Everlasting God and Gospel

For thousands of years, He ignored Gentiles, while He chose Israel as His only nation and church. But then God sent out the command for the gospel to be preached to us, and the number of Gentile converts far exceeded the number of Jewish ones. Jesus' death ended the differences between us for one church.

8/13/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (8)

Memorize the five parts of prayer. Forgive everyone; flush all offences. Fast modestly - not like Catholics, who make a public show during Lent to defy Jesus. Make investments in heaven, not on earth. Do everything as to the Lord. Set your heart on Him. You will never be disappointed. You will be thrilled.

8/6/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (7)

Never be intimidated by vain boasting by some of how long they pray. Jesus taught against vain repetitions and much speaking. You can pray concisely, be heard better, and pray more often for more things with greater joy. The Lord's prayer is a great outline. His forgiveness requires you forgiving others.

8/6/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (6)

God loved Israel by speaking to them by the prophets, but He has spoken to us by His Son. The Sermon on the Mount is written proof. Modest giving and praying is crucial to please God by the rules of Jesus. Lessons include rules for rewards, God seeing all good deeds, and Jesus' extreme wording.

7/30/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (5)

Are you careful with your speech to avoid foolish or filthy expletives or euphemisms? Listen and learn how corrupt and depraved speech can be. Hate revenge. Let small offences slide. God will take care of you. Love enemies to be perfect like God and to prove your adoption as a son of God.

7/30/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (4)

Being a light in the world includes kindness to adorn and beautify duty and godliness. After our relationships, Jesus warned about fantasies and sexual temptations; then He taught to limit swearing, which the Jews abused often. His lessons keep coming to lead us to abundant living and eternal life.

5/7/2023 PM
A Fountain Filled with Blood

Zechariah 13:1 is a prophecy of a fountain for sin and uncleanness. In a context of prophecies about Jesus, the fountain is a metaphor for the blood of Christ washing away our sins. William Cowper wrote the song, "There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood" which guarantees eternal life for all elect.

3/15/2023 PM
A Review of 1 John Slides

A fast snapshot of each chapter to overview the 105 verses in John's comforting epistle instead of 47 sermons.

12/18/2022 PM
First John Chapter 5 (#7) … Verses 20-21

In 5:20-21, we are told that Jesus died for us that we might know God the Father and Jesus His Son. In a world full of lies and darkness, God sent His Son to reveal the greatest knowledge - the true God, His Son, and eternal life.We understand! All idolatry is insanity in comparison to this revelation.

12/18/2022 AM
First John Chapter 5 (#6) … Verses 18-19

In 5:18-19, true Christians are separated from other men, for regeneration by being born again changed them to not continue in sin. By Jesus' victory, Christians can resist the devil and cause him to flee. Both also make them very different from the world that is altogether wicked and under Satan.

12/4/2022 PM
First John Chapter 5 (#5) … Verses 16-17

By 5:16-17, there is a sin unto death that does not deserve prayer. It is total apostasy against Jesus Christ like the antichrists in context and the believing Jews returning to temple worship. Rather than fear this death, make sure you pray for each brother and especially those that you see slip in sin.

12/4/2022 AM
First John Chapter 5 (#4) … Verses 14-15

By 5:14-15, you should have confident faith God will hear and answer your prayers. The will of God is not difficult, for it is conveyed in the Bible and by the Spirit, and the Spirit helps us by only praying God's will. Rather than fear the sin unto death that is next, make sure you pray confidently and often.

11/27/2022 PM
First John Chapter 5 (#3) … Verses 9-13

In 5:9-13, God appeals to us to believe His witness, for it is greater than the witness of men you accept every day. After proving the Person of Jesus, God declared the Purpose of Jesus, which is eternal life in Him. How can you know you are saved? Believe on Jesus Christ and increase your faith in Him.

11/27/2022 AM
First John Chapter 5 (#2) … Verses 6-8

In 5:6-8, God gave nine witnesses that Jesus is the Son of God. These are glorious verses! Water and blood in 5:6 are His baptism and crucifixion, where His sonship was declared. Water and blood in 5:8 are baptism and communion, when we declare His Sonship. Our faith and religion are most reasonable.

11/13/2022 AM
First John Chapter 5 (#1) … Verses 1-5

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. If you believe on Him, it proves you were already born again, and you should love the other sons of God born of Him. Loving God and others is easy, and it is win-win. Faith to believe that Jesus is the Son of God is God's gift and overcomes this world by every measure.

11/6/2022 AM
First John Chapter 4 (#8) … Verses 17-21

4:17-21 for perfect love that casts out all fear and gets rid of its torment before God. Fear means you cheat somewhere. The three parts of love are all important - God's love of us, ours of Him, and ours of others. We cannot have one without the other for logical reasons and His commandment.

10/30/2022 PM
First John Chapter 4 (#7) … Verses 17-18

4:17-18 for boldness on Judgment Day by perfect love, which is being fully immersed in God's love for us, ours for Him, and ours for one another. Dwelling in love this way is perfect love and proves God's presence. Fear is a terrible emotion, but basking in all angles of love will end fear for confidence.

10/30/2022 AM
First John Chapter 4 (#6) … Verses 14-16

4:14-16 for the proof of eternal life by faith and love. The apostles saw and testified of the divine transaction of the Father sending His Son to this earth to save us. Believing and confessing that news and then loving the brethren prove one's eternal life. The great fact of faith - Jesus is the Son of God.

10/23/2022 PM
First John Chapter 4 (#5) … Verses 9:13

4:9-13 are lessons two and three for love of the brethren - the example of God and the Spirit of God. God sending His Son for us to live is the great example we should copy toward others. He has given us the Spirit for the conviction and power to love. The three lessons make love obvious and easy.

10/23/2022 AM
First John Chapter 4 (#4) … Verses 7-8

4:7-8 is the first of three lessons for love of the brethren - the nature of God. Love is of God, and God is love. We prove we are born again by loving the brethren, for it shows the character and nature of God. If a man does not love the brethren, he does not know God, for God is love. Terrible indeed.

10/16/2022 AM
First John Chapter 4 (#3) … Verses 1-6 Reviewed

4:1-6 was reviewed in light of John 4:20-24 of our Lord's rejection of Samaritan religion and the Jews' worship in Jerusalem and the warning of perilous times of the last days when many would turn from truth to fables. A few truth reminders were used and exhortation made to hold to apostolic truth.

10/9/2022 PM
First John Chapter 4 (#2) … Verses 4-6

4:4-6 for another test to prove if teachers were of God or not. This test was approval or agreement with the world, which was and always is the enemy of God. John comforted the early believers by the Holy Spirit presence they had inside, which was greater than Satan's power in the seducers.

10/9/2022 AM
First John Chapter 4 (#1) … Verses 1-3

4:1-3 is God's rule for early Christians to test and prove all teachers, no matter what claims or evidence they had of spirits or the Spirit, by basic facts about Jesus Christ. In this case it was His real flesh body. Greek and Gentile heretics denied it by devilish lies to corrupt His death and resurrection.

10/2/2022 AM
All Things Are of God

II Cor 5:1-8 confidently details the certainty of immorality and a new glorified body for believers. II Cor 5:18-21 describes how that immortality and glorified body were secured for rebel, sinful enemies by God's gracious imputation and Christ's death on the cross. Be ecstatic, not miserable. God is at peace.

9/25/2022 PM
First John Chapter 3 (#9) … Verses 22-24

3:22-24 for powerful prayer and intimate fellowship with God by faith in the name of Jesus the Son of God and love of brethren. God and His Son have intimate fellowship with such Christians through the Holy Spirit, which we know we have by our faith and love, proving we are changed and saved.

9/25/2022 AM
First John Chapter 3 (#8) … Verses 18-21

3:18-21 for loving action, not just words. Only love that costs and works counts to God. A Bible-trained conscience can assure your heart to be confident before God by loving action. If you do not have deeds of love, then worse things are coming, for a holy God knows your lack of love perfectly.

9/18/2022 PM
First John Chapter 3 (#7) … Verses 16-17

3:16-17 for God and Christ's wonderful love for us by laying down His life for us on the cruel cross of Calvary. The call from heaven is for us to lay our lives down in a similar manner for our brethren. Such love is a choice involving bowels. If a person does not do so, how can he possibly be saved?

9/18/2022 AM
First John Chapter 3 (#6) … Verses 13-15

3:13-15 for brotherly love proving a huge difference from nature and the world and proof of everlasting life. Lack of brotherly love is hatred and the same as murder, which proves no eternal life. The standard here and the severe and strict description are God's, so beware. The danger is real.

9/11/2022 PM
First John Chapter 3 (#5)

In contrast to brotherly love is the horrible example of a hateful brother - Cain. Think! Why did the Holy Spirit bring up this devilish murderer in this lesson about love? Because the old man inside every Christian is like Cain. Holding bitterness, envy, grudges, or strife can to lead to murder in God's eyes.

9/11/2022 AM
First John Chapter 3 (#4)

Here begins John's significant emphasis on brotherly love, which is the greatest duty and evidence of grace in a Christian's life. If churches stressed it more, they would grow in grace by the Holy Spirit faster and better. Brotherly love trumps emphasis on other less important aspect of Christ's gospel.

9/4/2022 AM
First John Chapter 3 (#3) … Verses 4-7

3:4-7 is John's instructions and warnings of how Christians should live in light of being adopted and glorified. A lifestyle of sin proves a person is not saved, for such a life is contrary to Jesus Christ. A e Christian will not continue in sin. He is born again, and the new man in him will not allow a life of sin.

8/28/2022 PM
First John Chapter 3 (#2) … Verses 2-3

3:2-3 adds glorification to adoption, when we shall receive new bodies that have never been seen before. When Jesus returns, He will make our bodies to be just like His body, which will then be able to comprehend His. Adoption, glorification, and His return must be remembered for peace in this world.

8/28/2022 AM
First John Chapter 3 (#1) … Verse 1

3:1 for the glorious doctrine of adoption, a gift by God's love to the elect - they are made the sons of God. Behold! What manner of love! The five phases of adoption are very helpful. Just as the world did not know Jesus, but killed Him, so the world does not know children of God living here.

8/21/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#16) … Verses 23-29

2:23-29 continued John's argument that the believers had heard enough and had it confirmed by the Spirit to know the lies of the seducers. God had promised eternal life to the faithful, who could be confident at Christ's coming by abiding in faith about Himt and also copying His righteousness.

8/21/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#15) … Verses 20-22

2:20-22 reviewed the context that limits the verses to basic facts and truth about Jesus. Early believers in apostolic churches knew the basics about Jesus well enough to identify and reject antichrist liars and their lies, which at this point in the epistle is denial of Jesus as the Christ, God's Messiah.

8/14/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#14) … Verse 20-27

2:20-27 is to be understood as John's kind encouragement to his readers against the antichrist and seducing liars corrupting the doctrine of Christ in those times. They knew the truth and needed no help to identify and expose the heretics that had gone out from them but had never truly been of them.

8/14/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#13) … Verse 20

2:20 can be misunderstood and misapplied, as if believers can know all things without teachers. Such a view contradicts the rest of the Bible, proving it a false view. The first word of the verse, But, limits the extent of the verse and passage to the limited threat of Jesus-denying antichrists in context!

8/7/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#12) … Verses 17-19

2:17-19 ends John's warning against the world, for it is opposite God, and He will soon destroy it; the obedient live forever. His readers knew about the pope antichrist, but he warned of heretic seducers already at work. Many believers would leave even churches started by the apostles for heresy.

8/3/2022 PM
The Maccabees Slides

Between Malachi and Matthew there were things happening. A king of a segment of the Greek Empire violently abused the Jews and tried to overthrow the worship of Jehovah. God raised up some men that feared Him and used them to drive this enemy out of Jerusalem and to rededicate His temple.

7/31/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#11) … Verse 16

The pride of life is the third bucket of sins John warned against. Lust of the flesh requires a body need or desire. Lust of the eyes requires your eyes to see something. But pride is with you 24/7 and infects every thought, word, and deed. It is the greatest sin (self-righteousness), and God hates it.

7/31/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#10) … Verse 16

The lusts of the eyes is the second bucket of sins John warned against. The world pushes visual things at us constantly, so they enter our hearts and minds by our eyes. We must commit, promise, and pray against sins by our eyes. We must be willing to sacrifice temptations like plucking out our right eye.

7/24/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#9) … verse 16

John by the Holy Spirit reduced all sins that tempt Christians down to three buckets - lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life. These things are not of the Father but are of the world. This sermon uses Bible examples and a long list of things you face daily your own body wants. Rule your body.

7/24/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#8) … verse 16

This world is the enemy of God, and He has called us to hate it, if we truly love Him. All Christians must face the fact we live in a place that hates God and promotes sin to us every day that God hates. We show our love of Him by denying the worldly lusts that they love. Ye that love the LORD, hate evil.

7/17/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#7) … Verses 15

2:15 begins a three-verse list of rules for an evil world. The world is God's enemy, and Christians must hate it from several angles, but especially its evil passions that find a friend in our depraved old man. Everything in life should be assessed constantly as to whether our affection detracts from God.

7/17/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#6) … Verses 12-14

2:12-14 identifies three levels of spiritual maturity, not biological age. After warning about false professors, John comforted and assured new converts, strong Christians, and old saints by their virtues. The context on both sides are two crucial commands - love of brother and love of God over world.

7/10/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#5) … Verses 9-11

2:9-11 teach love or hatred toward a brother has serious consequences on the soul. Love will give internal light by the Spirit to avoid errors in life, but hatred blinds and deceives men to make errors without knowing why. Hatred is damning and leads to other sins. Love is enlightening and helpful to the soul.

7/10/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#4) … Verses 8-9

2:8-9 used the N.T. era as a reason to love one another. The darkness of hateful and violent living under Satan's universal rule had been broken, as the apostles took the loving religion of Jesus to the nations. A new world order arrived 2000 years ago. Will you walk in gospel light or pagan darkness?

7/6/2022 AM
Lose Your Life to Find It Slides

Your best life requires you to give up selfish interests for Christ. If you do, you will enjoy life to its fullest as God intended. If you will not, you will lose offered joy and prosperity. Jesus repays followers 10,000% in this world and eternal life in the world to come. Follow and obey Him at any cost! It is win-win!

6/26/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#3) … Verse 8

2:8 used the N.T. era as a key reason to love one another. The darkness of hateful and violent living under Satan's universal rule had been broken, as the apostles took the loving religion of Jesus to the nations. A new world order arrived 2000 years ago. Will you walk in gospel light or pagan darkness?

6/26/2022 AM
First John Chapter 2 (#2) … Verses 7-8

2:7-8 began a five-verse lesson about loving the brethren. Two introductory parts of the lesson are special. First, the command to love one another is old as coming from Christ and new as emphasized by Christ. Second, John appealed to brotherly love on the basis of the new era of Christianity.

6/19/2022 PM
First John Chapter 2 (#1) … Verses 1-6

2:1-6 for our Advocate and Propitiation, Jesus Christ the Righteous, Who takes care of our sins before God. We then must prove our salvation and relationship with God and His Son by obedience to their commands. It is a heresy and travesty for anyone to think they are saved by a mere decision for Jesus.

6/19/2022 AM
First John Chapter 1 (#5) … Verses 5-10

1:5-10 for keeping intimate friendship and love with God by walking in the light by a holy life. The blood of Christ will cover the sin principle still in us and any sins of ignorance. But we must confess any sins we know to be forgiven and cleansed for a restoration of intimate friendship and love.

6/12/2022 AM
First John Chapter 1 (#4) … Verse 5

1:5 for three crucial words - God is light. He is impeccably holy and pure without any allowance for sin at all. He demands our character and conduct match His, so we must be holy. We should test every action. We must confess every sin.

5/22/2022 PM
Priorities of Fearful Pastors (2) Slides

I Cor 3-4 is mainly for pastors, as Paul corrected preacher factions at Corinth and warned them of their duties and coming judgment for pastors. God's churches are holy, and wood, hay, and stubble additions to Christ are to be hated.

5/22/2022 AM
Priorities of Fearful Pastors (1) Slides

I Cor 3-4 is mainly for pastors, as Paul corrected preacher factions at Corinth and warned them of their duties and coming judgment for pastors. God's churches are holy, and wood, hay, and stubble additions to Christ are to be hated.

5/1/2022 AM
First John Chapter 1 (#3) … Verses 2-4

1:2-4 for two fabulous facts of the gospel - the Word of Life became a man and visited earth for the apostles to hear, see, and touch Him. They were inspired to write us that God wants intimate friendship with us and to fill us with all joy.

4/24/2022 PM
First John Chapter 1 (#2) … Verse 1

1:1 about the apostles and their unique role to be earwitnesses, eyewitnesses, and hand-witnesses of Jesus Christ. The Word of Life became flesh, an incredible event witnessed by many, who wrote it down to prove the truth of Jesus.

4/24/2022 AM
First John – Chapter 1 (#1) … Verse 1

Sermon 1 - 1:1 mostly about That, the first word, a glorious pronoun for the Word of Life, Jesus Christ. Do you know That? He is the glorious King and lover of His people in Psalm 45. He wants to have fellowship with you for your complete joy.

4/10/2022 AM
First John – An Introduction (2 sermons)

Expository preaching has benefits. Many aspects to such preaching and this epistle should be reviewed before starting. An overview to find John's main lessons is helpful to understand the whole and its parts. See the color-coded version.

4/3/2022 AM
The Faith of God’s Elect (2 sermons)

Titus 1:1-4 is Paul's opening words to Titus of pastoral care for the churches in Crete. He summarized precious aspects of the gospel. To faith he added truth and godliness and hope, all of which are declared in proper preaching to God's elect.

3/13/2022 AM
Glory to God Forever 1 Slides

Paul ended the first three chapters of Ephesians with a doxology. This followed his prayer for greater fellowship with God by Holy Spirit power working in them. You exist for God's glory, and it should be the focal point for every church.

11/21/2021 AM
Elihu Exalts God (13 sermons)

The book of Job is God's sovereign choices for Job's life. Most do not know the wisest man in it - Elihu. Do not ever blame or question God. He is Creator and Potter. You are creature and clay. He is always perfectly just, right, and good.

8/18/2021 AM
When Pain Ends (Rom 8:17-25) Slides

Life and the universe are filled with pain, trouble, death. But Jesus died to lift the sin curse, so the creation will be changed back to its original perfection. It will occur when Jesus returns and God formally declares us His children to the universe!

8/8/2021 AM
I Thessalonians 5 (14 sermons)

Paul's goal for this new church was their full sanctification in holiness. He began with Jesus' secret return to motivate them before listing various godly duties. Christians should greatly differ from pagans and be wholly holy to meet Christ.

7/25/2021 PM
When Was Cornelius Saved? (2) Slides

The Holy Spirit, an angel, and Peter declared Cornelius's saved conduct before Peter preached to him. This inspired event proves regeneration before faith and good works. Traditionalists today as then miss or resist God's sovereign grace.

7/25/2021 AM
When Was Cornelius Saved? (1) Slides

God counted this Italian the first Gentile convert. His conversion is given in detail and defended twice. Jesus provided much help for this glorious conversion of a Gentile family, but he was regenerated long before he ever met Peter.

5/30/2021 PM
War for Your Soul #4 Slides

Paul taught two actions for you after putting on the whole armor of God. First, you must stand like Greek wrestlers did and not be taken down at all. Second, you must rightly pray in the intense and thorough way Paul described.

5/30/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #3 Slides

The devil looks for weaknesses to tempt you. He knew Jesus was hungry from long fasting. What habits do you have that leave you exposed to the devil? This is the first line of resisting him - discipline in all parts of life to send him away.

3/28/2021 AM
Paul’s Doctrine of Marriage (2 sermons)

Corinth was a lascivious city of the Roman world, and the church there asked Paul about marriage, sex, divorce, etc. His inspired answers for their situation have much wisdom for all Christians that want to know God's will about marriage.

11/22/2020 AM
The Last Song of Moses

In Deuteronomy 32 are Moses' last words to Israel before he died in Mt. Nebo. Moses feared their evil character and warned severely of Jehovah's judgment if they did not wisely respond to His goodness by obedience and loyalty to His law.

10/25/2020 AM
Cleave Unto the Lord

Persecution drove the gospel north to Antioch of Syria. Barnabas came to see the Gentile converts and exhort them to cleave to Christ. He knew the threats to their zeal, which are similar to our own. Let us run to Christ and never let go.

10/11/2020 PM
Jesus the Son of God (2) Slides

Slides to show Jesus fulfilled Psalm 2 by resurrection and coronation, as Paul taught in Hebrews 1 and 5 and Acts 13. Eternal sonship and a deferred kingdom are both refuted by many scriptures combined for the truth of Jesus Christ's Lordship.

10/11/2020 AM
Jesus the Son of God (1) Slides

Slides to show Jesus fulfilled Psalm 2 by resurrection and coronation, as Paul taught in Hebrews 1 and 5 and Acts 13. Eternal sonship and a deferred kingdom are both refuted by many scriptures combined for the truth of Jesus Christ's Lordship.

10/7/2020 PM
Furniture, Feasts, Sacrifices Slides

Most of the Bible is written to Jews about Jewish worship, thus many features of buildings, holy days, and sacrifices. These slides are to explain those things to help know the Bible better and appreciate what Jesus did for us on the cross.

9/27/2020 AM
In a Crooked and Perverse Nation

America is a mess in 2020. It is crooked and perverse like Philippi was when Paul wrote them. What should a Christian do? Paul gave us clear marching orders from the Lord Jesus Christ. They are found in Philippians 2:1-18. Rejoice in truth!

9/16/2020 AM
Review of Romans 9-16 Slides

Slides were used to summarize the second half of Romans. The goal was to jog memories of the things learned during a long sermon series covering the whole book. Extensive notes are on the website for deeper study of any verse.

9/13/2020 AM
Romans 1:26-32

When men reject God's obvious existence by creation, He may rewire them to do perverse things. Sodomy is His judgment, not a cause for judgment. But there are many more dysfunctional things He turns men over to as well. Beware!

9/6/2020 AM
Romans 1:18-25

God's wrath is coming from heaven against the wicked. As Paul wrote, He gave all men opportunities to know Him, glorify Him, thank Him, and obey Him. They did not and instead invented lies, so He blinded and rewired them to sexual folly.

9/2/2020 PM
Review of Romans 1-8 Slides

Slides were used to summarize the first half of Romans. The goal was to jog memories of good things learned during a long sermon series covering the whole book. Extensive notes are on the website for deeper study of any verse.

8/30/2020 AM
Romans 1:16

Paul's systematic theology starts here. He will indict Gentiles, then Jews, and then both. He will condemn mankind by creation, providence, conscience, and scripture. But he first summarizes the gospel of Christ for believers.

8/16/2020 AM
Doctrine of Matthew 22

Jesus blasted the Jews with six lessons that utterly confounded them. The same truth confounds most Christians today. Here are six ancient landmarks of the apostolic faith presented by the Master of truth, wisdom, logic, and rhetoric.

8/9/2020 AM
Parables of Matthew 13

Jesus used eight parables to teach five crucial, relevant lessons. He described seven options that cover all men. Learning the parables may be exciting, but the goal here is to learn the lessons and change your life to match His doctrine. Beware!

8/2/2020 AM
Glory of God in Salvation

God planned salvation so He only gets glory for it (I Cor 1:29-31). He chose to save those the world calls base or foolish, and His choice determines their response to the gospel. He sent His Son to secure four glorious things for them only.

7/5/2020 AM
Ebenezer: Stone of Help

Samuel led a great revival in Israel and beat the Philistines with God's help. This sermon is background and context. Samuel burned a sucking lamb to secure God's help and honored Him with a memorial - Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.

12/22/2019 PM
The Book of Isaiah Chapter 39

After his near-death experience, Hezekiah got puffed up in pride over his prosperity.

12/22/2019 AM
Isaiah Chapter 38

God told Hezekiah he would die, but his prayer gained 15 years with a sign and his thanksgiving.

10/2/2019 AM
Jesus Is Better Slides

Hebrews 1 begins the inspired comparison of Jesus better than all aspects of the O.T.

8/4/2019 PM
The Son that Became King

Isaiah 9:6-7 ... a simple sermon to see every phrase in the glorious prophecy.

3/10/2019 AM
Paul’s Fourth Preaching Trip

Acts 27:1-44 as Paul is a prisoner on a ship to Rome and wrecks on the island of Malta. Acts 28:1-31 as the Lord protected Paul and got him to Rome with many useful liberties.

3/6/2019 PM
Boasting About God – Job Slides

Job chapters 38-41 are precious chapters of God boasting great things about Himself.

3/3/2019 AM
Paul’s Third Preaching Trip

Acts 18:23 - 19:41 as Paul saw his region again, especially Ephesus, and then captured. Acts 20:01 - 21:30 as Paul saw Greece, warned Ephesian elders, then caught in Jerusalem.

2/10/2019 AM
Superstition or Truth

Acts 17:16-34 for Paul at Mars Hill in Athens with truth for Greek philosophers.

11/7/2018 PM
Deborah & Jael Slides

Slide presentation of Judges 4 and 5 about Deborah, Barak, and Jael saving Israel.

10/3/2018 AM
The Book of Philemon Slides

Exposition of the book of Philemon

9/9/2018 PM
II Thessalonians 2 Slides

This short chapter teaches many facts of apostolic truth no longer understood.

5/16/2018 PM
Balaam the Prophet Slides

Folly, prophecies, sex strategy, and lessons from the life of this diabolical prophet.

10/18/2017 PM
The Holy Spirit (in Ephesians) Slides

Paul in Ephesians told us more about the Holy Spirit than he did anywhere else.

2/1/2017 PM
Judas Iscariot Slides

John 6:70-71 names a man that should not have been born to avoid his judgment.

12/7/2016 PM
Hebrews “Lose Your Salvation” Passages Slides

Four passages that seem to teach a true believer can lose his gift of eternal life.

11/2/2016 PM
Spirit and Truth of John 4:20-24 Slides

Slides of Jesus teaching the woman of Samaria that His religion would expose the errors of Samaritans and Jews. God requires worship in spirit (internal worship of the heart and mind) and in truth (by divine revelation). Learn this key passage.

5/18/2016 AM
Three Basic Rules Slides

Paul gave us three comprehensive goals for every Christian life for us to follow.

8/5/2015 PM
Psalm 101 Slides

Embrace these slides showing the details of David's promises to God in order to please God for perfect fellowship. If you are not realizing God's best for your life, then you should hear this exposition and find where you are not like David.

7/15/2015 PM
Haggai Slides

Twelve lessons taken from the 38 verses of this outstanding minor prophet.

1/21/2015 PM
Pastoral Combine Slides

The qualifications in the Bible to be bishop are good performance measures for all men.

11/5/2014 AM
Death of a Nation Slides

Isaiah 3 for God judging sinful nations by removing men and exposing women.

2/19/2014 PM
Sermon on the Mount – Overview Slides

Matthew 5-7 is pure gold from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is preaching at its best by authority and content. If you want to know if you are going to heaven, see how you stand against this criteria. If you want to measure your religion and faith, here is the standard.

5/15/2013 AM
Esther Slides

Review of God's providence and political wisdom taught in Persia!

2/6/2013 PM
Feasts and Sacrifices Slides

For 1500 years the Jews worshipped according to what God gave Moses at Sinai. Reading Exodus and Leviticus will confront the reader with feasts and sacrifices that he knows little about. This simple study gives an overview and points to Jesus Christ.

12/19/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 8

A verse by verse exposition of Romans Chapter 8

11/21/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 7

A Verse by Verse exposition of Romans chapter 7

10/17/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 6

A verse by verse exposition of Romans chapter 6

7/4/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 5

A verse by verse by exposition of Romans Chapter 5

5/23/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 4

A verse by verse exposition of the fourth chapter of Romans.

2/21/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 3

A verse by verse exposition of the third chapter of Romans.

1/31/2010 AM
Romans – Chapter 2

A verse by verse exposition of the second chapter of Romans.

11/1/2009 AM
Romans – Chapter 1

A verse by verse exposition of the first chapter of Romans.

3/20/2005 AM
Sermon on the Mount #2

Verse-by-verse exposition of 5:13-16 of shining your light

3/13/2005 AM
Sermon on the Mount #1

Introduction and Beatitudes of the greatest sermon from 5:1-12.

12/26/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 13

Paul defends his ministry and makes final exhortations.

12/19/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 12

In verses 1-10 Paul defends his ministry by his superior revelation from God. In verses 11-21 Paul defends his ministry to Corinth by his relationship to them.

12/5/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 10

Paul defends his ministry to Corinth and teachers opposing him

11/28/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 9

Paul exhorts Corinth to godly giving the blessings following.

11/21/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 8

Paul exhorts Corinth to match Macedonia and praises holy saints.

11/14/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 7

Paul exhorts to perfecting holiness and defines godly repentance. An exposition of Second Corinthians chapter 7

11/7/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 6

Paul describes himself and exhorts to separation by promises.

10/17/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 3

Paul defends his ministry and the superiority of his gospel.

10/17/2004 AM
Second Corinthians 5

The love of Christ in His death motivated Paul as it should us.

8/15/2004 AM
Vain Religion

Exposition of Isaiah 58 and true and false religion contrasted.

8/8/2004 PM
Great Women and Men

Proverbs 11:16 opened and applied for great Christian saints.

6/20/2004 AM
They Promise Them Liberty

False teachers and seeker sensitive churches exposed by Peter.

4/25/2004 AM
First Corinthians 12

Spiritual gifts require unity in their use and are exceeded by love.

4/18/2004 PM
The Water of Life

Jesus meets and converts the woman of Samaria in John 4:1-54.

4/18/2004 AM
First Corinthians 11

Head coverings for women and directions for the Lord's Supper.

4/11/2004 AM
First Corinthians 10

Condemnation of indirect idolatry and rules for Christian liberty.

3/28/2004 AM
First Corinthians 9

Paul teaching the mind and truth of God at three distinct levels.

3/21/2004 AM
First Corinthians 8

Christian charity will sacrifice any liberty to build up others.

3/7/2004 AM
First Corinthians 7

Duties of sex, marital choice, and permanence of marriage

2/22/2004 AM
First Corinthians 5

Church judgment and treatment of the fornicator at Corinth.

2/15/2004 AM
First Corinthians 4

Paul exalts ministers, rebukes Corinth, and appeals to his office.

2/8/2004 AM
First Corinthians 3

Ministers humbled and warned, man mocked, and saints exalted.

2/1/2004 AM
First Corinthians 2

Foolish preaching has mysteries and hidden wisdom for saints.

1/11/2004 AM
An Angel with an Inkhorn

Exposition of Ezekiel 9 with warning and comfort for Christians.

12/17/2003 PM
Gideon, or Jerubbaal

Lessons to be learned from the events of Gideon's life from the book of Judges chapters 6-8.

11/30/2003 AM
Psalm 100

An application of delighting in the Lord from Psalm 100

6/22/2003 PM
Two Spies

Two faithful spies from Numbers 13

6/8/2003 PM

Verse exposition for forgiveness, gentleness, peacemaking.

6/1/2003 AM
Mystery of Godliness

Six revealed glories of Christ from I Timothy 3:16.

5/11/2003 PM
Colossians 4

God's rules for masters to be just and fair with their servants Paul's inspired rules for prayer, conduct, and speech. Sundry salutations and commendations explained and applied.

4/13/2003 PM
Definition of Love

Phrase by phrase exposition of I Corinthians 13:4-7

4/6/2003 AM
Colossians 3

Saints should live a resurrected life and mortify sin for Christ. Practically putting on the new man in love, peace, music, etc. God's rules for wives to submit and reverence their husbands. God's rules for husbands to love their wives without bitterness. God's rule for children to obey and honor their parents. God's rules for fathers to train their children with understanding. God's rules for servants to obey and please their masters God's rule for children to obey and honor their parents.; God's rules for fathers to train their children with understanding.

3/23/2003 AM
Colossians 2

A verse by verse exposition of the second book of Colossians

3/2/2003 AM
Colossians 1

Verse-by-verse practical exposition of Paul's epistle.

8/25/2002 PM
Isaiah – Chapter 50

Israel deserved the captivity due to sins. Then Jesus spoke in prophecy of God teaching Him and His faithful use of God's gifts. He let men crucify Him, but with God's help He mocked His adversaries and their vain ideas and plans

8/25/2002 PM
Isaiah 50

Verse by verse exposition of Isaiah 50:1-11

5/26/2002 PM
Captain of our Salvation

A fast review of the glory of Jesus Christ from Hebrews 1-2

3/24/2002 AM
First Thessalonians 5

A Verse by verse explanation of the fifth chapter of First Thessalonians.

3/10/2002 AM
First Thessalonians 4

Sanctification in sexual things, love, and professions. And the coming of Christ in its details according to Paul

3/3/2002 AM
First Thessalonians 3

Expositional study of the entire third chapter

2/17/2002 AM
First Thessalonians 2

A verse by verse explanation of the second chapter of First Thessalonians.

2/10/2002 AM
First Thessalonians 1

A verse by verse explanation of the first chapter of First Thessalonians

7/8/2001 AM
Psalm 22

Jesus Christ presented in His sufferings and death

6/24/2001 AM
Acts of the Apostles – 27

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

6/17/2001 PM
Acts of the Apostles – 26

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

4/29/2001 PM
Acts of the Apostles – 22

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

4/29/2001 AM
Acts of the Apostles – 21

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

4/22/2001 PM
Acts of the Apostles – 20

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

2/18/2001 PM
Acts of the Apostles – 14

Careful exposition of the acts of the apostles from Luke

1/18/1987 AM

Exposition of the Book of Philippians