Proverbs 26:2

As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

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When pain and trouble come in your life, it is not an accident or pagan Fate. The LORD blesses, and the LORD curses. And He does not curse randomly or foolishly – there is a just cause for His perfect judgment. Curses come to rest on men and their homes for good cause, just as surely as wandering birds and flying swallows end up back at their nests.

Though not obvious to you, the bird and the swallow have a purpose in their wandering flight patterns, so trouble from God falls on no man without a holy reason. Your view of life’s events and its ebb and flow is like observing the apparent random flight of birds, but their flight has purpose, and they always arrive at their appointed destinations.

If you choose a carnal life of selfish interest in this world, the Lord will curse you (Pr 3:31-35; 11:26; 21:12; 28:27; Ps 37:22). When God curses a man, a family, or a nation, it is horrible (Lev 26:14-40; Deut 11:26-29; 28:15-68; 29:14-29). He knows you and your worst fears; He knows what will make your life worse than death. Fear Him, dear reader.

Paul agreed with Solomon, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Gal 6:7). The way of transgressors is hard (Pr 13:15); do not think for a minute judgment will not come or your troubles are mere chance. As God cursed Adam’s ground with thorns (Gen 3:18), so He can curse your life with thorns (Pr 22:5). When He sets His face against a man, great evil is coming (Lev 20:5; Jer 21:10).

Regathered Israel neglected God’s worship, so He threatened and cursed them (Hag 1:5-11; Mal 1:14; 2:2; 3:9; 4:6). He warned them of a curse that would consume the stones and timbers of their homes (Zech 5:1-4). He can tear your foundation down, reader! Beware lest He curse you for trusting in the flesh and departing from Him (Jer 17:5).

In the day of adversity, consider well (Ec 7:14). Your troubles are not an accident or a random event; they were prepared and sent by the most High. To warn of His curses, Israel had a public assembly to list them in responsive reading (Deut 27:11-26). And 42 children should have considered before they mocked Elisha (II Kings 2:23-25). It is an ignorant man who does not know that the LORD purposes good and evil (Lam 3:37-38).

The LORD’s greatest curse is for your sins, and it brings a certain eternity in the Lake of Fire (Matt 25:41). But the Son of God was made a curse for the elect (Gal 3:13), so they will be free from all curses in heaven for eternity (Re 22:13)! Hallelujah! And those who do not love Him should be appropriately cursed – Anathema Maranatha (I Cor 16:22)!