Three Assumptions about God


You are trapped in a corner, and you have only three ways to get out. There are no other options. You must choose. You make the choice every day by what you do. Who put you in the corner? God did. How? By creating you and sending this lesson.

Some say there is no God, and they live like there is no God. They are atheists, whether they use the name or not. They are consistent. Since they say there is no God, they live any way they choose, for there is no higher power to influence them.

Some say there is a God, and they live like it. The heroes of the Bible lived this option. They believed God’s existence, and they believed He rewarded obedience (Heb 11:6). They are consistent, because their lives agree with their faith in God.

Then there are those that say there is a God, but they live like there is no God, for their choices are contrary to His will and His word. These are inconsistent hypocrites. They say one thing, and they do another. Most Christians live this choice.

Elijah once confronted Israel about these three choices. He was sick of his nation trying to play both God and Baal. He told them to quit playing games in the middle. He told them to worship Baal, if he was God, or Jehovah, if He was God. He then proved Jehovah was God by calling fire down from heaven (I Kings 18:21-40).

Jesus confronted the church of Laodicea (Rev 3:14-22). He told them He appreciated the consistency of those hot or cold – those that denied God and lived like it, or those that claimed God and lived like it. But He could not stand the lukewarm compromise of that church, and He threatened to spew them out of His mouth like tepid tea!

What was the remedy? Remember how you have slipped from your first love, repent of your wickedness, and do the first works of love again (Rev 2:4-5). Repent of your ungodly living and open the door to personal fellowship with Christ (Rev 3:19-20).

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