Recent Sermons


Gospel of John (129)

6/17/18 AM

15:1-2 as our Lord introduced a lesson of a vine and branches for bearing fruit.

Jesus walked to Bethany with His apostles before His arrest in Gethsemane. He promised power for their great work by abiding in Him. He is the only vine for gospel and spiritual strength. God the Father was husbandman and would remove any branches not producing.

Importance of Singing

6/17/18 PM

God ordained singing for churches as much as He did baptism and communion.

Perilous times brought musical instruments, volume amplification, performing artists, and other man-made inventions. But God ordained congregational singing. If we love God and His worship like David, we will embrace church singing from our hearts with passion and skill.

Stones of the Temple

6/10/18 AM

38th anniversary of the church - praising His grace in every unique member.

A church is a body of people - not a list of doctrines, calendar of programs, or a popular pastor. Stones are the lively and unique church members saved by grace and added by God to a local church (I Pet 2:4-8), where Jesus is the Cornerstone and the Spirit the energizing One.

Glorify God in Me

6/10/18 PM

55 men gave short praise of God saving them and adding them to the church.

A church is a body of believers - God must save, convert, and add them to a church (Acts 2:47; I Cor 12:18). Public testimonies of individuals were made of His work to build this church. A mirth feast followed that evening at a fine restaurant (Neh 8:10-12; Jude 1:12).

The Mystery of Malkiy-Tsedeq

6/6/18 PM

God swore that Jesus would be a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec.

You need a priest. Without one you cannot go to heaven. The Jews trusted Levitical priests from Aaron. But David told in Psalm 110:4 that God would make Messiah a far better priest. Paul explained it all in Hebrews 7 by showing precious similarities of Jesus and Melchisedec.

Gospel of John (128)

6/3/18 AM

14:21-31 for the last lessons of comfort for the eleven while still in the upper room.

The eleven were troubled by Jesus leaving, so He promised them His love and presence by the Spirit. He promised them total knowledge and recall of His preaching. He comforted them in many glorious ways while also staying on schedule to be apprehended and crucified.

Peace on Earth

6/3/18 PM

God had a holy war against earth and its people until He sent Jesus for His elect.

Peace is a wonderful concept - no fighting, no differences, no fear. The angels told of peace on earth at Jesus birth. God drove our parents out of Eden, drowned the world, and scattered it at Babel. Jesus death reconciled us to God and obtained everlasting peace for His elect.

Gospel of John (127)

5/27/18 AM

14:19-21 for Jesus promising a greater revelation of God and Himself to the eleven.

After the world killed Jesus, He never showed Himself to them again. He only showed Himself alive after rising from the dead to a special few. He promised His apostles greater revealed love from God and Himself, if they would keep His commandments that He had taught them.

Marital Speech (3)

5/27/18 PM

Oral lovemaking is a very important skill to learn to have a great, romantic marriage.

A Christian has power to do anything God asks - even revive a marriage by better speech. You choose the flesh or Spirit each day. Words can cut a heart and crush a spirit; words can also elevate, enliven, and excite. Average chitchat that is neither will dry up marital romance.

Gospel of John (126)

5/20/18 AM

14:15-18 for Jesus promising the eleven the Holy Spirit as His personal presence.

Jesus told the eleven He was leaving (13:33). They were troubled and scared (14:1,27). He promised to pray the Father for another Comforter - the Holy Spirit - that would never leave them. He promised to come to them this way. He would not leave them comfortless.

New Members Meeting

5/20/18 PM

Special assembly of church to receive eight members and rejoice with them.

David was exceptional for desiring to build God a house (a temple). Solomon built it, but David paid for it. A N.T. church is also the house of God (and temple). Members are also living stones of an organism (a body). Membership is a big matter, especially in a disciplining church.

Balaam the Prophet

5/16/18 PM

Folly, prophecies, sex strategy, and lessons from the life of this diabolical prophet.

King Balak of Moab feared Israel. He hired Balaam to curse them, but God turned his curses into blessings. These blessings include wonderful prophecies. He then advised Balak to corrupt Israel with Baal sex worship. There are excellent lessons for the church today.

Gospel of John (125)

5/13/18 AM

14:7-14 for Jesus explaining He was God and the benefits for believing in Him.

Jesus explained the union of God the Father with Him was such that seeing Him was seeing the Father. He called for faith in Him to truly know God, know doctrine, for great miracle power, and for great power in prayer. Have you advanced in your knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Marital Speech (2)

5/13/18 PM

Oral lovemaking is a very important skill to learn to have a great, romantic marriage.

You shall give an account for every idle word - especially any words that hurt your spouse. On the other hand, acceptable and right words are the most powerful force to win your spouse and improve your marriage. Will you rule your tongue and use it to please your spouse?

Gospel of John (124)

5/6/18 AM

14:4-6 Jesus is the only way, truth, and life for any man to ever get to heaven.

Christianity is now relativistic and inclusive about heaven. Some say there are other paths to heaven. Some say most or all men will be saved. Jesus strictly declared exclusiveness of His religion - He is the only way, truth, and life to the Father. No one else gets to heaven.

Boldness to Enter the Holiest

5/6/18 PM

Hebrews 10:19-22 described a new and living way to God by the death of Jesus.

God hates sin and sinners - angels or men. When men get near God, they know they are vile. There is no helper to reconcile the two parties at war. God in wisdom and prudence made a new and living way to come to Him through Jesus Christ. We may now go boldly!

Second Coming Facts

5/2/18 PM

Jesus is coming again and you should fully understand this very transcendent event.

The world knows nothing. Jesus is coming to burn the universe up and take His elect people to be with Him forever. But the world worries about global warming, Ebola, and other fables while His return gets closer and closer. How should you be living in light of His coming?

Gospel of John (123)

4/29/18 AM

14:3 for the promise of Jesus to return to earth to receive His followers forever.

The first coming of Jesus was glorious - He died for the sins of His people. He will come again, which is a greater event to remake the heaven and earth for the eternal pleasure of His people. We should live with His return first in our hearts and minds to be holy and pure.

Marital Speech (1)

4/29/18 PM

Oral lovemaking is a very important skill to learn to have a great, romantic marriage.

God gave you lips, mouth, and tongue for many uses, but the most important is speech. Death or life is in the power of the tongue - including marriage. Great lovers use words to please and win those they love. Bad speech by either spouse is a sin, and it is destructive.

Gospel of John (122)

4/22/18 AM

14:2 for promise of heaven, which should grab our hearts and change our lives.

Baptized believers should live by faith, not sight, and be passionate for the coming of the Lord. But most are nearsighted, seeing the goodies of this life while slighting promises of heaven. This ought not to be. Repent for loving this life more than promise of a new universe.