Recent Sermons


Isaiah (#1)

6/16/19 AM

A short and simple intro to generate excitement for this book of the Bible.

Isaiah is a fabulous book in the divine library. It has many precious statements loved by believers for 2700 years. It is Messianic by detailed prophecies of Jesus. It includes prophecies of conversion of us Gentiles. If you love God and His Son, you will love this book.

Singing Is Important to God

6/16/19 PM

Singing camp #16 starts tomorrow with over 110 children and leaders to sing better.

God created singing, ordained it for churches, and wrote how to sing to please Him. David, His favorite, was lead musician and promoted singing. It is a learned skill, like reading to know the Bible, so passionate Christians will learn to sing properly to glorify God better.

The Only Right Worldview (15)

6/9/19 AM

A complete worldview provides a full world perspective but also has individual duties.

Jehovah rules the world, but we have power in prayer with Him (#45). We limit philosophy and psychology by the Bible (#46,#47). Peace is a top priority and goal for Christians (#48). We exalt authority in five spheres for promised natural and supernatural blessings (#49).

The Only Right Worldview (16)

6/9/19 PM

As we conclude the 54 axioms, we have several ways to see the whole matter.

We make decisions by Bible rules (#50). Evil is not a problem - God rules it and will eliminate it (#51). Solomon summarized our worldview well in two verses (#52). We know the future unlike all others (#53). It is our duty to help one another keep it until Christ returns (#54).

How Are You Saved?

6/5/19 PM

Eternal life is an unconditional gift from God with seven categories of proof.

2.2 billion Christians on earth trust sacraments or ordinances or a decision for Jesus for their eternal life. But the Bible teaches something totally different for the glory of God and the humbling of sinners. God saved us by Himself without conditions on our part for His glory.

The Only Right Worldview (13)

6/2/19 AM

The combination of varied axioms creates parameters to guide all aspects of life.

Though sounding strict, our worldview includes liberty (#35). His providence is real (#36). Love is the greatest everything (#37), but love as charity is limited (#38). We view civil rulers and politics by the Bible only (#39). And we understand death as taught in the Bible (#40).

The Only Right Worldview (14)

6/2/19 PM

Life in this world has many decisions and angles, our worldview must be complete.

Libertarianism restricts government to protect individuals - but it is wrong (#41). God justly confuses men (#42), but evangelism to spread the truth is still right (#43). Science will agree with the Bible or it is false (#44). Your body belongs to God, so use it virtuously (#45).

Rebaptism & Reordination

5/29/19 PM

Baptist authority and lineage from Jesus and the apostles must be required.

The Bible has rules for a proper baptism, and rebaptism should occur to make it right (Acts 19:1-7). Only Baptists have apostolic authority and lineage by their preachers. All others are from the false church of Rome or of recent origin. The same problem exists for ordination.

The Only Right Worldview (11)

5/26/19 AM

A worldview includes the Day of Judgment, the decay of man, nature, and wisdom.

Any worldview must include Judgment Day and earth burning up - it and all things in it will melt away (#25). This fact will alter thinking. Man is degenerating (#26). Nature can also teach truth (#27). Only Bible ethics are right (#28). Only Bible priorities are right (#29).

The Only Right Worldview (12)

5/26/19 PM

A worldview should include history, economics, society, angels, and nature.

History is the work of God; look for His hand in it (#30). Bible economics trump what men think (#31). Rules for society to function best are from the Bible (#32). Angels are active in all spheres of human action (#33). We should view nature as the Bible teaches it (#34).

The Measure of a Man

5/22/19 PM

Church men met to learn true measures of winners against worldly measures.

Every man has pride of life in him, and Satan and the world tempt him to compete in life by goals the Bible does not stress. The Bible has goals, duties, and measures for men to be winners - to be great - in the sight of God and good men. They must choose right priorities.

The Only Right Worldview (9)

5/19/19 AM

A worldview includes the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God, and proper worship.

We have God with and in us, which transforms us in this world by mighty power (#15). The kingdom of God is here with Jesus crowned (#16), and we at war against the world (#17). Proper worship must be in spirit and in truth (#18). It must be simple and orderly (#19).

The Only Right Worldview (10)

5/19/19 PM

A worldview includes religion, its spread, keys to find it, and results of conduct.

Religious doctrine must be based entirely on the Bible (#20), and it must be perpetuated by a Bible means (#21). Faith is crucial for truth, so it must be built up (#22). Confidence, or pride, hinders truth (#23). God has offered to bless or curse your life; it is your choice (#24).

Seven Baptist Heroes

5/15/19 PM

Seven young men had slide summaries for key Baptist heroes of early America.

Early Baptist heroes for religious freedom and spread Baptists ... John Clarke by Matthew B. ... Henry Dunster by Nathan C. ... William Screven by Bryant C. ... Shubal Stearns by Collin C. ... Isaac Backus by Austin H. ... John Gano by Daniel A. ... John Leland by Daniel J.

I Gave Egypt for Thy Ransom

5/12/19 AM

Isaiah 43:3-4 teaches God proved His love for Israel by killing nations for them.

God measured and proved His love for His elect by killing His Son for them. But there is another measure and proof He used that is not preached - He destroyed and killed individuals and nations for the benefit of His people Israel. He does the same for us, if you will consider it.

The Oracles of God

5/12/19 PM

Romans 3:1-2 teaches that the chief benefit to Israel was having the O.T. Bible.

Paul told the Jews the greatest benefit they had was the oracles of God - the Bible. It is incredibly superior in every way to the Oracle of Delphi of the Greeks. This part of our worldview must be appreciated and defended. We are Bible Christians before we are Baptists.

The Only Right Worldview (7)

5/5/19 AM

Our worldview affects our thoughts, words, actions, or interaction with the total world.

This sermon covers #8 and #9 about the devil, who is a real foe. Any worldview that does not deal with him is ignorant and wrong. Axiom #10 is the fact that corruption, decay, and death of all things occurs due to sin in Eden. Axiom #11 is that man loves lies and death.

The Only Right Worldview (8)

5/5/19 PM

Our worldview must include unconditional eternal life, limited religion, and Jesus.

Axiom #12 says God saves unconditionally - eternal life is a gift. Thus, axiom #13 reduces religion to a limited role for other benefits. Axiom #14 declares the universe is a stage for the drama of God magnifying His glory through His Son saving some and judging others.

Bible Study Tools 2019

5/2/19 PM

Single-page table summarizing Bible study approaches and tools for direction.

God chose to communicate to us with WORDS. He providentially put them in VERSES. We search the Bible to find His will on all TOPICS. These are the three approaches of Bible study. There are tools and tiers for each approach, and there are special tools to go even deeper.

Bible Study Tools 2019 (2)

5/1/19 PM

PPT study of tools for the Bible to computer programs and now to smartphone apps.

God chose to communicate to us with WORDS. He providentially put them in VERSES. We search the Bible to find His will on all TOPICS. These are the three approaches of Bible study. There are tools and tiers for each approach, and there are special tools to go even deeper.