Recent Sermons


Gospel of John (105)

2/18/18 AM

12:31a for important events listed by Jesus Christ to result by his death on the cross.

It is all about Him! That is Jesus! The church is the pillar and ground of the truth - what truth? The truth of six events in I Timothy 3:16. And three events in John 12:31-33. The death of Jesus Christ is very great and should be fully grasped in all its implications and results.

Gospel of John (106)

2/18/18 PM

12:31a for prophecy, fulfillment, and the nature of kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The judgment of this world (12:31a) was a new world order (ruling kingdom) under Jesus after His ascension. It had been prophesied, but neglected by most Christians today. John and Jesus declared it at hand, but it must be understood as an invisible spiritual kingdom.

Gospel of John (103)

2/11/18 AM

12:25-30 for true discipleship; Jesus foresaw His death; God promised glory.

Within a few days of His death and foretelling the glory to follow His death, Jesus exhorted His apostles to hate their lives in this world to truly follow Him. His human nature dreaded crucifixion, but He chose the will and glory of God, Who promised coming glory from heaven.

Gospel of John (104)

2/11/18 PM

12:31a for Jesus to overthrow the world order of Satanic rule of Gentile nations.

The context of Jesus death, the casting out of Satan, and glory to follow provides the sense of judging the world. Jesus took the throne of the world from the devil and sent preachers into all corners of the earth, freeing Gentiles from the kingdom of darkness and idolatry.

Gospel of John (101)

2/4/18 AM

12:3-19 for the grand entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem; it moved the city for the Lord.

The resurrection of Lazarus raised desire to see Jesus and Lazarus. When Jesus returned to Bethany from Ephraim, it spread. A crowd gathered and by inspiration welcomed Him into Jerusalem. The rulers of the Jews were confounded by their inability to silence Him.

Gospel of John (102)

2/4/18 PM

12:20-24 for Greeks seeking Jesus, so He foretold evangelistic fruit by His death.

Greek proselytes (Gentiles) sought out Jesus due to the excitement of His entrance to Jerusalem. The apostles were hesitant. Jesus was not! He foretold much greater glory coming due to much Gentile fruit, symbolized by the germination of a seed in the ground.

Gospel of John (100)

1/28/18 AM

12:1-3 for the week before His crucifixion when Mary anointed His feet gloriously.

Jesus left Galilee several months earlier and arrived in Bethany one week before dying for us. Mary anointed His feet in an intimate act of love and worship. Jesus memorialized it forever in His gospel. You must ask and answer. What can you do to anoint His feet like Mary did?

Anoint the Feet of Jesus at Work

1/28/18 PM

I Peter 2:18-20 shows a Christian can greatly honor Jesus Christ on the job.

Mary did a wonderful thing in John 12:3 when she anointed the feet of Jesus Christ in an intimate and loving act of worship. You can also anoint the feet of the Lord on the job, and the cost of your spikenard depends on the unique facts of your case. It is all about Him!

Great Men for God

1/24/18 PM

Christian men should strive for excellence like the NFL New England Patriots.

God, especially by Paul, inspired the use of sports metaphors to provoke men to excellence as Christians. This meeting of men was to press them to be great men in the sight of God and others. We used the Super Bowl bound 2017 New England Patriots as examples.

Gospel of John (98)

1/21/18 AM

11:28-45 for Jesus with empathy and sympathy before he raised Lazarus to life.

Some are jealous for the glory and strength of Jesus, so they minimize His compassion. They believe He wept about Lazarus because of the weak faith of those there. But He is better than that. Jesus orchestrated the whole event for the glory of God and to increase good faith.

Gospel of John (99)

1/21/18 PM

11:46-57 for God turning the wisdom of Caiaphas upside down on evil Jews.

The Jews hated the raising of Lazarus, for it was a huge confirmation of Jesus as Messiah. They conspired to kill Him, so Caiaphas the high priest made a prophecy that said far more than intended. It described Jesus dying as a substitute for both Jews and Gentiles. Glory!

Gospel of John (96)

1/14/18 AM

11:1-15 for introductory details leading toward our Lord resurrecting Lazarus from death.

Jesus individually with us, like Lazarus and his sisters. Jesus loved them as special friends. We should seek the same. We should trust His delays and responses to prayers. We should fulfill our duties while we can. Death is no more than sleep of the body to a believer.

Gospel of John (97)

1/14/18 PM

11:16-27 for Jesus improving the faith and knowledge of Martha about His resurrection power.

Martha knew Jesus could have kept Lazarus from dying. She knew He could pray and have God raise him. But Jesus declared He could raise Lazarus Himself and all believers could trust His power and promise for them. Martha then declared her faith in Him personally.

I AM Verses in John

1/13/18 PM

Jesus made some glorious statements about Himself in the gospel of John for your faith.

There is no founder or leader of any religion that can come close to Jesus Christ. He could declare things only true of God and things far exceeding any earthly monarch or spiritual head. Enjoy these claims of His preeminence and worship Him with great joy and delight.

Inspired Disjunctives

1/3/18 PM

Brother Jim Cutler uses slides to show precious disjunctives for glorious gospel contrasts.

A disjunctive joins two clauses but sets them in contrast or opposition to each others. BUT is the most common such conjunction used to contrast two opposing statements. Man by sin condemned himself, BUT God saved him. Worldly men think and act one way, BUT godly men think and act differently. Enjoy!

Gospel of John (95)

12/24/17 AM

10:31-42 for Jesus defending Himself against unbelievers and finding believers.

The Jews tried to stone Jesus when He told them His identity. He appealed to His miracles and the scriptures to show their error. True scripture is word perfect. But in a remote place, His poor elect, rich in faith, believed. This short sermon is part of a longer service.

Marriage Celebration

12/24/17 PM

A marriage in Christ was celebrated with reading, charges, singing, and a feast.

God created two sexes, invented and ordained marriage, and arranges marriage by bringing men and women together. His rules are the only way to be happy in marriage, and two believers can have incredible romance and greater productivity serving in the church.

Ethics in a Gay Society

12/20/17 PM

Christians may do business with those of different lifestyles and still please God.

Some Christians refuse to transact business with gays and others. The world fines them and mocks their antics. Other Christians talk about them like heroes. The Bible shows they are wrong and very different from how godly men functioned in the world in the past.

Gospel of John (93)

12/17/17 AM

10:19-26 for division among Jews Jesus settled by declaring them reprobates.

When Jesus preached, there was division (Jn 7:43; 9:16; 10:19). When Jesus is preached rightly, there will also be division. The Jews provoked Jesus to tell them if He was the Messiah, but they did not believe all the clear evidence. Why? Because they were not elect!

Gospel of John (94)

12/17/17 PM

10:26-30 for Jesus explaining election as the divider of men and salvation by it.

The Jews did not believe Jesus, because they were not His sheep. God chose His sheep, Christ gave them eternal life, and they would never perish. Only the elect believe the gospel and follow Jesus. Language could not be plainer, though Arminians corrupt it anyway.