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Guest Speakers

1/20/19 AM

Matthew Eastland and Zack Pipkin speak while pastor and wife are gone.

Guest Speakers

1/20/19 PM

David Jones and Jonah Unger speak while the pastor and his wife are gone.

Guest Speakers

1/13/19 AM

Daniel Jones and Nathan Crosby speak while the pastor and his wife are gone.

Guest Speakers

1/13/19 PM

Collin Castlebury and Eric DeVriendt speak while the pastor and his wife are gone.

Saved in Childbearing

1/7/19 PM

I Timothy 2:15 interpreted as the childbirth of Jesus for salvation of women.

God cursed childbirth in Eden for the terrible failure by Eve. Paul charged Timothy to keep women in their right place and role (I Tim 2:9-14). But to comfort women, he explained that cursed childbirth would turn to be the means of salvation for those continuing in good works.

Do Great Things for God

1/6/19 AM

Joshua 1 for the great challenge of taking the land of Canaan as Moses successor.

With the beginning of a new year, you have challenges and should take on some for the Lord. God deserves exceeding magnifical effort, fruit, and projects in our lives, like David and Paul gave Him. What can you do in 2019 to make it your best year for His greatest glory?

Catastrophe & Cure

1/6/19 PM

Genesis 3 for graphic horror of corruption and condemnation by sin and its sure cure.

Most Christians know about Genesis 3. But deeply consider what is stated, implied, and evidenced in context and our world today. Sin by Adam and Eve has totally corrupted the earth. It explains everything that disgusts you about life. But the cure is prophesied as well.

Gospel of John (167)

12/30/18 AM

21:15-25 for Jesus confronting Peter and John closing his much-loved Gospel.

Jesus asked Peter three times about his love for Him. The third time hurt - he had denied Jesus three times. Peter then got distracted with John, showing he needed Pentecost. John modestly closed out his Gospel admitting that Jesus had done much more than that written.

Favorites of John

12/30/18 PM

About 40 men (and boys) share favorite verses learned from the Gospel of John.

John is the favorite book of the Bible to many. Its 21 chapters and 879 verses have 90% original content different than the persons throughout. It is difficult to pick a favorite verse, since there are so many good verses.

Gospel of John (165)

12/23/18 AM

20:24-31 for Jesus confronting doubting Thomas and John summarized his goal.

Thomas missed His appearing to the apostles and rejected their testimony. Jesus appeared again the next Sunday to confront Thomas with His wounds. Thomas answered perfectly. John concluded his written record was enough for faith in Jesus Christ to prove eternal life.

Gospel of John (166)

12/23/18 PM

21:1-14 for Jesus appearing the third time to His apostles at the Sea of Galilee.

John wrote his Gospel through chapter 20 as sufficient for faith in Jesus, but he added a third appearing of Jesus that takes up chapter 21. Jesus showed wonderful kindness and power to seven fishing apostles. Peter and John showed their variation in temperament.

Gospel of John (163)

12/16/18 AM

20:11-18 for the appearance of Jesus to his loving disciple Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene did not return to Jerusalem with Peter and John. She stayed at the tomb showing extraordinary love and devotion for her Lord. He then revealed Himself to her in one of the most dramatic moments of the Bible and told her to go and tell the apostles.

Gospel of John (164)

12/16/18 PM

20:19-23 for Jesus showing Himself to apostles and defining their new ministries.

The apostles did not believe the eyewitness accounts of the resurrected Jesus, so He appeared to them in a secure room and showed them His wounds. He then charged them to ministry, signified Holy Spirit power, and summarized their new glorious gospel.

No Service Due to Weather

12/9/18 AM

A rare snow and ice storm on Saturday night left most roads hazardous Sunday.

No Service Due to Weather

12/9/18 PM

A rare snow and ice storm on Saturday night left most roads hazardous Sunday.

Great Woman of Shunem

12/5/18 PM

Study of a fabulous woman to encourage our girls and women to also be great.

The Bible does not tell us her name, but she made perfect choices in all that is recorded about her. She showed exceptional hospitality, which won the hearts of God and Elisha, so they blessed her with great rewards. She is in the Hall of Faith. Can you find her there?

Gospel of John (161)

12/2/18 AM

Introduction to John 20 for the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the great facts of the gospel. It was necessary for His death to save us from sin. The apostles with mighty miracles declared God raised Jesus from the dead. John 20 records seemingly trivial facts to prove resurrection evidence.

Gospel of John (162)

12/2/18 PM

20:1-10 for John and Peter verifying empty tomb after Mary Magdalene told them.

John wrote chapters 18-19 like a CSI analyst to detail evidence of Jesus death and burial. He wrote chapter 20 the same way to prove His resurrection. He mentioned the grave clothes at least three times, because they are strong evidence His body was not stolen.

The Cross at Judgment Day (1)

11/25/18 AM

Judgment Day will show the glory and value of the cross like never seen before.

John chapters 18-19 give detailed facts of Jesus last 24 hours. But the true glory of the cross will be seen on Judgment Day. Not until it makes the difference between heaven and hell. All men will come to judgment for the greatest glory for God, Jesus, and the cross.

The Cross at Judgment Day (2)

11/25/18 PM

Judgment Day will show the glory and value of the cross like never seen before.

Cain has been in hell for 6000 years. He will come back for his body. He will be tried by Jesus Christ and sentenced to eternity in the lake of fire. Judgment Day will display the perfections of God, saving merit of Jesus Christ, and perfect justice or grace for all.