Recent Sermons


Rightly Dividing the Bible

8/15/18 PM

PowerPoint slides to explain the internal rule of rightly dividing different senses.

Paul gave Timothy a pastoral rule for approval without shame before God in his use of the Bible (II Tim 2:15). The Bible uses words, phrases, or concepts in different ways. These distinctions need to be rightly distinguished and classified to avoid confusion and heresy.

Gospel of John (138)

8/12/18 AM

16:12-15 for Jesus teaching them much more of His doctrine by the Holy Spirit.

The apostles were dull of hearing, so they had to wait for truth from the Spirit at Pentecost. God had given true doctrine to Jesus, and He in turn gave it to the Spirit for the apostles. The promise of all truth by the Spirit was for the apostles only; we find truth by hard study.

Gospel of John (139)

8/12/18 PM

16:16-27 for comfort about His death and resurrection and then new power in prayer.

Jesus used proverbs. It confused the apostles. It confuses commentaries. Jesus comforted them by the joy of resurrection taking away the sorrow of His death. Praying in Jesus name had not been done before, but it was to be a powerful tool of prayer (Ac 4:23-31). Use it!

Gospel of John (136)

8/5/18 AM

16:8-11 for apostolic reproof of world for sin, righteousness, and future judgment.

Good pastors bark like watch dogs (Is 56:9-12). The apostles did it best. David had mighty men, but the Son of David had better. They reproved the world for damning problems of sin, righteousness, and coming judgment. Hardly any pastors keep up the right barking.

Gospel of John (137)

8/5/18 PM

16:8-11 for the cure for world problems of sin, righteousness, and future judgment.

Jesus in his last hours charged His apostles to reprove the world when they got Holy Ghost power at Pentecost. However, the gospel also has the remedy and solution for the damning problems of sin, righteousness, and future judgment. Messiah was sent to solve them.


8/1/18 PM

PPT slide presentation with emphasis on the lessons to be learned by his faults/failures.

Samson was physically the strongest man in the history of the world, but he was one of the weakest when it came to worldly women. There are lessons to be learned about lust and love. Samson made the Hall of Faith (Heb 11:32), but you can and should do better.

Jews Against Jewish Fables

7/29/18 AM

PowerPoint slides preached by Pastor Abuoma Boanerges in Umuaka, Nigeria.

Many Christians have been taught that the Jews are still the chosen people and God owes them great earthly preeminence. Pastor Boanerges uses O.T. prophets to show that God fulfilled His word to Israel and we Gentiles are the greater part of His plan for the N.T.

Praise and Prayer Service

7/29/18 PM

Following Ps 34:1-4 and Heb 13:15, many men joined to exalt and magnify our God.

David delighted in God - note the verbs (Ps 34:1-4) - bless, praise, boast, magnify, exalt. The humble would hear and be glad. He also prayed and was heard and delivered. We have the gift of knowing the Son of David for N.T. sacrifices and power in prayer (Heb 13:15).

Rule Your Spirit

7/25/18 PM

PPT slides for men to rule their spirits to be exceptional men to please God and man.

Your spirit is a great enemy. It does you and your reputation harm beyond other enemies. Raging passions can make you think, say, or do evil things. An unruly man is a danger to himself and others. God has given power to be exceptional men - start by ruling your spirit.

Gospel of John (135)

7/22/18 AM

16:7-8 Holy Ghost power for apostles to reprove the world for three crucial things.

Jesus empowered eleven fishermen of Galilee to reprove the world for sin, righteousness, and judgment. This would bring the wrath of Jews and Gentiles on them. But the Comforter would deliver them and give them great ability to confound their enemies. Give God thanks!

Reprove the World

7/22/18 PM

Ordinary Christians must reprove the world, but different from the apostles.

Jesus chose eleven apostles and promised them the Holy Ghost to reprove the world (John 16:7-11). Paul charged church members to reprove the world by their actions. The rest of the N.T. confirms the holy duty. Does your life of exceptional godliness reprove the world?

Jehoiada the Kingly Priest

7/19/18 PM

Chart, notes, and quiz to review the persons and events of Jehoiada and Joash.

To fully understand the relationship and role of Jehoiada and Joash, you need background history going back to Jehoshaphat marrying his son to the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel. A terrible sin! Use the material here along with PPT slides about Jehoiada posted next to it.

Jehoiada the Kingly Priest

7/18/18 PM

PPT slides for the history of Jehoiada and Joash and the lessons from them.

Jehoshaphat married his son to Athaliah of Ahab and Jezebel. When Athaliah killed the seed royal of Judah, Jehoiada the high priest and his wife Jehosheba kept Joash alive. But after Jehoiada died, Joash turned away from Jehovah and killed Jehoiadas son Zechariah.

Soft Skills - Table

7/16/18 PM

List of soft skills and definitions and Bible passages teaching them millennia ago.

The useful table here summarizes soft skills by the world and the Bible. Character, work ethic, and interpersonal skills among other traits are far more important for success than academic training. The world has finally admitted what Bible Christians have always known well.

Gospel of John (134)

7/15/18 AM

15:26 - 16:7 as Jesus told 11 of persecution and death and soon Holy Ghost presence.

The apostles suffered much for preaching the truth of the kingdom of God. Jesus comforted them with the promised Spirit and reminded them to think about His victory and heaven. The martyrs for 2000 years have realized His promises of comfort. Do you have the Spirit?

Soft Skills - Outline

7/15/18 PM

The Bible teaches the character traits and relationship attributes for worldly success.

The world says soft skills more than academic or technical training are crucial for professional success. But like anything they discover, the Bible had it long before. The Bible stresses soft skills, especially Proverbs, which should be the larger part of training children and even adults.

Factors of Professional Success

7/10/18 PM

Pie chart showing contrary to the pagan NEA that a college degree is only 10%.

Any college degree is the opiate of the poor, for the NEA, socialist planners, and Gnostics have lied like they do about lottery tickets. If want to be fleeced or slaughtered, follow the sheep in front of you. If you would rather be the shepherd, then get out of line and prosper.

Child Training Goals - Table

7/9/18 PM

Lists of spiritual, character, functional, and practical goals to get superior adults.

The useful table here summarizes the goals and priorities for training children. Put it on your refrigerator and train some aspect of it every day. The scope and sequence of schools, public or private, is not nearly enough for children to grow in favor with God and men.

Gospel of John (133)

7/8/18 AM

15:18-25 for Jesus warning the eleven of coming persecution and how to handle it.

Jesus was about to leave the apostles for heaven, but He knew they would be sorely persecuted, so He gave them ten reasons in eight verses how to receive this evil treatment. These reasons apply to us when we experience persecution far inferior to that of the apostles.

Child Training Goals (2)

7/8/18 PM

Set Bible goals and priorities - the world and your flesh lie about your children.

A workshop sermon with handouts and a cheat sheet summary of goals for training children. Do not be content with academic education, sports, and your children having fun. If you want them to glorify God and have fruitful kingdom lives, you must train them His way.