Recent Sermons


Gospel of John (150)

10/14/18 AM

18:12-14 for Jesus taken to high priest Caiaphas in the worst political conspiracy.

The most diabolical enemy of Jesus Christ was Caiaphas. John is careful to make sure we understand his role by recalling information about his conspiracy against Jesus in John 11:45-53. Never fear politicians. Jesus turned this conspiracy upside down several ways.

Gospel of John (151)

10/14/18 PM

18:15-24; Caiaphas questioned Jesus, His response, hit in the face, two verdicts.

Peter denied Jesus the first time, then John inserted efforts by Caiaphas to get Jesus to incriminate Himself about His disciples or doctrine. He had no evidence. Jesus did not fall for it. Caiaphas swore Him to speak. He did, condemning the Jewish rulers of 70 A.D.

The Gospel of John (149)

10/7/18 AM

18:1-11 for betrayal of Jesus, correction of Peter, prior to arrest in Gethsemane.

Having finished instructing His apostles (Jn 12-17), Jesus was ready for the cross to die for His people. To fulfill scripture, Judas betrayed Him and other events occurred in Gethsemane. The section ends with glorious words about His cup of suffering and death for our salvation.

The Cup of Christ

10/7/18 PM

Jesus drank the cup of the fury and wrath of God for our sins so we could live forever.

Peter tried to defend Jesus in Gethsemane, but Jesus corrected him about the cross. God had planned a cup for Jesus to drink - a metaphor of suffering and death - and He was ready to drink it. When you take the cup at communion, remember the bitter cup Jesus fully drank.

The Book of Philemon

10/3/18 PM

Repeat of Philemon slides presented to the men by request for the whole church.

Jesus prayed in John 17 for the apostles and all believers to be one (11,21). We are to make peace with others and between others. It is done by soft answers (Pr 15:1) and a soft tongue (Pr 25:15). Paul used soft words to make peace between Philemon and Onesimus.

Gospel of John (148)

9/30/18 AM

Summary of chapters 12-17 with single-page chart for easy reference and review.

John 12-17 covers the last week of Jesus life up to Gethsemane. He gave precious lessons to the apostles not recorded in other Gospels. He promised the Spirit in great detail and many other blessings. He prayed to the Father in their presence about them and about us.

Favorites of John Chapters 12-17

9/30/18 PM

Church men testify of favorite verses or sections of recent preaching from John.

John 12-17 has 205 verses. The pastor covered these six chapters in 48 sermons over 8 months with 245 pages of outline. He summarized it for easy reference and review. At this service men led by the Spirit told of verses and sections most precious to them.

Philemon - Soft Skills

9/26/18 PM

Men met for many activities and topics, including Philemon verse by verse slides.

Jesus prayed in John 17 for the apostles and all believers to be one (11,21). We are to make peace with others and between others. It is done by soft answers (Pr 15:1) and a soft tongue (Pr 25:15). Paul used soft words to make peace between Philemon and Onesimus.

Gospel of John (#146)

9/23/18 AM

17:20-24 for two requests by Jesus for us believers in Him by work of the apostles.

Facing arrest, torture, and death in hours, Jesus prayed not only for the apostles but for us also. He asked the Father to unite us as He and God are united - one in love, fellowship, peace, and joy. He than asked the Father for all believers to be with Him in heaven. Amen!

Gospel of John (#147)

9/23/18 PM

17:25-26 for Jesus concluding His prayer by appealing to God to hear His requests.

Jesus returned to the apostles in conclusion. He appealed to the righteousness of His Father and the merit of the eleven in knowing and believing Him, unlike the world. He committed to further teach them about God and His love for His Son and for them. Note the reasoning.


9/19/18 PM

Many lessons can be found in the story of Jonah for profit of our souls (PPT slides).

Jonah is a great story for children to learn to obey God, but there is much more for adults. He had two faults - disobedience and no love for souls. Enjoy this study and revel in the creative providence of God. Look for two major events for His Son Jesus Christ to use later.

Gospel of John (#144)

9/16/18 AM

17:11-16 for Jesus prayer requests for apostolic unity, joy, and protection.

Count it a privilege to enter the holy of holies when Jesus prayed in hearing of the apostles. A simple outline of the prayer is very helpful. He knew He was leaving them, so He asked the Father to keep them together, with His joy, and protected from this hateful, evil world.

Gospel of John (#145)

9/16/18 PM

17:17-19 for Jesus prayer for the eleven to be sanctified by the truth of the Bible.

Sanctification = consecration = made holy for use by God. We are purified as we learn and obey the Bible - it cleanses our lives and joins us to heaven. Jesus prayed that God would sanctify His apostles by the truth of His word for ministry as Jesus Himself had done so.

Sermon Worksheet

9/15/18 AM

For September 16 for John 17:11-19; print, fold, cut, and share with other listeners.

If having a few notes in front of hearers will help them comprehend and retain the sermon content, then the extra effort is worth it. There will still be near-exhaustive outlines available for each sermon, but these worksheets are to help retain focus and capture main thoughts.

Gospel of John (143)

9/9/18 AM

17:4-10 for Jesus moving from praying for himself to praying for His apostles.

Jesus prayed for glory (17:1) via the cross (17:2-3). Then He prayed for glory after the cross (17:4-5). He then prayed for the eleven as they listened (17:6-10). He reasoned with God to help them because God had chosen them and they had believed and obeyed Him.

II Thessalonians 2 (slides)

9/9/18 PM

This short chapter teaches many facts of apostolic truth no longer understood.

Paul condemned false ideas about the timing of future events, the man of sin, the restraining power, His work of blinding men, and election to salvation. He then taught about 20 more differences from what is commonly believed by doctrine-hating, contemporary Christians.

How Are You Saved?

9/5/18 PM

The Bible doctrine of salvation requires rightly dividing all its verses for the truth.

Most think they are saved by a decision for Jesus. Paul said he was saved before the world began, when Jesus died on the cross, when he was regenerated, by being faithful, and was not yet saved in another sense. Enjoy these slides to know the precious truth to share.

Charts for Five Phases of Salvation

9/4/18 PM

These two charts summarize a wealth of very many Bible facts about salvation.

Other Witnesses of Phases of Salvation

9/3/18 PM

Three Baptists are quoted and others named for seeing phases of salvation.

Gospel of John (142)

9/2/18 AM

17:2-3 for powerful verses of sovereignty in salvation by God and Jesus Christ.

Jesus asked God to glorify Him, so He could glorify God (17:1). He would die on the cross to give eternal life to the elect. The result would be a family of God knowing their Father, His Son, and His divine mission to save them. Election and limited atonement are exalted.