Recent Sermons


How Did You Hear?

10/16/19 PM

You would not know Jesus Christ or truth without some person introducing you to it.

This is not about preachers and their duty to preach the word. This is for Christians and the duty to share the gospel to those they love or when they have an opening to present truth. It should be a high pleasure for the glory of God and profit of souls, but most do not do it.

Isaiah (Chap 26)

10/13/19 AM

A song of celebration from several angles of the Jews rescue from hated Babylon.

The O.T. church sang about JEHOVAH saving them from 70 years of chastening in Babylon. Here we learn the character of the righteous, how God exalts His people over others, and how He answers prayer. He promised to raise the dry bones of Judah from death and dust.

Isaiah (Chap 27)

10/13/19 PM

God killed Leviathan (Babylon) to bring His vineyard home to replant them for fruit.

More singing as Jews rejoiced in God giving them their vineyard back in Judah. Wonderful verses of care and love for the O.T. church. Wonderful verses explaining how chastening of Judah was different to destroying Babylon. He would gather all His people one by one.

Isaiah (Chap 24)

10/6/19 AM

God judged Judah by Babylon, saving only a remnant, but then glorified it greatly.

Isaiah 24 is very obscure until its context is set by examining its content and the next three chapters related to it. God had to punish Judah for their sins, and He used the king of Babylon, but He also delivered them from Babylon and then gave them greater glory than before.

Isaiah (Chap 25)

10/6/19 PM

Celebration for God saving Judah from Babylon and blessing them under Messiah.

Wonderful things to celebrate! God overthrew great Babylon for Cyrus to release His church. Gospel blessings of time and eternity would include Gentiles. He would also destroy their enemies. How do you celebrate these things? Do you need your joy of salvation restored?

Jesus Is Better

10/2/19 PM

Hebrews 1 begins the inspired comparison of Jesus better than all aspects of the O.T.

For pure Christology and doctrine, Hebrews is the best book in the Bible. Its simple theme is to show Jesus superior to every aspect of O.T. religion. Paul wrote it to keep converted Jews from turning back to temple worship. This chapter should increase your love of Christ.

Isaiah (Chap 22)

9/29/19 AM

The sinful attitudes of Judah facing Assyria and the story of two different princes.

As Sennacherib and his mighty Assyrian army came toward Jerusalem, the terrified people failed by looking to their defenses rather than God and to pleasure rather than prayer and fasting. Two princes of Hezekiah had a severe reversal of fortune by God through Hezekiah.

Isaiah (Chap 23)

9/29/19 PM

God foretold the ruin of mighty and rich Tyre by His servant Nebuchadnezzar.

The Phoenicians were masters of business, shipping, and trading. But Tyre mistreated the O.T. church - the nation of Israel, so God planned to judge the haughty and rich mart of nations. He crushed her for 70 years and then restored her to financially help His N.T. church.

A Prayer for Christian Men

9/25/19 PM

Colossians 1:9-17 is only one sentence, but its three parts have glorious matter.

Church men met to renew their life priorities to love God and His Son Jesus Christ and to grow in the inspired spiritual goals of Paul. Which is your favorite verse? Your favorite phrase? Concept or doctrine? Goal? Does this sentence capture your purpose and ambition in life?

Isaiah (Chap 19)

9/23/19 AM

The burden of Egypt is God judging them severely but adding a gospel prophecy.

God punished Egypt by Nebuchadnezzar, to whom He had given all the kingdoms of the earth. God destroyed their spirit, economy, wisdom, and religion. He then promised some conversions and a gospel highway uniting Assyria, Egypt, and Israel in His kingdom.

Isaiah (Chap 21)

9/23/19 PM

God foretold taking of Babylon, then Edom, and then Arabia for their wickedness.

Babylon is the first burden (21:2,9). God told Isaiah the Medes and Persians would take the city. The next obscure burden is Edom mocking the watchman and being told to repent and get serious (21:11-12). The final burden is what Sennacherib would do to Arabia (21:13-17).

Isaiah (Chap 18)

9/22/19 AM

Egypt and Ethiopia join to fight Assyria but are beaten by king Sennacherib.

God called the Assyrian army against Judah, so it captured 46 walled cities. It then besieged Jerusalem, terrifying faithless Jews, who asked Egypt or Ethiopia for help. God destroyed the helpers by Assyria and then killed 185,000 Assyrians by His death angel. All glory to God!

Isaiah (Chap 20)

9/22/19 PM

Isaiah went naked for three years to warn Judah not to trust men against Assyria.

God arranged for a clash of titans near Judah - Assyria against Tirhakah the Ethiopian. The faithless Jews trusted the host of Tirhakah. His arrival caused Sennacherib to lift the siege of Jerusalem, who then defeated him, who then lost 185,000 solders to an angel. Hallelujah!

Isaiah (Chap 16)

9/16/19 PM

Two Isaiah chapters against Moab are in one sermon together. See Isaiah 15 before.

God through Isaiah gave Moab a remedy to possibly preserve their tranquility. But their pride would not allow repentance or reform. Therefore, God brought Nebuchadnezzar on them for their utter ruin. Before that, they would be greatly reduced by the Assyrians.

Isaiah (Chap 15)

9/15/19 AM

Two Isaiah chapters against Moab are in one sermon together. See Isaiah 16 next.

Lot and his incestuous daughters created Moab and Ammon - perpetual and hateful enemies of Israel. God would judge and destroy them by the Chaldeans with other reprobate neighbors of Judah. See Jeremiah 48. Isaiah mercifully detailed the grief and ruin of cousin Moab.

Isaiah (Chap 17)

9/15/19 PM

God destroyed union of Israel and Syria by Assyria, and then He destroyed Assyria.

Ephraim, or the rejected ten tribes of Israel, joined with Syria against Judah. God crushed Syria by Tiglathpileser, and then He destroyed Ephraim by Shalmaneser. He left Israel only a miniscule remnant. He then rebuked the proud Assyrians and killed a great army in one night.

Isaiah (Chap 13)

9/8/19 AM

The graphic burden of Babylon - a prophecy of total ruin of the glorious, mighty city.

Much of Isaiah includes prophesies God would punish and/or destroy enemies of Israel. This chapter is against Babylon. The city began with Babel and became ruler of the world. God used them to chasten Judah, and then He used the Medes and Persians (Cyrus) to destroy them.

Isaiah (Chap 14)

9/8/19 PM

The larger part of this chapter is a mocking parable against the evil king of Babylon.

After promising hope to the Jews, God inspired ridicule of the king of Babylon (Belshazzar) that is a precious passage of scripture. Lucifer, only used here, is not another name for the devil. God promised the ruin of Assyria, and then He mocked any hope for Philistines.

Babylon - History and Prophecies

9/4/19 PM

Literal Babylon was the enemy of the O.T. church and Mystical Babylon the N.T.

Babylon began with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. It was greatest under Nebuchadnezzar, who destroyed Jerusalem and the temple. God chose Cyrus to defeat Babylon and send the Jews back home. God chose Jesus to destroy mystical Babylon - pagan and papal Rome.

Isaiah (Chap 12)

9/1/19 AM

A psalm of praise in Isaiah for great joy and worship privately and corporately.

Isaiah chapters 6-10 have many references to Messiah. Isaiah 11 is all about Him, the N.T. gospel era, and saved Gentiles. In light of God saving Jews and Gentiles, the church should praise God with great joy as this chapter describes - personally and congregationally.