Recent Sermons


Gospel of John (85)

9/24/17 AM

9:4-7 as Jesus healed the blind man in His zeal to His mandate from God in heaven.

Excellent foundational matter is found in 9:1-5 before Jesus healed the man born blind. Jesus had six months left on earth, and He had zeal to fulfill the will of God with all His might. He used spittle and clay to exalt miracle power, confound the skeptics, and test the blind man.

Gospel of John (86)

9/24/17 PM

9:8-17 for neighbors and others and then Pharisees examining the man born blind.

When the blind man returned from the pool of Siloam, he was questioned and taken to the Pharisees for even more questions. Instead of celebration, he had to endure persecution by religious leaders that adored their Sabbath ordinance over healing and also hated Jesus.

Two-Step Bible Study (#2)

9/20/17 PM

PowerPoint slides for a very simple review of starting to learn what texts do mean.

Bible Christians believe God inspired scripture, led apostles to confirm the canon, preserved scripture, and gave the rules to rightly interpret it. The second rule is context - the material around a passage. It is more important than word definitions, grammar, or most else.

Gospel of John (83)

9/17/17 AM

9:1-2 for background and philosophy about the right perspective of a man born blind.

Jesus cares for individual men, even if traveling for other purposes. Never forget this fact. He sees; He sees individuals; He helps. Do not think or ask foolish questions about trials of men. Give God the glory like Job (Job 1:20-22; 2:9-10) and Elihu (Job 33:12-13; 36:15-18).

Gospel of John (84)

9/17/17 PM

9:2-3 for background and philosophy about the right perspective of a man born blind.

Bad things happen to Christians - and to this blind man and his parents - for more than just punishment for sin. There are four reasons bad things happen to good men. Your trials are not worse than others. God is faithful, and you can even prosper in trials by the right responses.

Gospel of John (81)

9/10/17 AM

8:48-55 for Jesus defending Himself against the rebellious and wicked Jews.

Jesus continued to debate Jews about Himself. They slandered Him, because they could not overthrow His doctrine or condemn His life. Expect such treatment yourself, if you follow the truth. He promised eternal life to those that obey Him. Are you sure of heaven this way?

Gospel of John (82)

9/10/17 PM

8:56-59 for Jesus exalting Himself over heretical confidence by Jews in Abraham.

Abraham saw Jesus from afar, and it gave him great joy to know a Redeemer was coming. The Jews mocked Jesus about Abraham, so He told them He was I AM THAT I AM - far superior to Abraham and his life and death. The Jews tried to stone Him for it, but He escaped from them.

Gospel of John (80)

9/3/17 AM

8:38-47 as Jesus told the Jews they were ignorant-depraved children of Satan.

The Jews continued to debate Jesus in this section. They had no spiritual ability or desire to grasp His heavenly lessons. They claimed Abraham and God as their fathers, but Jesus proved they were children of the devil. Here are rare and distinguishing points of doctrine.

For What Did Jesus Die?

9/3/17 PM

Jesus died for the sins of His people, but do they really grasp the evil of their sins?

Other aspects of Jesus death include the why, when, where, how, whom. But we must know the what - Jesus died for sins. Sin is very terrible! Even one! Do you know how many you are guilty of? Here is a long list. Thank you, blessed God, for taking away our sins by Jesus.

Gospel of John (78)

8/27/17 AM

8:21-29 for Jesus confronting the Jews about dying in their sins for not believing.

Faith in Christ is evidence of eternal life and how we lay hold of it. The Jews rejected Jesus, so He told them they would die in their sins. He told them when they crucified Him there would be enough evidence God was His Father and He had been on a divine mission from Him.

Gospel of John (79)

8/27/17 PM

8:30-37 exposes false believers by slavery to sin and rejection of the word of Jesus.

Like other places in John, Jesus knew many believers were not sincere, so He exposed their hypocrisy (Jn 2:23-25; 6:15,26,64). He defined discipleship and true conversion resulting in new creatures, which caused the Jews to reject Him and His warning of hell. Beware, reader.

Psychopath Men

8/23/17 PM

PowerPoint slides for meeting of men to correct and replace wicked thinking.

Human pride denies resembling a psychopath, but the basic definition fits when we allow selfish thoughts to dictate actions or speech. Foolish thoughts are sin (Pr 24:9). God knows all your thoughts, and He expects only godly, noble, and virtuous thinking by His children.

Gospel of John (76)

8/20/17 AM

8:12 review of Jesus as light of the world and our great need to follow Him daily.

Light for abundant living now and eternal life in the world to come is only in Jesus Christ. He is the light of the world, but you must follow Him in obedience to have his light dispel sin, error, and folly. He transcends all other religious or civil leaders like light transcends darkness.

Gospel of John (77)

8/20/17 PM

8:30-33 for our Lord exposing many false believers that were not true disciples.

Due to time constraints, John 8:21-29 was passed over until next Sunday. In conjunction with John 8:12 about following Jesus, 8:30-33 is very important to learn what true discipleship requires - continuing in the doctrine of Jesus Christ - following Him in obedience against sin.

Two-Step Bible Study (#1)

8/16/17 PM

PowerPoint slides for a very simple review of proving what a text does not mean.

Bible Christians believe God inspired scripture, led apostles to confirm the canon, preserved scripture, and gave the rules to rightly interpret it. The first rule is to reject any contradictions and to reconcile all verses for one overall positive statement of truth on every subject.

Gospel of John (74)

8/13/17 AM

8:1-11 for our Lord escaping a legal trap and turning it on His wicked enemies.

This woman did not seek Jesus. The passage is not about compassion or forgiveness, but the righteous execution of the law. Jesus did not overlook her sin or compromise strict justice. He thwarted the Jewish accusers for violations of the legal process for capital punishment.

Gospel of John (75)

8/13/17 PM

8:12-20 for Jesus as the light of the world and easily rebutting Jewish accusations.

The world is dark in every sense - depraved, devilish, dysfunctional, and dying. Sin has corrupted all aspects of life. But Jesus is the light of the world and can save men from darkness, if they will follow Him, which is much more than hearing, believing, or professing.

Gospel of John (72)

8/6/17 AM

8:1-11 with review of Bible manuscript evidence for the Pericope Adulterae.

Most textual critics reject John 7:53 - 8:11. Modern Greek versions and English translations either omit the verses or bracket them. But there is plenty of evidence for the verses, and the Bible we trust has them, so we believe and use them as much as any verse in the Bible.

Gospel of John (73)

8/6/17 PM

8:1-11 for our Lord escaping a legal trap and turning it on His wicked enemies.

The scribes and Pharisees thought they had Jesus in an impossible dilemma with a framed adulteress. But He turned it on their heads with one sentence, and they all left. Many abuse this passage and think Jesus relaxed the holiness of God and severity of the law against adultery.

What Is Wrong with the Angels?

8/2/17 PM

PowerPoint slides about personal evangelism to build your love of souls.

Jesus described a man rejoicing with friends after finding a lost sheep and a woman rejoicing after finding a lost coin. Men get excited about very small things. But the angels rejoice over one sinner that repents! Do you get excited about seeing individuals saved?