Solomon's Proverbs: Sex

God invented sex, and Solomon had 1000 wives and concubines. The combination should be very good. Proverbs addresses this exciting and important part of your life. You should want to know the rules of the Inventor, and the advice of the wisest man with so much experience should provide further wisdom. Are you ready to have the best in bed?

Proverb 5:19

Does breast size matter? The Inventor and Solomon, seeing 1000 different sizes, say no. He told his son to be satisfied with his wife's breasts and ravished with her love. Optimal sexual pleasure is a choice, not a body or part.


Proverbs 22:14

Is there a deep pit in your future? Yes, if you listen to the flirting flatter of a whore! The praise of another woman is too much for most men to resist, and if you allow her the chance, the LORD will abhor you and let you fall in.


Proverbs 5:16

How is a wife better than a whore? In many ways, but one is her ability and willingness to give you a large, legitimate family! Solomon encouraged his son to appreciate this great advantage and to avoid any illegitimate unions.


Proverbs 31:30

What kind of woman makes love best? The secret is in this book. A queen mother gave it to her son. There are two features of women that are deceiving and disappointing, but there is one foolproof way to marry the best lover.


Proverbs 6:28

Are you playing with fire? Can you play with fire and not get burned? If you even think of sex with a person you have not married, you are going to be burned! You cannot get away with it. God and men will judge you for it.

Proverbs 9:17

Is adultery sweeter and more pleasant than the same old thing at home? No! There might be pleasure for a moment, but the end of adultery is death and hell! Only a fool would choose death and hell for a mere guilty moment.


Proverbs 24:9

Are sexual fantasies okay, as long as I do not commit the act? No! Even the thought of folly is sin, and sexual sins are folly. Adultery in your heart is adultery in God's eyes. Job was committed not to think on a maid. Beware!


Proverbs 6:32

Is adultery ever justifiable or understandable? No! Men may understand a thief stealing when hungry, but they will still punish him. Adultery has no such extenuating reasons; it shows a lack of understanding and destroys the soul.


Proverbs 7:16

A beautiful bed is part of seducing a man. Wise men will take warning. Good wives will pay attention. Solomon warned his son in a lengthy parable of the ways a whore will attract her victim; noble wives could use a few lessons.


Proverbs 15:17

What is sex without love like? It is like a steak dinner with diners who hate each other! It would be far better to restore the relationship and have a plain salad. Wisdom learns that an increase in love will outdo any new position!


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