The Cross at Judgment Day

God and Jesus will soon be honored and vindicated by the eternal damnation and salvation of sinners.




“The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.”

Proverbs 16:4

“And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

Revelation 20:15



  1. God led us by His merciful providence and the Holy Spirit to study the details of John chapters 18-19.
  2. We read and saw how God abused His Son by the Jews and Romans to His eventual death and burial.
  3. Yet, in all John wrote, there was no application or mention of the purpose or value of His crucifixion.
  4. A simple but sure fact is that angels and men, even Christians, do not yet see the full glory of the cross.
  5. Why did God do this to His Son, and when and how will He receive the full measure of glory for it?
  6. Why did Jesus do this, and when and how will He receive the fullest reward and riches of glory for it?
  7. What is the real measure and value of the cross of Jesus Christ, and who and when will they learn it?
  8. Why did the infinitely happy God design such a drama, and when and what will be its fitting climax?
  9. Who if any beside God will benefit by the cross, and how and when will they and all others react to it?
  10. We have with John and Paul gloried in Jesus’ death by faith, but questions above indicate much more.
  11. There is clearly much more to the cross than its historical facts recounted by four apostolic witnesses.
  12. Time is divided into B.C. and A.D. by Jesus’ earthly life, but time will conclude with a grand finale.
  13. God has not yet displayed His glory, His Son, and the cross to the universe by damnation and salvation.
  14. We also saw that Jesus’ spirit and the spirit of the saved thief both went to heaven on crucifixion day.
  15. We assume by the rest of scripture that the spirit of the reprobate thief went to hell like the rich man’s.
  16. Yet we know from scripture that the sentencing of men to hell or rewarding of men to heaven is future.
  17. Therefore, the question arises, will the righteous and wicked return from heaven and hell to judgment.
  18. The Book of Life has not yet been opened as the formal and official ruling of salvation or damnation.
  19. What is the purpose and what will be the result of Jesus sitting as Judge over all rational creatures.
  20. The greatest day in the history of the universe is not past (Calvary), but rather future (Judgment Day).
  21. Therefore, it would be imprudently negligent to rush on to John 20 for the evidence of the resurrection.
  22. John 18 (expositional sermon & outline).
  23. John 19 (expositional sermon & outline).
  24. The Cup of Christ (sermon & outline for Jesus’ suffering).
  25. Isaiah 53 (expositional sermon & outline).
  26. Psalm 22 (expositional sermon & outline).
  27. The Judgment Seat of Christ (sermon & outline).

The Bruising and Grief of the Cross

  1. John chapters 18-19 led us by an inspired record from His arrest to His death and burial.
    1. Jesus in Gethsemane begged His Father to remove the cup of suffering from Him.
    2. An angel came from heaven to strengthen Jesus for the overwhelming pain coming.
    3. We rejoiced in all we considered and learned, and yet the glory of the cross is hid.
    4. Most only go this far with Jesus in a manger, on a crucifix, or begging at a door.
    5. Most Christians will not endure sound doctrine like eternal judgment (II Tim 4:3-4).
  2. Almighty God, the LORD Jehovah, Creator of heaven and earth, punished His Son hard.
    1. Physical – Jesus’ body was bruised, broken, pierced, and bled from many wounds.
    2. Psychological – Jesus suffered great grief, loss, and pain emotionally, mentally, etc.
    3. Spiritual – Jesus was subjected to devilish assaults before and during crucifixion.
    4. Divine – Jesus was deserted by His Father and the fellowship He had always had.
    5. The four kinds of suffering greatly expanded …
  3. It pleased God to punish His Son the ways described above, but why did it please Him?
    1. It is an axiom of our faith and gospel that God made all things for Himself (Pr 16:4).
    2. What did God get out of Jesus dying on the cross at that time and in that manner?
    3. Why did God highly exalt Jesus and give Him a glorious name for it (Phil 2:5-11)?
    4. Why did God divide Him a portion with the great as spoil to distribute (Is 53:12)?
    5. God the Father loved His Son (John 3:38 … 17:26). Why did God crush His Son?
    6. Something is missing, by reasoning and revelation, that God has been vindicated.
    7. There must be much more, by reasoning and revelation, for the glory of the cross.
  4. D. The scheme of redemption is not remedial for man, but revelatory for God Himself.
    1. He was not surprised in Eden or at any other time so that He had to react to man.
    2. God created in order to stage a holy, grand drama in which He gets all the glory.
    3. He made all things for Himself and His pleasure, even sinners to judge (Prov 16:4).
    4. He does not need you; He is not affected by you (Job 22:2-3; 35:6-8; Luke 17:10).
    5. He makes differences among men, even for salvation (Is 45:9-10; Rom 9:21-24).
    6. This difference is profoundly important for your worldview (Ps 115:3; Dan 4:34).
    7. God raised Jesus from the dead to prove He is sitting Judge, though once condemned.
    8. God created to display and reveal His glory to rational creatures, but it is yet future.
    9. Pharaoh is a microcosm of creation. God made Him for Himself (Ex 9:16; Ro 9:17).
  5. We see a legal payment to God’s justice by Jesus’ substitutionary suffering and death.
    1. God is holy and just, and He must punish every sin and sinner to maintain integrity.
    2. God saw the travail of Jesus’ soul and was satisfied to accept us (Is 53:11; Eph 1:6).
    3. The legal purchase paid for Holy Spirit regeneration, which is a tremendous benefit.
    4. The legal purchase is manifest by the gospel that brings life to light (II Tim 1:10).
    5. This planned and decreed transaction was by covenant and out of sight of creatures.
    6. But it is revealed in the gospel, which is how know about it (Rom 3:26; 5:6-11; 6:23).
    7. There is glory accomplished at the cross (John 17:1-4; Gal 6:14), but there is more.
    8. There was celebration in heaven at the payment (Rev 5:9; 12:10), but there is more.
    9. God has not nearly maximized the glory of Himself, His only Son, and the cross yet.
  6. Legal satisfaction of His justice is not all God gets for what He did to His beloved Son.
    1. There is something far greater and more extensive for the glory of God and of Christ.
    2. If everything is for God’s glory and pleasure, how and when will He best realize it?
    3. Is there something else like another phase of sinners’ condemnation or salvation?
    4. Soon is a climactic conclusion or drama finale to show God and Jesus to the universe.
    5. If the Bible is true (it is!), then the Day of Judgment is the transcendent day of time.
    6. Creation of angels and men and the incarnation and crucifixion lead to a grand finale.
    7. Until then, God’s distinguishing grace is mostly unknown (Eccl 9:1-3; Ps 50:21).
    8. Did God create for His Son to die? Or for the universe to know He killed His Son?
  7. The Bible declares transcendent things that God will do, which He has not yet done.
    1. 1. When will He make known … His wrath and power and His grace (Rom 9:22-24)?
    2. He must make a great truth known … Blessed and Only Potentate (I Tim 6:13-16).
    3. Jesus Christ will be revealed … visually, powerfully unlike before (II Thess 1:7-10).
    4. A day of wrath comes … for children of wrath (Rom 2:5; Eph 2:3; I Thes 1:10; 5:9).
    5. Secret sins … will be exposed (Ec 12:14; Luk 12:2; Rom 2:16; I Cor 4:5; I Tim 5:24).
    6. When will each tongue confess and knee bow to Jesus Christ the Lord (Phil 2:9-11)?
    7. God intends to be known; He works for that end (Ps 9:16; 59:13; 83:18; Ezek 38:23).
    8. There is a general judgment of all nations (Ps 96:13; 98:9; Matt 25:32; Acts 17:31).
    9. But nothing like the incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension honor God.
    10. Eternal damnation of angels and men and adopting sinners is transcendently great.
    11. Everything shall be obvious – what God has done, Jesus has done, and we have done.

The Sentencing and Rewarding of Sinners

  1. The phases of salvation are helpful and important to understand the gift of eternal life.
    1. Eternal Phase … God chose and planned out the entire drama to display His glory.
    2. Legal Phase … God substituted His Son for suffering and death for sins of chosen.
    3. Vital Phase … God creates new spiritual life in the chosen to be able to enjoy Him.
    4. Practical Phase … God tells His born again children of all He has done and will do.
    5. Final Phase … all formally and officially finished, declared, displayed to universe.
    6. Five Phases …
    7. Five Phases of Salvation (slides) …
  2. There is a Day coming that transcends all other Days in its effect on the whole universe.
    1. It is called the Day of Judgment … the Judgment Seat of Christ … the Resurrection.
    2. Matter and irrational creatures hardly matter compared to just one rational creature.
    3. All rational creatures will be judged – all devils and all men (Mat 25:41; Rom 14:12).
    4. All dead bodies, righteous and wicked, will be reunited to their spirits for eternity.
    5. The wicked will be formally and officially declared guilty and sent to eternal fire.
    6. The elect will be formally and officially declared justified and adopted for heaven.
    7. Judgment Day will fully display God’s attributes from love to vengeance, Jesus Christ’s achievements according to God’s eternal counsel and purpose, and the discriminatory and final effect of His cross for eternal destinies of angels and men.
    8. Jesus and God His Father will yet give many rewards (Matt 5:10-12; 10:40-42; 25:31-46; Luke 6:23,35; 14:12-14; Rom 8:17-23; I Cor 3:8,14; Col 2:18; 3:24; Heb 10:35; 11:26; II John 1:8; Rev 2:7,11,17,26-28; 3:4-5,12,21; 11:18; 21:4,7; 22:3,12).
  3. What is the present state of the righteous and wicked? Why must they be judged again?
    1. When one dies – the spirit goes to heaven or hell; the body sleeps until resurrection.
    2. Jesus and the saved thief met later that day in Paradise, the third heaven (Lu 23:43).
    3. Their bodies were buried until resurrection – Jesus three days; the thief yet waiting.
    4. The other thief’s body was also buried, but his spirit went to hell like the rich man.
    5. All men, no matter how long dead, will come back for formal and official sentencing.
    6. The resurrection of the dead is of all bodies of all men (John 5:28-29; Acts 24:15).
    7. Do you mean Cain has been in hell for near 6000 years but will yet be judged? Yes.
    8. His 6000 years in hell before is not unjust. He will get time served – against eternity!
    9. The wicked come back to be convinced by their Judge, Jesus Christ (Jude 1:14-15).
    10. Men simply disappearing from earthly existence to hell or heaven does little for God.
  4. Compare our own legal system and how it treats criminals in a very similar manner.
    1. Charles Manson was arrested in November 1969 for several murders that summer.
    2. He was held in L.A. jails for 17 months awaiting his trial and eventual sentencing.
    3. Detectives, investigators, lawyers for both prosecution and defense gathered facts.
    4. The trial began in June 1970 when enough evidence for his guilt had been gathered.
    5. All the facts and testimonies were brought forth for the jury, which took one week.
    6. The jury rejected all the defense efforts. All defendants were guilty of all charges.
    7. He was sentenced in April 1971 for 7 counts of first-degree murder and to be gassed.
    8. In 1972 California and SCOTUS ruled against the death penalty, including Manson.
    9. He was in prison the rest of his life (46.5 years), which ended in November of 2017.
    10. What happened at trial? He and defense attorneys tried every way to save his life.
    11. What happened at trial? Prosecutors brought every graphic detail to display his guilt.
    12. What happened at verdict? He was publicly declared guilty of first-degree murder.
    13. What happened at sentencing? Little or nothing; he was in jail; he was sent to prison.
    14. What happened at sentencing? He was formally and officially condemned to death.
    15. What resulted? The world waited and celebrated to see evil personified condemned.
    16. What resulted? The world knew U.S. law was good and would justly punish Manson.
    17. What resulted? The law was honored by 12 rejections of parole and his prison death.
    18. What resulted? Crime does not pay. Justice was served. All victims were defended.
  5. Compare God’s legal system and its process of thorough trial and sentencing after trial.
    1. Cain died 6000 years ago for crimes (sins) and was taken from earth and sent to hell.
    2. Cain’s death was comparable to Manson’s arrest, no further threat to await his trial.
    3. Cain has been in hell or the lake of fire since his death, 6000 years, awaiting his trial.
    4. Cain’s incarceration is comparable to Manson being held in jail or a detention center.
    5. Cain has been suffering the loss of all freedom like Manson did for his 17 months.
    6. Judgment Day will be Cain’s hearing, trial, defense, prosecution, verdict, sentencing.
    7. There will be nothing hid in that day; every secret sin of Cain will be fully exposed.
    8. Almighty God by His seated Judge Jesus Christ will condemn Cain to eternal hell.
    9. Almighty God by His seated Judge Jesus Christ will reject all pleas of his defense.
    10. They will rule by the books (recorded facts) of his crimes and perfect divine justice.
    11. He will be sent back to hell or the lake of fire where he had been detained until trial.
    12. What happens at trial? Clear, certain evidence and facts are presented for his guilt.
    13. What happens at verdict? Cain is declared guilty of Abel’s murder and much more.
    14. What happens at sentencing? Little or nothing; he was in hell; he will return to hell.
    15. What happens at sentencing? He is formally, officially judged for the second death.
    16. What happens at sentencing? In the case of God versus Cain, God wins, Cain loses.
    17. What results? The universe will know God’s holiness, justness, wrath, and power.
    18. What results? The universe will know Cain’s guilt for crimes against perfect laws.
    19. What results? God is exalted, glorified, and honored for perfect righteous vengeance.
    20. What results? God is right. Sin does not pay. Justice is served. Victims are defended.
    21. What results? God demonstrates and exhibits His perfections and total sovereignty.
    22. What results? Smoke of their torment is heaven’s incense of His righteous judgment.
    23. What results? God’s glory is exalted like never before, even in death of the wicked.
  6. Compare God’s legal system and its process of thorough trial and reward during trial.
    1. Abel died 6000 years ago for crimes (sins) and was taken from earth into heaven.
    2. Abel’s death was comparable to Manson’s arrest, no further threat to await his trial.
    3. Abel has been in heaven with God since his death, 6000 years, awaiting his trial.
    4. Abel’s incarceration is better than Manson’s holding in jail due to a known outcome.
    5. Abel has been enjoying peace with God while Cain was held in pain for 6000 years.
    6. Judgment Day will be his hearing, trial, defense, prosecution, verdict, sentencing.
    7.  The books will reveal that Abel was a sinner sufficiently like Cain to also go to hell.
    8. Almighty God by the seated Judge Jesus Christ will justify and adopt Abel to heaven.
    9. Almighty God by His seated Judge Jesus Christ will admit many good deeds by him.
    10. They will rule by the book of life (Lamb slain) that Jesus fully paid for all his sins.
    11. He will get an abundant, formal, official entrance into heaven for his eternal destiny.
    12. He will be declared a son and joint-heir with Jesus of the new heaven and new earth.
    13. What happens at trial? Clear, certain evidence and facts are presented for his guilt.
    14. What happens at verdict? Abel is declared righteous due to a Substitute’s payment.
    15. What happens at sentencing? Little or nothing; he was in heaven; he returns to it.
    16. What happens at sentencing? He is formally, officially declared to have eternal life.
    17. What happens at sentencing? In the case of God versus Abel, God wins, Abel wins.
    18. What results? The universe will know the riches of God’s grace, love, and mercy.
    19. What results? The universe will know Jesus died for Abel’s sins against perfect laws.
    20. What results? God is exalted, glorified, and honored for perfect righteous salvation.
    21. What results? God is good. Love found a way. Justice is kept. Victims are defended.
    22. What results? God demonstrates and exhibits His great love and sovereign choice.
    23. What results? Abel and the saved will praise God and His Son Jesus through eternity.
    24. What results? God’s glory is exalted like never before by adoption of guilty enemies.
  7. Remanding the elect to heaven and the reprobates to hell to await trial is perfectly just.
    1. There are phases or stages in our legal process of arrest, arraignment, trial, judgment, sentencing, execution, during which a person may be held in jail for quite some time.
    2. The wicked are in hell now, but that Day will declare guilt and desert of eternal hell.
    3. That glorious Day will vindicate the moral holiness and sovereign power of Jehovah.
    4. The righteous are in heaven now, but the Day will show them God’s sons and heirs.
    5. That glorious Day will show the incredible wisdom, love, grace, and mercy of God.
    6. Nothing changes as far as destination – they return to hell or heaven after sentencing.
  8.  God’s sentencing and rewarding before the universe is like the legal sentencing on earth.
    1. He must make some truth known … Blessed and Only Potentate (I Tim 6:13-16).
    2. When will He make known … His wrath and power and His grace (Rom 9:22-24)?
    3. What was the ultimate joy before Jesus and the pleasure that prospered (Is 53:10)?
    4. There was judgment on Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and reward to the elect at Pentecost.
    5. But when will every knee bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord (Phil 2:9-11)?
    6. God has His own due process … and He as Judge also makes examples of sinners.
    7. Righteous judges, kings, and nations are vindicated by judgment, so is God Jehovah.
  9. If this is new to you, or you are confused, or you want Bible evidence to study, consider:
    • Rev 20:11-15 John 5:27-29 Acts 24:15 Rom 9:22-24 Acts 10:42; 17:31
    • Matthew 10:15 Rom 14:10-12 II Cor 5:9-11 II Peter 3:7 I John 4:17
    • Revelation 4:11 I Peter 2:8 II Peter 2:3,9 Jude 1:14-15 Eccl 12:14
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    • Jude 1:6 II Peter 2:4 Matt 11:20-24 Matt 12:36-37 Rev 11:15-18
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    • Proverbs 16:4 Romans 5:9 I Peter 4:5 Ephesians 5:3-7
  10. If this is new to you, or you are confused, or you want Bible evidence to study, consider the links in order of relevance and value at the bottom for sermons and other documents.

The Coming Greatest Glory of the Cross

  1. What does change due to Judgment Day – the great Day of sentencing angels and men?
    1. God formally and officially states those who must pay eternally for their many sins.
    2. God formally and officially declares those who were saved by the merits of His Son.
    3. While based on legal justice, this Day is the ultimate public display of God’s glory.
    4. Legal salvation occurred 2000 years ago after Calvary, but it was not visible to men.
    5. The universe will know some guilty angels and men must suffer eternally for sins.
    6. The universe will know some guilty men are justified righteous and adopted as sons.
    7. The universe will see God’s glory ultimately displayed in vengeance and salvation.
    8. The universe will see elect angels chosen to remain holy while others were let fall.
    9. The universe will see the defining event for the sons of God to be the cross of Christ.
    10. The difference between heaven and hell for sinful men will be the Lord’s crucifixion.
  2. This formal moment in history manifests God’s righteousness, His mercy, and His Son.
    1. Without Judgment Day, there is no time or event where the universe sees His glory.
    2. It takes a judgment of guilt and a sentencing to hell to see His great wrath and power.
    3. It takes delivering other sinners as guilty or worse for adoption by His glorious grace.
    4. Satan will be judged and sent to hell by saved sinners (I Cor 6:1-3; Romans 16:20).
    5. God has not yet benefitted … not yet been glorified … finally, totally, universally.
    6. He will be vindicated against enemies, admired by friends, and His Son preeminent.
  3. It is here that the cross of Jesus Christ receives its incredibly greater and visible glory.
    1. The bruises, pain, torture, wounds, and death truly measure His demanding justice, which was completely satisfied by God taking pleasure pounding His Son for us.
    2. The calumny, mocking, reproach, slander, and death Jesus bore rightly declare our great guilt, for He suffered those things for us, who fully deserved them forever.
    3. The four categories of suffering and death rightly value the gift of eternal life, for it could not have been obtained for sinners like us by any lesser pain or other means.
    4. The difference between eternal torment and inheriting the universe is all by the cross.
    5. The difference between God’s wrath and power and His rich grace is all by the cross.
    6. The difference between the lake of fire forever and paradise with God forever is the book of life … of the Lamb slain … all about the cross where the Lamb was slain.
    7. Those who abused, slandered, tortured, and killed Jesus will rue the day they ever thought to do so, and so will all other sinners that presumed to rebel against God.
  4. The Day of Judgment is the most important event in time or eternity due to its revelation.
    1. Without Judgment Day there is no event or time when the universe sees God’s glory.
    2. The glory here is far greater than the glory of the created heavens (Psalm 19:1-6).
    3. It is when and how God will formally, officially, and universally display His glory.
    4. The books will be opened, all will be condemned, with perfect justice followed.
    5. But another book will be opened … the book of life … which also is perfect justice.
    6. The substitutionary death of Jesus Christ will be imputed to some for their salvation.
    7. Sinful angels and all men will be condemned, but Christ’s cross will save some men.
    8. God has prudently arranged salvation so that He gets all the glory (I Cor 1:26-31).
    9. And His salvation is in His Son – for in that Day Jesus Christ will be the only Help.
    10. Every angel and man will perfectly grasp the full implications of God and Christ.
  5. Until then, there is near total ignorance of God’s glory compared to what will be then.
    1. Sinners like Cain, Judas, Caiaphas, Manson die and disappear just like the righteous.
    2. Saints like Abel, Anna, Peter, Tabitha, and Paul die and disappear like the wicked.
    3. God has not yet fully displayed His glory in condemning some and saving the others.
    4. There the difference between saved and unsaved will be infinite (II Thess 1:7-10).
    5. Reprobates presume righteousness; the elect praised for it (Matt 7:21-23; 25:31-46).
    6. But in that Day everything will be crystal clear without a hint of injustice anywhere.
    7. The facts of election and reprobation by God in Christ will be clear! stark! real! felt!
    8. Sinners will be caught! exposed! condemned! rejected! silenced! and then tortured!
    9. The elect will be pardoned! freed! honored! praised! adopted! to inherit all things!
    10. Egypt’s darkness was felt. Eliphaz felt and feared the Spirit of God (Job 4:12-19).
    11. Begging for the mountains to fall on them indicates the terror (Rev 6:15-17; 19:15).
  6. The glory of the cross of Jesus will be ineffably sublime and infinitely important then.
    1. In that day, you will know God’s love and the only possible Savior from your sins.
    2. In that day, you will appreciate every bruise and drop of blood spilt for your sins.
    3. In that day, you will understand you deserved the reproach and slander that He took.
    4. In that day, you will see God was pleased to bruise and kill His Son instead of you.
    5. In that day, you will know God’s mere will and Jesus’ death by it saved your soul.
    6. In that day, you will understand and appreciate limited atonement like never before.
    7. In that day, the universe will know Jesus reigns as king, a fact most do not know yet.
  7. Why do you wait until then? Is it because you are not saved? Saved men would shout!
    1. Jesus warned the seventy to shout about the book of life, not great gifts (Luke 10:20).
    2. The book of life has more to its name – the book of life of the Lamb slain (Rev 13:8).
    3. Thus, choirs of heaven sing praise to the Lamb for salvation (Rev 5:1-12; 12:10-11).


  1. Therefore, it would be imprudently negligent to rush on to John 20 for the evidence of the resurrection.
  2. A simple but sure fact is that angels and men, even Christians, do not yet see the full glory of the cross.
  3. It is by the full gospel, beyond John’s history, that we can see the coming finale of His perfect drama.
  4. No wonder Paul warned about the terror of the Lord and living to gain His acceptance (II Cor 5:9-11).
  5. How should knowing Jesus’ death on the cross affect you (II Cor 5:13-17; I Cor 6:19-20; Gal 6:14)?
  6. Make sure your name is in the book of life – it is easy (I Thess 1:2-4; II Pet 1:5-11; Phil 4:3; Rev 3:5).
  7. Take communion seeing the Lamb as slain, and His chosen ones in His covenant book (Rev 5:6; 13:8).
  8. We remember His death until He comes, by body and blood symbols, and the cup of the new covenant.

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