Boldness to Enter the Holiest



“Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus.”

Hebrews 10:19


God Has a Problem with Us

  1. God is holy and despised sinful angels (Job 4:18-21; 15:14-16; II Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6).
  2. God condemned 100 billion to three deaths for one little sin (Gen 2:18; Rom 5:12-14).
  3. When Adam and Eve sinned, He mocked them and then locked them out (Ge 3:22-24).
  4. Because of God’s beautiful holiness, you will never get near Him, not ever (Heb 12:14).
  5. God is holy and despises sinful men, which you are (Psalm 5:4-6; 11:4-6; Hab 1:13).
  6. His nature cannot and will not acquit or clear men from their sins (Ex 34:7; Nahum 1:3).
  7. His rule is simple and straightforward – souls that sin must die (Ezek 18:4,20; Ro 6:23).
  8. He required Moses to remove his shoes for the holy ground of His presence (Ex 3:1-6).
  9. He would not allow His chosen people Israel or their pets to touch Sinai (Ex 19:9-16).
  10. When He inspected our race and examined you, He found only filthiness (Ps 14:1-3).
  11. Annihilation would be easy, but angels and men get eternal torment in hell (Matt 25:41).
  12. Those who practice false Christianity will be tormented forever and ever (Rev 14:9-11).
  13. The punishment is so severe a drop of water is craved like precious nectar (Luke 16:24).
  14. God is so great He warned even His friends that His enmity was terrible (Luke 12:4-5).


We Have a Problem with God

  1. God is so glorious and terrible – no man can see Him – not even His friend (Ex 33:20).
  2. Moses knew God face to face, but when He saw His power, he quaked (Heb 12:18-21).
  3. We know we are filthy, so to be near God is excruciatingly condemning (Isaiah 6:1-5).
  4. Job rejected three friends and even Elihu, but was crushed by God (Job 40:1-5; 42:1-6).
  5. Peter told Jesus to depart from him due to the presence of purity and power (Luke 5:8).
  6. John fell at Jesus’ glorified feet, his best friend, and thought he was done (Rev 1:17).
  7. All the ceremonial rituals of God are filthy rags in His holy, impenetrable sight (Is 64:6).
  8. Jewish offerings were like cutting off a dog’s neck or offering swine’s blood (Is 66:3).
  9. Paul summarized God’s word against Jews and Gentiles without comfort (Rom 3:9-18).
  10. So true! (Ps 130:3): If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand?
  11. God’s O.T. religion with countless rituals could not help the conscience (Heb 9:9; 10:2).
  12. God is no respecter of persons, so no matter your popularity, it is worthless (I Pet 1:17).
  13. Our nature is so corrupt that it is at war against God and His righteous law (Ro 8:7-8).
  14. For man’s total depraved nature against God …


We Need a Two-Way Reconciliation

  1. There was no one in Eden to help Adam, though one had helped him sin (Gen 3:7-10).
  2. Job clearly understood he was without recourse under God’s judgment (Job 9:32-35).
  3. There is a gulf between heaven and hell allowing no movement either way (Luke 16:26).
  4. We need a priest to intercede, but the best priests, the O.T. priests, failed (Heb 7:23).
  5. The O.T. sacrifices, ordained by God, and infinite in detail, did not work (Heb 10:1-4).
  6. If God is angry, there is no ransom; He is always angry (Job 36:17-19; Ps 49:6-9; 7:11).
  7. If an infinite God needs infinite payment for sin, how will a finite man ever pay it off?
  8. John learned with a temporary view of heaven there was no man to help (Rev 5:1-4).
  9. The Day of Atonement had high priest alone to offer for himself and others … annually.
  10. What will you say when you stand before God and He says, Friend (Matt 22:11-14)?
  11. Review, You Need a Lawyer …


Jesus Christ our Lord is the Perfect Solution

  1. God designed your creation … your condemnation … and the Captain of your salvation.
  2. He abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence to come before Him (Eph 1:7-12).
  3. Let Hebrews 10:19-22 give you the details of what Jesus did and what you should do.
    1. This is the transition in Hebrews from doctrine to make the application, seen by the therefore drawing a major conclusion, as in Romans 12:1 and Ephesians 4:1.
    2. I declare to you that boldness is the trait you should have worshipping the great God.
    3. The place is the holiest – God’s presence – proven to be impossible without Jesus.
    4. The means is the blood of Jesus – which we celebrate and remember at communion.
    5. God’s throne is no longer one of anger or terror for His people, but the throne of grace (Heb 4:16), though heaven and earth will yet flee from Him on it (Rev 20:11).
    6. There is a new way, not existing or known before, opened by Jesus 2000 years ago.
    7. There is a living way, not based on dead rituals, but due to an immortal High Priest.
    8. This new and living way opened for us to God is consecrated for us by Jesus Christ.
    9. The symbolic veil of the Jewish temple, depicting the separation of a holy God from sinful man, is now open through the rending of the flesh body of Jesus our Lord.
    10. Not only is the way open, but we have an immortal Advocate, Attorney, Counselor, High Priest, Intercessor, Lawyer to help us with God – the Judges very own Son!
    11. The house of God, all in the household of faith, family of God, or general assembly, for there is not even one of God’s elect left out from this glorious transaction.
    12. Are you ready to run near to God – to go right up to Him on His throne to love Him?
    13. A true heart will have full assurance by its faith in Jesus Christ, for he will be fully persuaded by Spirit and word of God’s promises (Rom 8:28-39; II Tim 1:12).
    14. Our spirits are no longer condemned by faith in His blood (He 9:14; I Pe 1:2,13-21).
    15. We have identified with Christ by good consciences in water baptism (I Peter 3:21).
    16. For more about Hebrews …
  4. Consider just a few more thoughts from scripture, but do not forget the above passage.
    1. Jesus’ death opened the veil or way to God, but His life does more (Rom 5:10; 8:34).
    2. His way is perfectly sure as our Surety and will not lose one (Heb 7:22; Jn 6:37-40).
    3. Our union with Jesus is like bodily members and His fulness (Ep 5:28-32; 1:22-23).
    4. Paul was confident and not ashamed by committing His soul to Christ (II Tim 1:12).
    5. Jude closed his epistle of coming judgment with exceeding great joy (Jude 1:24-25).