Bible Rules and Suggestions to End
Political Concern, Fear, or Worry

Note: These points cannot be mere head knowledge. They must lead to embracing God and His revealed truth to alter your emotions, responses, thinking, and speaking about political events and rulers.

  1. God rules (Ps 93:1; Is 52:7). No one is getting away with anything (Eccl 5:8). He is not surprised or hindered (Dan 4:35). He is laughing (Ps 2:4; 37:13; 59:8; II Kgs 19:21)!

  3. He delivers those trusting Him. The Bible is full of deliverances, promotions, and rewards by trusting God (I Chr 5:20; II Chr 13:18; 16:8; Ps 18:29). Do not frustrate Him.

  5. Fear and worry cannot help. They never alter circumstances, but they steal peace, destroy faith, and cause indecision (Eccl 11:3-6; Matt 14:30). Why fear or worry at all?

  7. Our duty is to pray for rulers. God required prayer for Babylon in the O.T. and Rome in the N.T. (Jer 29:4-7; I Tim 2:1-3). We give thanks for them and many benefits.

  9. View events in perspective. The Psalms often do (Ps 22:4; 44:1). Current events are minor. Compare Israel, Roman wars, Islam wars, Civil War, WWII, 60’s, race riots, etc.

  11. The Internet promotes fear. World events are videoed and spun. Details and opinions are pushed. Anyone can publish anything. Social media spreads lies and slander.

  13. Carnal Christianity is the peril. Paul ignored politics to focus on compromise of doctrine, practice, and zeal (II Tim 3:1 – 4:4). Why would we focus on anything else?

  15. We have Insider Information. Every nation has classified information, involving the military or national security. We know things much higher (I Kgs 22:19-23; Eccl 5:8).

  17. God uses mind control. His ways are not visible, explainable, or quantifiable. The king’s heart is in His hand (Pr 21:1). He has, does, and will manipulate rulers (Dan 4:16).

  19. The Bible ignores politics. Other than praying and paying, both basic duties, there is no instruction to examine, learn, or worry about national or international events.

  21. Godliness is our duty. Patriotic vigilance is for those outside the kingdom of God (Gen 18:32; Ps 37:28; Pr 14:34; Dan 4:27). Ten righteous souls could have saved Sodom.

  23. Life is short. We must redeem time, and worrying about politics or violent events is wasteful (Eph 5:14-16). Jeremiah and Paul said to enjoy life (Jer 29:4-7; I Tim 6:17-19).

  25. All world events are good. God only allows events that praise Him, no matter how evil (Ps 76:10; Amos 3:6; Is 45:7). No event occurs outside His perfect will. Believe it.

  27. Every ruler is ordained of God. If every office and ruler is there by God, we can have total confidence and trust, for they will do nothing outside His control (Ro 13:1-7).

  29. Civil rulers are God’s ministers. They are ministers to us for good (Rom 13:1-4). God uses His civil rulers for the benefit of His church, even Nebuchadnezzar and Nero.

  31. Angels honor authority. If angels respect human rulers, why would we disrespect them (II Pet 2:10-12; Jude 1:8-10)? They should see our honor of authority (I Cor 11:10).

  33. David mocked political fears. Far more than we, David knew firsthand the threat of ungodly rulers, but he also knew God was over them (Ps 11:1-7; 27:1-3; 82:1-8; 83:1-18).

  35. Only anxiety-free prayers work. The general rule is for prayer without carefulness and with thanksgiving (Phil 4:6-7; Dan 3:16). He wants our trust (Matt 6:25-34; Nah 1:7).

  37. Perfect peace is only in Jehovah. There is no peace learning about conspiracies, legislation, military programs, etc. We must keep minds on Him (Is 26:3-4; Phil 4:6-7).

  39. Changers and meddlers sin. We are to fear God and rulers (Pr 24:21-22). We are not to even meddle with rebellious thinking. Both kinds of men will be destroyed.

  41. Cursing rulers is wrong. It is contrary to God’s ordinance and His angels; it can be revealed for trouble (Eccl 10:20). Ignore the world’s events to avoid raising your ire.

  43. You know world history. Your divine library covers all 6000 years, showing God’s deliverance of His people, whether individuals or nations, and destruction of all enemies.

  45. You know the future. God foretold events from the start. Most are fulfilled. They occurred exactly as prophesied. He has promised your future (Rom 8:16-19; Heb 13:5).

  47. Final victory is certain. Jesus is the Blessed and Only Potentate, King of kings and Lord of lords (I Tim 6:16). He comes with mighty angels to destroy all (II Thes 2:7-10).

  49. Jesus said, Be of good cheer. He promised tribulation, but He overcame the world (Jn 16:33; I Jn 5:4). We can rejoice if persecution reaches us (Mat 5:10-12; I Pe 4:12-14).

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