Promises of God




“For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.”

II Corinthians 1:20


  1. The Bible is God’s written revelation to us – a divine library of His wisdom to His children.
    1. It includes all the information we need to know about the past, the present, and the future.
    2. It can reverently be called His love letter to the church, and it contains precious promises.
    3. The gospel is good news or glad tidings of good from God to you (Is 52:7; Rom 10:15).
    4. The gospel is the preaching of the Bible, with great and precious promises (II Peter 1:4).
    5. God has promised to do things for you that are fabulously beyond knowledge (I Cor 2:9).
    6. To the degree we trust every word of God, we will profit from His many promises to us.
    7. To the degree we make the words of God personal, we will claim promises for ourselves.
    8. Consider a message of reward from the president or your CEO to you and copied to all!
    9. You are not alone in the universe merely existing on the short road to sickness and death.
    10. We are at the threshold of a new year. Will you use God’s word more than ever before?
    11. If you or I are going to be more like David, then Psalm 1 and 19 and 119 exalt scripture!
  2. What is a promise? Let us rejoice and be thankful that the Holy Spirit used this word for us.
    1. Promise. A declaration or assurance made to another person with respect to the future, stating that one will do, or refrain from, some specified act, or that one will give or bestow some specified thing.
    2. One of the Divine assurances of future good or blessing, recorded in the Scriptures as made to particular persons on various occasions, or conceived as given to mankind through Christ; spec. that made to Abraham with respect to his posterity (Gen. xii.2, etc.).
    3. If there is a difference between prophecy and promise, we see prophecy as God declaring something He will do in general and His promise as what He will do for you individually.
  3. When people love or need each other, they reassure each other with promises of goodwill.
    1. Superlatives can easily become common as they reach for verbal extremes to impress.
    2. They may say, “I will love you forever,” or, “I will always love you,” and many more.
    3. Wedding vows, especially ours, are consciously meant that day, but sinful hearts change.
    4. How many politicians have promised grand things they could not or would not perform?
    5. How many employers have promised good things they later could not or did not fulfill?
  4. What do we consider as helpful or necessary factors in order to believe and trust a promise?
    1. We consider the character and integrity of the one making the promise for commitment.
    2. We consider the strength and wealth of the one making the promise for ability to perform.
    3. We consider the past performance of the one making a promise for confirming evidence.
    4. We consider whether the promise made is within the reasonable realm of probability.
    5. We consider whether there is any binding obligation or duty on the one making promise.
    6. We consider whether there are any conditions attached and how easily they can be met.
    7. We consider if the one making the promise has a legitimate motive to make and fulfill it.
    8. The true God and His motives are great … the Arminian God’s promises depend on you.
  5. The value of any promise is the thing promised times the probability of its performance.
    1. In mathematics this is called the expected outcome or return, and it may be negligible.
    2. Something worth $1000 promised with a probability of 50% has a value of only $500.
    3. Something worth $10,000 promised with a probability of 5% has a value of only $500.
    4. Something worth $1 million promised with a probability of .0005% has a value of $5.
    5. But God’s promises are of infinite worth, and they have a probability of 100% at least!
  6. The gospel, or the good news and glad tidings, of Jesus Christ includes many great promises.
    1. The English word gospel is defined as good news or glad tidings (Is 52:7; Rom 10:15).
    2. Preaching declares gospel promises fulfilled in the past or to be fulfilled (Acts 13:23,32).
    3. The gospel is good news of great promises, but even the gospel was promised (Rom 1:2).
    4. If the gospel were history in Christ, it would be glorious, but it holds out future blessings.
    5. As Paul warned, if our hope is only in this life, we are very miserable men (I Cor 15:19).
    6. Israel with only the O.T. served God for the hope of promised resurrection (Acts 26:6-7).
    7. The purpose of God sending His Son is for things men have never imagined (I Cor 2:9).
    8. These promises, as Peter wrote of them, are exceeding great and precious (II Peter 1:4).
    9. The closer you get to death the more you will need His promises – embrace them today!
    10. The gospel is based on promises, not Law like the O.T. (Ro 4:13-14; Ga 3:14,17-19,22).
  7. You are skeptical by many promises of politicians, spouses, employers, parents, children, etc.
    1. It is a general rule of human existence that no promise will materialize equal to its hope.
    2. As explained elsewhere in this introduction, there are many reasons why promises fail.
    3. God’s promises are absolutely certain, and you may bet your life and eternity on them.
    4. Though we know God is true, He is merciful to our weak faith (Ro 4:20-21; Heb 11:11).
  8. Most religions threateningly require more of you; the gospel is full of His promises for you!
    1. The O.T. had more requirements than it did promises, thus the N.T. is better (Heb 8:6).
    2. The abundant life for God’s children in Christ includes a promised future (John 10:10).
    3. The yoke and burden of Christ is easy and light with great promises (Matthew 11:28-30).
    4. Progressive revelation and the progress of time leads toward better and better promises.
  9. All God’s promises are Yea! and Amen! for they are sure in Jesus our Saviour (II Cor 1:20).
    1. In this passage, Corinth accused Paul of uncertainty about visiting them again (1:15-17).
    2. God’s providence had not allowed a visit, but Paul was not uncertain in his intent (1:18).
    3. He was most definitely not uncertain in his preaching of the gospel of Christ (1:19-20).
    4. The certainty and finality of salvation and the gospel of it are based in God (1:21-22).
    5. Promises are Yea! when yes, indeed, most certainly. The Bible has yes (4) and yea (320)!
    6. Promises are Amen! when truly, very, it is so in truth, be it so really. The Bible has 72.
  10. Jesus Christ is surety of our salvation and all blessings in Him (Rom 8:32; Ep 1:3; Heb 7:22).
    1. He came into this world to perform the mercy promised to the fathers (Lu 1:72; Ro 15:8).
    2. The promise of eternal inheritance is based on the means of Jesus’ death (Hebrews 9:15).
    3. Jesus is Head of the church and we His fullness – all blessings are in Him (Eph 1:20-23).
    4. God has committed to us in the Person of His Son, and His promises are absolutely true.
    5. Does a handshake guarantee? A garment or contract? God gave His only begotten Son!
  11. Men cannot and do not keep promises, in contrast to trust you can have in God’s promises.
    1. Men often get emotional and exaggerate beyond knowledge of the future or their ability.
    2. Men cannot see the future and change; God knows this about vows (Ps 15:4; Eccl 5:1-6).
    3. Men promise based on the current performance of the object, but God promises in Christ!
    4. Men promise based on current ability to perform, but that can easily and greatly change.
    5. Men are mortal and temporary and may meet with disaster and death, thus unable to pay.
    6. Men promise based on current attitude toward the object, but men are fickle and change.
    7. Men are selfish and given to self-preservation and will renege on promises when helpful.
    8. Men are liars by nature, like their father the devil, so they maliciously promise to deceive.
    9. Men seldom make unconditional promises … even God’s are conditional in Jesus Christ!
  12. God has assured us about His infallibility and immutability in context of His promises to us.
    1. There are things God cannot do; He wants you to know it and rely on it – God cannot lie.
    2. God is not like man, and He does not lie or repent (Num 23:19; I Sam 15:29; Nu 14:34).
    3. God promised eternal life before the world began, and He wrote He cannot lie (Titus 1:2).
    4. God’s promises of eternal life to Abraham and you in Christ Jesus are immutable by two things – He promised, and He swore – for your greater hope (Heb 6:11-20; Gal 3:16,29).
    5. There is not even a shadow of turning with the God that gives good gifts to us (Jas 1:17).
    6. When the God of truth declares a promise, it is as done (Rom 4:17; Gen 17:4-6; Ro 8:30).
    7. When the God of truth declares a promise, He is bound by it, no matter what (II Ch 21:7).
    8. Heaven and earth may pass away (they will!), but Jesus’ words stand forever (Lu 21:33)!
  13. What effect should God’s promises have on us, for they were stated as such for good reasons.
    1. They are revealed as promises for assurance and confidence of our faith (Heb 6:11-20).
    2. They are revealed as promises for motivation and provoking of obedience (II Cor 7:1).
    3. They are revealed conditional for those who will obey by faith (He 4:1; 11:33; Nu 14:34).
    4. Those who embrace them will do exploits in life due to their sure foundation (Da 11:32).
    5. We help each other hold fast because of the foundation of His promises (Heb 10:23-25).
    6. We must have patience, because God’s promises may take time to perform (Heb 10:36).
  14. We glory in fulfilled prophecies by God’s power; let us do the same with fulfilled promises.
    1. Fulfilled prophecies prove the Bible supernatural and Jehovah as the only true God.
    2. Fulfilled prophecies.
    3. When a promise involves time, then you can truly count it closer over time (Acts 7:17).
    4. God gave Solomon the wisdom He had promised, because He is righteous (I Kings 5:12).
    5. Solomon in his temple dedicatory prayer recalled God’s fulfilled promises (I Kings 8:56).
    6. God promised David a Son, and Jesus came by Solomon and Nathan (Mat 1:6; Lu 3:31)!
  15. It is wise and prudent for you to remind God of His promises when you meet any conditions.
    1. God knows when He promises rewards, and He expects them to be assumed (Eph 6:2-3).
    2. Moses appealed to God’s promises about forgiveness to save Israel (Numbers 14:11-21).
    3. David heard God’s promised blessing and begged its certain fulfillment (II Sam 7:25-29).
    4. Solomon knew God’s promise for David’s house and used it in prayer (II Chr 6:15-16).
  16. Most are in New Testament due to Jesus’ personal ministry and better promises (Heb 8:6).
    1. Israel asked for a man like Moses to talk to them, so God ordained Jesus (Deut 18:15-19).
    2. The gracious new covenant of live and do is superior to the old covenant of do and live.
    3. Jesus is Immanuel, God with us, which means N.T. is much more personal in promises.
  17. For the sake of studying promises, we need rules to limit our scope and focus our attention.
    1. There are thousands of promises; the whole Bible can be turned into a list of promises.
    2. The whole Bible by prophets and apostles and implications is filled with promises, but we will only consider those promises that are in the first person spoken by God Himself.
    3. We will only consider those promises that are positive for us or negative for our enemies.
    4. We will also consider the declarations of blessings to us that are actually called promises.
    5. Let every carnal or compromising Christian know that the negative ones are just as true.
    6. We will emphasize those promises of the New Testament that are truly gospel promises.
    7. On the other side of the cross were many promises that have now been totally fulfilled.
  18. This means that we will pass over many promises of God throughout the pages of the Bible.
    1. God promised that His eyes run to and fro in the earth for perfect men (II Chron 16:9).
    2. God promised that good will come to you if you acquaint yourself with Him (Job 22:21).
    3. God promised you the desires of your heart, if you will delight yourself in Him (Ps 37:4).
    4. God promised to deliver in the day of trouble if you would call upon Him (Psalm 50:15).
    5. God promised to fill their wide open mouths, but most would not trust Him (Ps 81:10).
    6. God promised to direct your paths if you lean away from yourself to trust Him (Pr 3:5-6).
    7. God promised many good things to those trusting Him (Isaiah 40:28-31; 41:10-14; 43:2).
    8. God promised to say to you, “Here I am,” if you repent and live righteously (Isaiah 58:9).
    9. God promised that you would find Him, if you searched with all your heart (Jer 29:13).
    10. God promised a book of remembrance for the faithful to distinguish them (Mal 3:16-18).
    11. God promised a Son to be named Jesus to save His people from their sins (Matt 1:21).
    12. Jesus promised the thief he would see Him again that very day in Paradise (Luke 23:43).
    13. God promised by His angels that the Lord Jesus would return just as He left (Acts 1:11).
    14. God promised all kind of practical and salvation blessings to the elect (Romans 8:28-39).
    15. God promised things to Abraham Paul applied to Gentiles of Galatia (Gal 3:16,29; 4:28)!
    16. God promised Jesus Christ would return for both elect dead and living (I Thess 4:13-18).
    17. God promised the crown of life to those enduring temptation by God’s trials (Jas 1:12).
    18. God promised to faithfully forgive and cleanse you, if you confess your sins (I John 1:9).
    19. God promised many blessings of all things we know being changed to better (Re 21:3-5).
  19. There are also many promises made in the O.T. and fulfilled in the N.T. that we pass over.
    1. We refer to these as prophetic perspective, because it was future only to the O.T. prophet.
    2. God promised to forget sins and iniquities (He 8:12; 10:17; Je 31:34 cp Ps 5:5; Mat 7:23).
    3. God promised to provoke Jews by saving Gentiles (Rom 10:19; 11:11-14; Deut 32:21).
    4. God promised to rebuild David’s kingdom with Gentiles (Amos 9:11-12; Acts 15:15-18).
    5. God promised to pour out His Holy Spirit upon His people (Joel 2:28-32; Acts 2:16-21).
    6. God promised to give His church sure mercies of David – His Son (Is 55:3; Acts 13:34).
    7. God promised to keep His holy one from grave corruption (Ps 16:10; Acts 2:27; 13:35).
    8. God promised to shake temporal things away for His kingdom (Heb 12:25-29; Ha 2:6-9).
    9. God promised to save all Israel, that is all elect of Israel (Rom 11:25-28; Is 59:20; 27:9).

The Promised Land

  1. Canaan is called the promised land, for God promised it to Israel (Heb 11:9).
  2. God promised the land to Abraham though he never got any himself (Acts 7:5).
  3. Here are some promises: Gen 12:1,7; 24:7; 26:3; 28:13; Ex 12:25; 33:1; Num 14:40; 32:11; Deut 1:8; 9:28; 12:20; 19:8; 27:3; Josh 1:6; Ps 105:11; Acts 7:5).
  4. This promise of God to His church has a past fulfillment and future fulfillment.
  5. God literally fulfilled it by the land of Canaan (Neh 9:7-8; Jos 11:23; 21:43-45).
  6. God has and will spiritually fulfill it by heaven (Heb 11:8-16; Luke 16:22-23).
  7. Do you know why some sing about going over Jordan? Due to this promise!

I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

  1. God used this promise to comfort Matthew Jones that then provoked this study.
  2. This O.T. promise is a cure for covetousness and discontentment (Heb 13:5).
  3. It can be found in several O.T. places (Gen 28:15; Deut 31:6,8; Joshua 1:5).
  4. There is no other God with such personal promises like this to His people.
  5. Lovers make such promises to one another, but this is Jehovah to believers.
  6. You should never feel alone, forsaken, helpless, hopeless. Jehovah is with you!

Promises to the seven churches

  1. These promises are for overcomers: those loving and serving Christ regardless.
  2. To Ephesus Jesus promised they could eat of the tree of life in heaven (Re 2:7).
  3. To Smyrna a promised crown of life and free of the second death (Re 2:10-11).
  4. To Pergamos Jesus promised many special and unique blessings (Rev 2:17).
  5. To Thyatira Jesus promised a ruling role with Him over the world (Re 2:25-28).
  6. To Sardis promised white clothing and eternal life by the book of life (Rev 3:5).
  7. To Philadelphia Jesus promised many special and unique blessings (Rev 3:12).
  8. To Laodicea Jesus promised they would sit with Him in His throne (Rev 3:21).
  9. In summary, overcomers are promised the tree of life, a crown of life, no hurt of the second death, eat hidden manna, a white stone, a new name written, power over the nations, rule with a rod of iron, the morning star, white raiment, name not blotted out of book of life, name confessed before God and the angels, be a pillar in the temple of God, no more going out of it, named with God’s name, named with the holy city’s name, named with Christ’s new name, and to sit with Jesus in His throne. Consider these 18 promises for being an overcomer!
  10. But there is even more for overcomers – three more things (Rev 21:7) – you may inherit all things, God will be your God, and you shall be His son. Glory!
  11. These promises were dear to the saints that suffered like John who wrote them.
  12. These promises are for those with ears to hear and appreciate the Spirit’s words.
  13. What is it to be an overcomer? To hold fast to Christ against all opposition.

I will come in to him

  1. Retrace your steps to Laodicea to find Jesus promising fellowship (Rev 3:20).
  2. This promise in the red writing is profound, personal, and powerful with God.
  3. This promise is for any Christian – Jesus is standing and knocking – open up!
  4. This promise is in contrast to lukewarm Christians thinking they are doing well.
  5. For more about this verse (also see).

I will give unto him that is athirst

  1. Jesus, Alpha and Omega, promised water of life freely to the thirsty (Rev 21:6).
  2. Only Arminian ignorance would cause confusion, for regeneration causes thirst!
  3. This promise by Jesus is connected with a final offering of water (Rev 22:17).

Promises for separation

  1. God promised great things for separating from religious error (II Cor 6:14-18).
  2. There are nearly ten descriptions of holy separation made in this one passage.
  3. There are seven promises from God for those who thus consecrate themselves.
  4. Due to these seven promises, the children of God should be holy (II Cor 7:1).
  5. At this season, approaching December 25, we have an opportunity be separate.
  6. For much more of this passage.

He shall receive an hundredfold

  1. Jesus promised losing things for Him would get 100-fold return (Mk 10:28-30).
  2. This incredible promise comforts those leaving family or things to follow Him.
  3. We know Jesus came to bring a sword, but there is a reward (Matt 10:34-37).

He that loseth his life shall find it

  1. Jesus promised that if you lose your life for Him you will find it (Matt 10:39).
  2. But He also promised if you find your life your way you will lose it. Beware!
  3. Only those with regenerate hearts and faith in God will take the step to life!


All these things shall be added unto you

  1. Jesus promised worriers that right priorities would provide all needs (Mat 6:33).
  2. The world can waste hearts and minds on things God will provide His children.
  3. He illustrated His promise by facts from nature of God providing for creatures.

The same bringeth forth much fruit

  1. Jesus promised that abiding in Him would bring forth much fruit (John 15:4-8).
  2. He also declared that without abiding in Him you cannot do anything. Beware!
  3. He also declared that not abiding in Him and being fruitless brings judgment.
  4. Abiding in Him is not mysterious – it is believing, loving, and obeying Christ.

That your joy might be full

  1. Jesus promised that His final words were for fulness of joy in men (John 15:11).
  2. John was inspired to write very similar words about fulness of joy (I John 5:4).
  3. There is no greater joy than to love and obey God in Jesus Christ (Ha 3:17-19).

If two of you shall agree

  1. Jesus promised that any two disciples agreeing would be answered (Mat 18:19).
  2. Connected to this is His better known promise of being among any two or three.
  3. Having the church pray for you has its place, but there is more power than that.
  4. How personally have you taken this promise? How often have you claimed it?
  5. There is much truth to the sayings that those who pray together stay together.

Praying in the name of Jesus

  1. Jesus promised He would answer those praying in His name (John 14:13-14).
  2. Note that this prayer promise applies to whatsoever and anything asked! Glory!
  3. Access to God is by one Spirit through Jesus Christ (Eph 2:18; 3:12; I Pet 2:5).

Importunate Prayer

  1. Jesus promised that asking, seeking, and knocking would work (Luke 11:9-13).
  2. He first taught the disciples’ prayer and the key of importunance (Luke 11:1-8).
  3. Jesus promised a reward for importunate prayer in another place (Luke 18:1-8).

Power in Prayer

  1. Jesus promised that solid faith without doubts gets answered (Mark 11:23-24).
  2. In another account, a grain of mustard seed moves mountains (Matt 17:20-21).
  3. In another account, abiding in Christ and His words in you will work (Jn 15:7).

He shall give you another Comforter

  1. Jesus had been their Comforter, but He would pray for another (John 14:16-18).
  2. Jesus was only with them three years, but the Holy Spirit would remain forever.
  3. This was initially God’s gift to the apostles, but since then to all of us (Ep 5:18).
  4. In His final words to His men, Jesus repeated this promise (John 15:26; 16:7).
  5. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of promise (Luke 24:49; Ep 1:13; Ac 1:4; 2:33,39).

I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

  1. What promises! Loved by the Father! Loved by Jesus! Manifestation of Jesus!
  2. For those keeping Jesus’ commands, there is more manifestation (Jn 14:21-24).
  3. The Father and the Son, God and Jesus Christ, will come and abide with them!
  4. God loves all His children before they obey, but this is extra manifestation of it!
  5. This promise is found elsewhere in the final words to His apostles (John 15:10).

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise

  1. Paul quoted Job to bring this promise from the O.T. to the N.T. (I Cor 1:19-21).
  2. The gospel of truth annihilates the philosophical and religious learning of men.
  3. There is no reason to ever be ashamed or doubtful about the truth of the gospel.

I will repay

  1. The God of vengeance has promised to avenge us of our enemies (Rom 12:19).
  2. Therefore, Christians should not fear their enemies, for God will destroy them.
  3. Therefore, Christians should not avenge themselves, for God will do it better.

They shall never perish

  1. God and Jesus promised eternal life and never consider it any less (John 10:28).
  2. God promised eternal life before time, and He cannot lie (Titus 1:2; II Tim 1:1).
  3. Eternal life is a promise, made by God in Christ for full certainty (I John 2:25).
  4. God promised an inheritance and kingdom to the poor that love Him (Jas 2:5).

I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy

  1. Paul quoted Moses to confirm God is sovereign with mercy and compassion.
  2. God made differences among Abraham’s children (Rom 9:15-16; Ex 33:19).
  3. God’s promised mercy extended even to Gentiles, and you can claim it by faith.

I will raise him up again at the last day

  1. Jesus promised He would raise up all that the Father gave Him (John 6:39-40).
  2. How can you know that you are one He will raise up? Believe (John 6:37,40).
  3. If you believe on Christ, then God the Father drew you to Him for it (Jn 6:44).
  4. If you partake of Christ personally by faith, you will be raised up (John 6:54).

I will in no wise cast out

  1. Jesus promised to not reject any men that come to Him by the Father’s choice.
  2. Are you fearful of Christ not receiving you? He will not cast out (John 6:37).
  3. If you come to Christ, God gave you to Him, and He will not reject you at all.

I will give you rest

  1. Jesus promised rest to the weary and those with heavy burdens (Matt 11:28-30).
  2. There is no better yoke and burden than that of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  3. Religions and philosophies of men burden them with grievous, hopeless duties.

I will have mercy

  1. What a glorious principle of wisdom based on the promise of God (Matt 12:7).
  2. This is not for willy-nilly compromise by sinners, but mercy for sincere saints.
  3. This principle is great in both testaments for wisdom (Hosea 6:6; Matt 9:13).

Beatitude Promises

  1. Jesus opened the Sermon on the Mount with a list of promises (Matt 5:1-12).
  2. These promises are only for those living more righteously than the Pharisees.
  3. For true Christians, these promises are great hope for needs, duties, and trials.

I go to prepare a place for you.

  1. In the last hours with His apostles, Jesus made fabulous promises (John 14:1-6).
  2. Count promises … (1) In my Father’s house; (2) I go to prepare; (3) I will come again; (4) Receive you unto myself; (5) That where I am … five sure promises!
  3. What kind of mansions are they? if in the Father’s house and called so by Jesus!
  4. Men have made all sort of similar promises that they could not or did not keep.
  5. Can you grasp the purpose for these promises? – to keep your heart untroubled!
  6. Do these promises affect you? Do you love His appearing (II Ti 4:8; Tit 2:13)?

New heavens and new earth

  1. God promised new heavens and earth, and we should expect them (II Pet 3:13).
  2. Let scoffers accuse Him of being slack in His promise – He is not (II Pet 3:4,9).

I come quickly

  1. Jesus promised in the last chapter of the Bible to come quickly (Re 22:7,12,20).
  2. If you know Jesus Christ at all, then you will greatly desire Him to come soon.
  3. In the big scheme of things and in light of eternity, Jesus is still coming quickly.
  4. The great thing for us in 2014 is that Jesus is much closer to coming than then!
  5. We are not preterists.


  1. This is only a brief survey of the promises of God that His children may believe and claim.
  2. Your assurance, confidence, joy, motivation, power in prayer, exploits, etc. use His promises.
  3. As a new year arrives, make a commitment to feed daily on His word, including promises.
  4. Remember the importance of our church body to help one another hold fast to His promises.
  5. As difficulties, trials, and eventually death come, there is no help like the promises of God.
  6. Your life is completely covered in every way in this world and the next by God’s promises.
  7. This is a good time to gladly sing the simple but scriptural song, “Standing on the Promises.”