Vengeance Is Mine




“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”

Romans 12:19



  1. We are studying Romans 12 at this time, and we have now reached Paul’s section against personal vengeance.
  2. Much of his argument against personal vengeance rests on the assurance that God will most surely avenge us.
  3. Let us prepare for Rom 12:19 by reviewing Bible examples confirming God’s certain and perfect vengeance.
  4. For the sake of learning and to end with the most practical, let us move from largest to smallest vengeance.
  5. Paul’s quote in Rom 12:19 comes from Deut 32:35, and it is repeated in Psalm 94:1; Nah 1:2; and Heb 10:30.
  6. His vengeance may not come in the kind or timing that we might devise, but His ways are always perfect!
  7. Our perspective is too finite. Trust Him. God knows every man’s fear better than they themselves know it!
  8. Do you trust God to correct all inequities sooner or later, no matter how powerful the oppressor (Eccl 5:8)?
  9. Do you trust God enough to fulfill all relationships according to His word in spite of treatment (I Pe 2:18-22)?
  1. The devil and his angels will receive the vengeance that was kindled long ago (Mat 25:41; Jude 1:6).
  2. All wicked men will feel the vengeance of God in the Day of Judgment (II Thess 1:6-10; II Pet 2:3).
  3. The Jews killed Jesus without cause, so God sent horrible vengeance (Heb 10:26-31; Luk 21:20-24).
  4. The martyrs of Jesus, losing their lives (early heaven), will be avenged (Rev 6:9-11; 18:6-8,20-24).
  5. Egypt learned the lesson that they should not have hurt Israel (Ex 10:7; 12:29-30,36; 14:1 – 15:21).
  6. Philistines mocked Samson before their gods for his sin, but God avenged him well (Judges 16:30).
  7. Sennacherib terrified Jerusalem, so God turned his world and life upside down (Isaiah 37:33-38).
  8. Babylon and Edom wasted Jerusalem unmercifully for her sins, but God revenged her (Ps 137:7-9).
  9. Haman sought to annihilate the church of God but Ahasuerus chose Esther over him (Esther 7:5-10).
  10. Nebuchadnezzar sought to mistreat Shadrach and friends but lost his most mighty men (Dan 3:22).
  11. Babylon and Belshazzar mocked Israel’s God while Darius took the city in one night (Dan 5:22-31).
  12. Daniel’s peers conspired against him but God sent no angel to the lions for them (Dan 6:1-5,24-28).
  13. Ahab and Jezebel killed Naboth for a vineyard, so God worked (I Ki 22:37-38; II Ki 9:20-26,35-37).
  14. Eli’s sons abused the ministry very wickedly, but God’s judgment burned (I Sam 2:27-36; 3:11-14).
  15. Judas betrayed Jesus for a little silver, but God gave him over to Satan and judgment (Ps 109:1-20).
  16. Herod killed James with the sword and tried to kill Peter, but he died a horrible death (Ac 12:20-24).
  17. King Saul abused David, but David ended up over him (I Sam 31:8-13; II Sam 12:8; I Chron 11:9).
  18. Nabal foolishly mocked David, so God killed him slows and gave Abigail to David (I Sa 25:36-42).
  19. Absalom mocked David, for David’s sins, but God avenged David on Absalom (II Samuel 18:9-18).
  20. Adonijah committed treason, so God gave Solomon wisdom and circumstances (I Kings 2:19-25).
  21. Shimei cursed David wickedly, so God gave Solomon wisdom and circumstances (I Kgs 2:36-46).
  22. Joseph’s brethren abused him, but God planned a great reversal (Gen 45:1-5; 48:20-22; 49:22-26).
  23. Laban was not a very good father-in-law, so God transferred his assets (Genesis 30:42-43; 31:1-16).
  24. Rachel was loved more than Leah, so God gave Leah more children sooner (Ge 29:31-35; 30:17-21).
  25. A loved wife under Moses’ law had to see the hated wife’s son with a double portion (De 21:15-17).
  26. Hannah had a painful adversary, so God gave her Samuel and more (I Samuel 1:6; 2:1-10; 2:20-21).


  1. Do you trust God to correct all inequities sooner or later, no matter how powerful the oppressor (Eccl 5:8)?
  2. Do you trust God enough to fulfill all your relationships according to His word regardless of your treatment?
  3. Jesus perfectly showed this rule of faith by committing Himself to Him that judges righteously (I Pe 2:21-23).
  4. Forgive all men; live peacefully with all; keep perfect integrity in your relationships, trusting God for equity.
  5. Parent or child, spouse or employer, enemy or government, member or neighbor, leave all in God’s hands.
  6. Go out of your way to repay good and kindness to every person or act of evil and trouble to be God’s delight.
  7. Never think or say, “I will teach them a lesson,” or, “I will give them some of their own medicine,” or, “I’ll see what they think when I treat them that way,” or, “If I do not punish them, they will continue to run over me,” or, “If I stand down like the pastor preaches, they will think me a compromiser or weakling,” or,

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