Priorities for Good Choices


Matthew 6:33Kingdom of GodNecessities of lifePut God first; He’ll do the rest
I Timothy 6:6Godly and contentGain or advancementWorldly ambition is lethal
I Timothy 4:7-8Exercise for godlinessBodily exerciseMax profit is always spiritual
James 3:17Pure heart with integrityPeace and other fruitStart with godly intentions
Proverbs 3:15; 4:7WisdomAnything elseWisdom is most important
Ephesians 5:4Giving of thanksJesting, foolish talkingUse speech for godly things
Matthew 18:7-9Maimed, but godlyWhole, but worldlyCut off all sinful temptations
Ecclesiastes 4:13Young, wise childOld, foolish kingAccepting admonition is wise
I Samuel 15:22Obedience to GodSacrifices to GodGodliness trumps ceremony
Ecclesiastes 5:1-7Hear God’s instructionMake vows to GodGod is in heaven; hear Him
Psalm 69:30-32Sing with thanksgivingCeremonial sacrificesSpirit worship trumps ritual
Psalm 84:10Day in God’s house1000 days anywhereWorshipping God is ultimate
Psalm 118:8-9Trust in LORD JehovahTrust men, even princesOnly God can truly help you
Psalm 19:10God’s wordGold or honeycombBible is precious and sweet
Job 23:12God’s wordNecessary foodExalt systematic reading
Proverbs 16:32Rule your anger / spiritTake a city yourselfRuling emotions is great man
Proverbs 19:11Suffer others’ offencesGet angry for revengeGlory is overlooking others
I Corinth 12:31Charity toward othersGreat apostolic giftsLove is bond of perfectness
Matthew 7:1-5Criticize yourselfCriticize othersLet scripture perfect you first
Ecclesiastes 7:1-6House of mourningHouse of feastingSober reflection trumps fun
II Corinthians 5:8Going to heavenStaying in this lifeUnseen is far better than seen
Psalm 37:16A little by yourselfRiches with manyRighteousness trumps wealth
Prov 15:16; 16:8Little with godlinessLots with wickednessGodliness trumps anything
Proverbs 16:19Humble with the lowlyRich with the proudHe loves humble, hates proud
Proverbs 22:1A good name and favorRiches of gold / silverReputation beats prosperity
Matthew 12:7Mercy, even to selfSacrifice, ritual worshipGod loves mercy; believe it
Proverbs 19:23Fear of the LORDPleasure and positionFearing God is whole duty
Proverbs 30:7-9Moderate wealthRiches or povertyAny extreme brings trouble
Genesis 2:18WifeMotherA wife’s priority is husband
Eccl 4:9-12Two or moreOneSociety is power four ways
Proverbs 12:4Single manOdious wifeMarriage can be very painful
Proverbs 31:30Woman fearing GodFemale favor or beautyA godly woman is the best
Ephesians 6:2-3Honoring parentsNutrition, exercise, etc.God’s first rule with rewards
Colossians 3:1-2Things aboveThings down hereSet your affection on the best
Eccl 2:24; 3:22Enjoy life and workWish for better thingsContentment is wise choice
Proverbs 25:6-7Let others praise youPut yourself forwardThe humble will be promoted
Proverbs 27:5Open rebukeSecret love and kissesGood friends will wound you
Proverbs 27:10Godly friend nearbyBiological brother awayCharacter is big advantage
Ecclesiastes 7:8Patient in spiritProud in spiritGod loves one and hates other
Ecclesiastes 7:8End of a thingBeginning of a thingAny can start; who can finish
Ecclesiastes 9:4Life with a little hopeDead have no hopeLiving dog trumps a dead lion
Ecclesiastes 10:10WisdomStrengthWit can leverage less strength
Proverbs 24:27Establish your careerBuild your houseGet income before expenses
Acts 20:35GivingReceiveMost don’t get it; Jesus did it