Lies Youth Believe


  1. The worst life of all is to believe and live a lie, when truth is waiting to give you a good life.
  2. Did the young married couple Adam and Eve mess up their lives by believing a single lie?
  3. Where do lies come from? Satan and our devilish flesh (Jn 8:44; Eph 2:1-3; 4:22; Heb 3:13).
  4. How do they get us? We give place to the devil by bad inputs (Ge 3:1-6; Ep 4:27; II Co 2:11).
  5. Can we get rid of them? Yes, by faith and good inputs (Ep 6:16; Ro 10:17; Ja 4:7; Lu 4:1-13).
  6. The devil and the world will destroy you (Rev 9:11; Gen 13:12; II Samuel 13:15; Acts 1:18).
  7. Teenage years can be confusing with new feelings, temptations, and lethargic commitment.
  8. Teenagers have lots of thoughts, especially underemployed ones, which allow lies to enter.

My parents don’t understand me.

  1. Little children never doubt or question their parents, but teenagers begin to do so.
  2. Did God make a mistake by planning for parents to raise children? Just your parents?
  3. If they do not understand you, why don’t you explain your deep problems to them?
  4. What is complicated about your life? If you have unique problems, tell your parents.
  5. There is another possibility … you do not understand what life and parents are about!
  6. Your parents have had 20-40 years to think about the problems you have at this age.
  7. Your parents are the ones in life with the greatest commitment and desire to help you.

I will get serious about God later.

  1. This lie is based on a lie that the only way to have fun now is to be cool and worldly.
  2. Think of a man that said, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian” (Acts 26:28).
  3. Think of a man that said, “Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee” (Ac 24:25). What usually or nearly always happens to such men?
  4. This lie is based on a lie that you can repent of sins and get serious when you wish.
  5. But repentance is a gift granted by God and He owes it to no man (II Tim 2:25-26).
  6. The years you waste playing with sin will set you back in every way and leave scars.
  7. When you get to the Day of Judgment, you will give account for squandering grace.
  8. The Bible warns against boasting of tomorrow (Luke 12:19-21 compared to Pr 27:1).
  9. God will only wait so long for you to get serious about Him (Prov 29:1; Rev 3:21).
  10. You should be numbering your days now to apply yourself to wisdom (Ps 90:10-12).

But I am not as bad as so-and-so.

  1. This lie is to justify worldly living by comparing yourself to those worse than you.
  2. Jesus warned against a Pharisee and hypocrite using this lie (Lu 18:11-14; Mat 7:3-5).
  3. When standing before Jesus, even Pharisees were worse than an adulteress (Jn 8:3-9).
  4. God fully knows about this lie, and He has already written against it (Isaiah 65:2-5).
  5. Paul taught that it was not wise to compare yourself among your peers (II Cor 10:12).
  6. Some men’s sins are revealed before others’ sins, but all are judged (I Tim 5:24).

I would be happy if someone loved me.

  1. Teenagers crave this great social need for acceptance, friends, love, and popularity.
  2. But what about God’s love for you? Your parents? Your pastor? Your church?
  3. No one is ever going to love you as much as God, parents and church … guaranteed!
  4. Or are you talking about the lustful feelings of hormonal needs that are not real love?
  5. A man that hath friends, or gets loved, does so by living wisely (Pr 18:24; 22:1,11).
  6. The simple truth is that everyone human is going to disappoint you sooner or later.

My strained relationship with my parents is no big deal.

  1. Do not lie to yourself, for God says it is a big deal – straight from hell (Jas 3:14-15).
  2. Honoring parents, which includes getting along with them, is for reward (Eph 6:2-3).
  3. A people prepared for the Lord, taught by John Baptist, honor parents (Luke 1:17).
  4. If you won’t get along with your parents, you are going to have trouble all life long.

But I am being blessed anyway.

  1. What kind of a man measures godliness by gain, and is he esteemed (I Tim 6:3-5)?
  2. Study the prosperity of fools before believing this lie (Pr 1:32; Ps 106:15; Job 20:5).
  3. Are you telling us that you would rather be the rich man than Lazarus (Luke 16:25)?
  4. The Bible has examples of riches deceiving men e.g. Ahab, Nabal, Nebuchadnezzar.

No one knows how I feel.

  1. Why do you think you are so unique? Your feelings are the same ones everyone has!
  2. Why does the Bible say face answereth to face in water (Pr 27:19)? You are normal.
  3. The Bible says that your temptations are common to man (I Cor 10:13). Believe it!
  4. Why is it hard for youth to stretch their imagination that parents were once youths?

But I am not that bad overall.

  1. Moses and David were not too bad overall, but they were judged severely anyway.
  2. The church at Ephesus was wonderful overall, but Jesus Christ warned (Rev 2:2-4).
  3. Jesus went straight after the single weakness of a good young man (Matt 19:16-22).
  4. If you break the law in only one point, you are guilty of all (Gal 3:10; Jas 2:9-12).

There is nothing good in my life.

  1. In a search for happiness, teenagers often complain about all that they are missing.
  2. Is your glass half full or half empty? It is a simple matter of perspective to choose.
  3. Happiness is not more things … but being happy with what you have (I Tim 6:6).
  4. Think about all you do have: God, the Bible, health, USA, parents, school, truth, church, friends, safety, ease, prosperity, opportunity, no draft, get a job easily, etc.
  5. If there is nothing good in your life, why are you neglecting the land of opportunity?

My parents don’t care.

  1. Wrong. They do care. But they have lots to care about, and you do not talk to them.
  2. If we were to ask them tonight, what would they say about your care for them?
  3. You will most likely never meet anyone that cares for you as much as your parents.
  4. If you think your spouse will care, he or she will never care for you like your parents.
  5. Do you know why someone will marry you? To make himself happy by using you!

I can prepare for my future later.

  1. Yes, you can, but it will be harder and more painful. Your life is easiest right now.
  2. Yes, you can, but you will be behind those your age. It is very difficult to catch up.
  3. While you are living expense-free with hardly any obligations, you should clean up!
  4. While this is easy to say, it is about as successful as saying I will work out tomorrow!
  5. The longer you procrastinate at a thing, the harder it is to ever the find the drive for it.
  6. Did Solomon have anything to say about a little slumber, a little sleep, a little sloth?

God is not enough to make me happy.

  1. If God is the Creator of all things like sunshine, beaches, roses, and hummingbirds, who in the world is trying to tell you that knowing Him would be boring? The devil!
  2. Asaph, song leader for King David, said that there is nothing else at all (Ps 73:25-26).
  3. The greatest men and women in the world are those who walk with God (Gen 6:9).
  4. The happiest people you know … and the happiest you are …is walking with God.
  5. Why do worldlings take drugs, get drunk, visit psychologists, etc.? Sin does not work.

God does not really care about my life.

  1. Have you been listening to the devilish song about God is watching from a distance?
  2. The Bible says He cares for single sparrows and numbers your hairs (Matt 10:29-31).
  3. God will draw near to you, if you will draw near to Him (Jas 4:8). Will anyone else?
  4. If He does not care about your life, why were you born in the USA and here tonight?
  5. If the Bible is true, and you have believed on God, He sent His Son to die for you.

God should fix my problems.

  1. Why should He fix your problems, when you ignore Him by sin, reading, and prayer?
  2. His face is toward them that love Him and keep His commandments (Ps 34:12-20).
  3. If God is smarter than you, He may be working out your issues better than you think!
  4. But what if the problems are all in your mind for believing the world’s complaints?
  5. But what if the problems are carefully designed by God for your ultimate perfection?

God is just like my father.

  1. There is hardly any comparison between the two – God is a perfect Father with pity.
  2. If your father has disappointed you, God will never disappoint you, for He is perfect.
  3. Relate to your earthly father through God, not to God through your earthly father.
  4. Your Father in heaven is totally perfect (Ps 103:10-14; Matt 5:43-48; 7:11; Jas 1:17).

I will be happy when married and on my own.

  1. This sounds nice, but unmarried people are clueless about the difficulties of marriage.
  2. Every couple you have ever known can be easily prompted to tell you horror stories.
  3. If you cannot get along with your parents cheerfully, why think you will a spouse?
  4. If you cannot be happy now with more freedom than anyone, why when in bondage?
  5. This lie is often composed by thinking that marriage is dating with sex. Very wrong!

I would never expose myself to the devil.

  1. Remember that there are many devilish devices that you many not even think about.
  2. It would take several passages to get a whole list, but consider this one (De 18:10-12).
  3. Hate horoscopes, palm readers, ouija boards, signs of the zodiac, fortune cookies, etc.
  4. But you must also hate and avoid rock-n-roll music, new age religion, yoga, etc., etc.
  5. Closer to home are warnings about anger, bitterness, grudges (Ep 4:27; II Cor 2:11).

Beautiful girls are worth more.

  1. We live in a society of billions of images, most of which are false and deceiving, where appearance and perception are far more valuable than character and reality.
  2. But God and all sober men and women know better (Prov 11:16,22; 31:30; 20:6,11).
  3. The most valuable beauty is a gracious, meek, and quiet spirit (Pr 11:16; I Pet 3:3-4).
  4. God made you just right: if you exalt your spirit and polish the rest, you are beautiful.
  5. A gracious, warm smile is the cheapest and easiest way to immediately be beautiful.

I need a boyfriend (girlfriend).

  1. Hormones within and peer pressure without, youth foolishly measure success by love.
  2. Boyfriends or girlfriends in a proper Christian sense are okay, but truly not necessary.
  3. Boyfriends or girlfriends complicate your life, reduce your focus, build frustration, increase your temptations, form comparisons you will wish you could get rid of, etc.
  4. It is better to concentrate on everything else and wait until you are near marriage.
  5. The more content you are with God and getting prepared, the less need you will have.

My friends outside the church won’t hurt me.

  1. But God answers clearly … evil communications corrupt good manners (I Co 15:33).
  2. How much do you want to be like Rehoboam and follow friends (I Kings 12:6-11)?
  3. If your friends really love the truth and the Lord, why are they in another church?
  4. Some fight this due to a lack of faith (numbers) or desire for someone that is wrong.
  5. You can have friends outside church, as long as they love Christ and truth as much.
  6. You should never think about anyone you cannot marry as they are, for you will make your own temptation to one of the most destructive sins (Gen 6:1-5; II Cor 6:14-17).
  7. Wrong friends is a very great danger (Ps 1:1; 101:3-8; Prov 4:14-15; 14:7; 22:24-25).

Its okay as long as I don’t fornicate.

  1. Sin will lie to you that as long as “you don’t go all the way,” you are not sinning.
  2. You must avoid even the things that tend toward fornication (Eph 5:3; Ezek 23:3).
  3. You will create much unnecessary temptation and frustration that will destroy you.
  4. Small pleasures taken outside of marriage will cost you pleasure inside marriage.

But I know others that had fun as youth and ended up successful.

  1. If you know Christians that sinned in their youth, then ask them what you should do.
  2. Ask them if it was worth it, did scars and trouble come with it, would they do it again.
  3. Remember, to plan on repenting in the future is dangerous presumption against God.
  4. The apostle Paul had a clear conscience as Saul, which you do not, but he regretted it!

But it is impossible everyone else is wrong.

  1. Is it really? How many were right and how many wrong in 1656 A.D. (the Flood)?
  2. Is it really? How many thought Columbus would sail off the edge of a flat earth?
  3. Is it really? How many today think we are the result of a big bang and baboon sex?
  4. Instead of picking truth by how many vote for it, think of the smartest voter – God!

But thinking about sex is not really sin.

  1. But the Bible says just the opposite! Who is lying? See Job 31:1; Pr 6:25; Matt 5:28.
  2. The thought of foolishness is sin, so keep your heart diligently (Proverbs 4:23; 24:9).
  3. It is thoughts of sin that eventually result in sin (Jas 1:13-15; Mat 15:19; II Sam 13:2).
  4. How can you stop thinking sinful thoughts? Get busy (Eccl 5:12; Lam 3:27). Choose pure thoughts (Phil 4:8). Carefully guard your inputs as you have been repeatedly.

Staying pure sexually is not really worth it.

  1. Are you sure? What knowledge makes you think so? Who wants you to believe this?
  2. God invented sex; He knows more about it than Elton John, Britney Spears, and you.
  3. Abstinence is not about not having sex, but rather waiting to have it right and best.
  4. The ultimate reward of right sex in marriage is easily worth any nights of loneliness.
  5. Why does the Bible say that a girl that commits fornication is humbled (Deut 22:29)?

Its okay to be a different person with my friends.

  1. That is hypocrisy and lying, and both God and good people hate hypocrites and liars.
  2. God wants you to be single-minded and transparent (Matt 23:27-28; James 1:8; 4:8).
  3. This lifestyle makes your worship of God a terrible sin, and He will crush you for it.
  4. This lifestyle creates terrible habits of adapting to those around you like a chameleon.

If I had more friends, I would be happy.

  1. The need for teenagers to be accepted and have soul mates is a deceitful delusion.
  2. But what friend could be better than God, Jesus Christ, or your parents? Why not?
  3. But if you do not have any friends, it is because you are not truly friendly (Pr 18:24).
  4. Friends are good, but they can also complicate your life by adding to your duties.
  5. If you put so much stock in friends, what will you do when you do not have any?

But I have sinned too much to amount to anything.

  1. Really? Who do you think wants you to be defeated by underestimating God’s grace?
  2. Really? Do you think you have sinned more than some of the adults in our church?
  3. Why do you think the Bible tells us about Noah, David, Peter, and Mary Magdalene?
  4. God can restore you in a glorious way, and He can recover lost years (Joel 2:25).
  5. Do not let the devil defeat you by sin, for then you lose twice! No sin is too big!

But I have my rights.

  1. I cannot submit like you preach, because my parents would take advantage of me.
  2. So instead you will rebel, making yourself miserable and offend God and parents?
  3. Forget about your rights … talk about your responsibilities. What do you owe others?
  4. One of the first lessons that adults learn is that they have responsibilities, not rights.
  5. Your trust of God is shown by your submission to God ordained authority all the way.
  6. Obedience to your parents is the first and easiest obedience you will have to practice.

Everyone at church just judges me.

  1. First of all, this is a lie, because everyone at church is not judging you. Grow up.
  2. It sounds like you have a guilty conscience, for the church only judges carnal sinners.
  3. If you were to act your age and ask for help in any matter, many would lovingly help.
  4. The church only has your actions to go by, so what should they think about you?

Of course I’m a Christian.

  1. This is to make yourself feel safe, good, and self-righteous in the face of criticism.
  2. This lie is to avoid the godly fear your conscience tries to raise about Judgment Day.
  3. A true Christian loves Jesus Christ and grows in hatred for sin and love for holiness.
  4. You are a Christian to the degree that others around you know you are a Christian, for you cannot hide either true love of God or love of the things of the world.

I cannot overcome my sins.

  1. How many guesses do you need to figure out who wants you to believe this lie?
  2. Of course it is a lie, because God did not save us to have us slaves to sin forever.
  3. If you try to do it yourself, you cannot; but God has strength for you (John 15:5).
  4. After you are born again, you have power to resist sin (Eph 4:24; I John 3:9; 4:4).
  5. Then you must avoid temptation, get others to help, and manage your five inputs!

Sin is okay as long as no one gets hurt.

  1. Libertarians lie about victimless crimes i.e. drugs, prostitution, sodomy, drunkenness.
  2. But in the above examples, is there a God in heaven offended by your evil rebellion?
  3. But in the above examples, will others eventually be hurt by such recklessness?
  4. Do you think the laws of the Bible are only to hurt us, or to help us? This is easy!
  5. You might not see consequences of sin at the time, but there will be consequences.
  6. Are you forgetting about God’s displeasure, your guilt and shame, and your example?

It just seems too hard to do what is right all the time.

  1. The truth is that the way of transgressors is hard, so wait until those results crush you.
  2. Anything that is good in life usually has some difficulty associated with its rewards.
  3. If you are living a fleshly or carnal existence, living spiritually will seem impossible.
  4. How do you measure difficulty? By feelings? Peers? Accolades? MTV? BJU? USC?
  5. How you live is a choice irrespective of feelings or circumstances by faith in God.

Modern media are not all that dangerous.

  1. You face a variety of powerful inputs that no generation before you even knew about.
  2. Do you resent the pastor for talking about techno sins or your parents for restrictions?
  3. The world’s inputs are to destroy you … they are designed to promote their lifestyle.
  4. Evil communications corrupt good manners (I Cor 15:33). Do not be deceived!
  5. David would put no wicked things before his eyes (Ps 101:3). He meant his ears, too!
  6. Hollywood does not make neutral movies, for they all are preaching a lifestyle of sin.
  7. Music is not neutral, for each genre attracts a certain crowd and has different results.


  1. How do we sin? We listen to the lie, dwell on it, believe it, and then act on it (James 1:13-16).
  2. Stop listening to the lies; defy them with God’s word; choose action in the opposite direction.
  3. Learn something tonight! Analyze and compare your thoughts against God’s truth and adults.
  4. Are your feelings/thoughts/desires from God, the devil, the world, or your own fleshly lusts?
  5. God knows about your thoughts, which is why the Bible tells the truth about Elijah (Jas 5:17).
  6. It is my job as pastor to war against your thoughts, and I have tried to do so (II Cor 10:4-6).
  7. Get excited about living a life based on truth. The results will stagger you now and later.

For Further Study:

  1. Delusions of Deceived Christians … not in e-format at this time.