He Is Altogether Lovely





What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us? My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand. His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven. His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set. His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh. His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires. His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars. His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Song of Solomon 5:9-16



Preparatory Reading: Psalm 45; Song of Solomon 5; Isaiah 53; Hebrews 1; 2; Revelation 1; 5; 19.



  1. Consider Psalm 45 thoroughly, for it summarizes the glory of King Jesus and His great love for His bride.
    1. Note in the superscription that the Jewish scribes had named it a special psalm: “A Song of loves.”
    2. Forget Solomon; he was no conqueror; Paul quoted it of Christ; marrying Pharaoh’s daughter was wrong; this psalm is far more illustrious than Solomon ever earned or deserved; it speaks of things for eternity.
    3. For more about Psalm 45.
  2. Then consider Solomon’s description of a wife extolling her husband’s great virtues for others (S.S. 5:9-16).
    1. When Christ calls us to intimate fellowship (Rev 3:20), He may withdraw to excite our pursuit of Him.
    2. Others will seldom help us in our pursuit of Him, even wounding and disparaging us, but we pursue on.
    3. The bride charges her companions, other females, to communicate to her Lord her great love for Him.
    4. When questioned for what was so unique or special to cause her love sickness, she describes the details.
    5. Concluding a listing of his superior traits, she concludes that he is in every way exquisitely beautiful.
    6. Christ’s weakest trait (He has none) is infinitely superior to others’ best; together it is infinity squared!
    7. Jesus was not attractive in His humiliation (Is 53:2), so grasp and receive the metaphor here taken from a handsome prince and beautiful bride in love; He is in glory a stunning and desirable Prince above all.
  3. We are the arranged bride of Jesus Christ – He is our loving Husband – we are married by sovereign grace.
    1. When Paul spoke of marriage, he related it to the mystery of Christ and His church (Ephesians 5:22-33).
    2. Paul had godly jealousy to present saints as chaste virgins to one husband, Jesus Christ (II Cor 11:1-2).
    3. The Lord God had spoken of being married to Israel (Isaiah 54:5; 62:4; Jeremiah 3:1-14; Ezekiel 16).
    4. The Lord Jesus used parables depicting Himself as the Bridegroom of the church (Matt 22:1-14; 25:1-13).
    5. John saw the holy city descending out of heaven as a bride prepared for her husband (Revelation 21:2,9).
    6. With an everlasting love, Jesus Christ came to seek and to save you to be His bride from the fallen and condemned mass of wicked men and to take you to His inheritance in heaven to be with Him forever!
    7. A rebel wretch among the conquered enemies, you see the Prince of glory on a white horse condemning those around you to eternal hell, but He raises you up and makes you His bride for eternity. Glory!
  4. We must consider our Lord Jesus as the Godman that He truly is rather than a mere spirit or spiritual concept.
    1. It is our desire and duty to know Him, not just doctrine about Him; we want to adore Him for His greatness.
    2. Due to poor teaching, many confuse Jesus with God so that they do not appreciate their human Redeemer.
    3. He is the Man Christ Jesus – He is Jesus of Nazareth – He has every natural faculty and member you do.
    4. He is literally, physically, biologically, legally, and really the human Son of David and the Son of Mary.
    5. Can you imagine Him sitting on the front row with this sermon being merely His formal introduction?
    6. Can you further see with the eye of faith that you are His bride – He is your Bridegroom and Husband?
  5. We base our plan and method for this sermon series on the Holy Spirit’s clear comparison in Psalm 45:2a.
    1. Here the Holy Spirit of God states the comparative superiority of Jesus Christ to any of the sons of men.
    2. What good is the comparative praise, unless we think of those ways in which Jesus Christ is superior?
    3. God also refers to Jesus metaphorically as the chiefest among ten thousand in Solomon’s Song 5:10b.
    4. What good is the comparative praise, unless we think of those ways in which Jesus Christ is superior?
    5. Jesus is described comparatively and superlatively in other places (Ps 89:27; Is 52:13; John 1:27; 3:31,34; Rom 8:29; 9:5; Eph 1:20-23; Phil 2:9-11; Col 1:15,18; I Tim 6:13-16; Heb 1:4; 2:10; Rev 17:14; 19:16).
    6. We do not want to trivialize the Lord of glory by cheap, crass, demeaning, or unprofitable comparisons.
    7. We do not want to spiritualize the Man Christ Jesus into a nebulous, unknowable, untouchable Spirit.
    8. Remember how friendly, personal, and intimate He was with John, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and others.
    9. Paul’s inspired human comparisons and foolish speaking to defend himself and exalt his authority help justify our plan and method (Rom 3:5; 6:19; I Cor 15:32; II Cor 11:1,5,16-21,23; 12:11-12; Gal 3:15).
    10. Reject all thoughts about a prospective or existing husband’s virtues or faults: this subject is much higher.
  6. Every wise woman (and especially her father) should identify specific traits needed and desired in a husband.
    1. A review of personal ads (preferably a quality marriage service) will reveal traits of the ideal husband.
    2. A survey of women for the primary traits of men that attract them also helps build our inventory of traits.
    3. Of course, married women know much better and much more than unmarried, by the teacher experience.
    4. We have our own list of qualities for great men.
    5. Take the desired traits for a perfect husband and consider them in the light of Jesus of Nazareth!
  7. Please forgive the speaker and his speech for detracting at all from this fantastic, glorious theme. Lord, help us.
  8. If you do not love the Lord Jesus Christ, you are a blinded fool or scorner facing serious judgment (I Cor 16:22).


  1.  ACHIEVEMENT: Great accomplishments are rightly esteemed for proving past and future ability.
    1. Great men are known by their great deeds – from a high school quarterback to a victorious general.
    2. It is obvious and right women appreciate and desire success over failure, and the more the better.
    3. Our Lord’s achievements in either nature are recorded in various ways and places through scripture.
    4. Jesus in His divine nature created the worlds and every beautiful and unique feature of them (Gen 1:1,16; John 1:3; I Cor 8:6; Eph 3:9; Col 1:16-17; Heb 1:2,10-12; 3:4).
    5. He upholds them by the word of His power (Heb 1:2-3), and by Him all things consist (Col 1:16-17).
    6. He counts the number of the innumerable stars – He calleth them all by their names (Psalm 147:4)!
    7. He always did those things pleasing God, so He was well pleased with Him (Matt 3:17; 12:18; 17:5).
    8. He defeated Satan, death, and the grave without help (Lu 11:20-22; Col 2:15; II Tim 1:10; Heb 1:3).
    9. The grave could not contain Him; He tore the bars of death away; He obtained immortality for you.
    10. He ascended up into heaven and was promoted and rewarded with a seat at God’s right hand forever.
    11. He mediated the greatest legal acquittal ever: God judged you righteous in His sight (Rom 5:6-21).
    12. He turned water into much wine; He fed 5000 men with a small lunch; He calmed great storms; He changed the Gadarene to a peaceful citizen; He changed Saul of Tarsus to Paul the apostle; He won the thief on the cross; He took the crucifixion without threatening; He received honor from heaven; He raised Lazarus; He resisted the devil in the desert; He stopped a funeral bier; He wisely answered every devious attempt to trick Him; He cleansed the temple of thieves; He yielded to no temptation; He forgave the very men who crucified Him; He blocked out the sun; He rose again!
    13. How about the One Who made the seven stars and Orion? The Lord Jesus is His name (Amos 5:8).
  2.  LEADERSHIP: Great men wisely take charge to evoke confidence and trust for following and love.
    1. Men and women appreciate strong and kind leaders that make wise decisions and accomplish them.
    2. This trait of great men combines a powerful office, leadership abilities, and a popular following.
    3. Some say power may be the greatest attraction characteristic, or aphrodisiac, of all (I Samuel 18:7).
    4. Angels served Him; devils feared Him; men and women of all kinds adored and followed Him.
    5. He knew the best response whether answering or asking questions that enemies could not gainsay.
    6. In His most trying time before Gethsemane, without human help, He declared, “Let us go hence.”
    7. He resolutely faced the cross alone and received a baptism and drank a cup like no other man could.
    8. He rules the nations with a rod of iron breaking them in pieces according to His will (Rev 2:26-27).
    9. He sits at God’s right hand far above all authority with all things under His feet (Ephesians 1:20-22).
    10. He rides a white horse with the armies of heaven following as He smites the nations (Rev 19:11-16).
    11. He is the Blessed and Only Potentate – the King of kings and the Lord of lords (I Timothy 6:13-16).
    12. Paul, the greatest of the apostles, told us to follow him as he followed our Jesus (I Corinthians 11:1).
  3. OCCUPATIONAL ABILITY: Great men have exceptional abilities or skills for a great occupation.
    1. Innate gifts and/or acquired skills cause men to rise from the mass of mediocrity to importance.
    2. Unless a man is competent with an excellent job or business, he cannot as well care for his wife, which is why wise fathers will explore a young man’s work ethic, education, earning power, etc.
    3. A man with an exalted position is more easily respected and clearly worthy of esteem and reverence.
    4. Jesus is exalted at God’s right hand on David’s throne as King forever, as the Blessed and Only Potentate, King of kings and Lord of lords (Luke 1:32-33; I Tim 6:13-16; Rev 19:14).
    5. He is exalted far above all principalities and powers and every name that is named (Eph 1:21).
    6. He is the Great High Priest, Apostle, Bishop, and Head of the church (Heb 3:1; 4:14; I Peter 2:25).
    7. Do you want to be married to a doctor? Consider the Great Physician as thy beloved Spouse.
    8. Do you prefer a lawyer? Consider the one Mediator and Judge of the quick and dead (I Tim 2:5).
    9. Do you prefer a Prince? Consider the Prince of the kings of the earth as your husband (Rev 1:5).
    10. Do you prefer a Professor? Consider the Teacher of Israel, who confounded professors at twelve.
    11. Do you prefer a general? Consider the Captain of the heavenly host and of salvation (Heb 2:10).
    12. Jesus is master of all trades and jack of none (compare to jack of all trades and master of none).
  4.  ECONOMIC ABILITY: Great men have assets, income, or abilities for financial gain for good living.
    1. Women speak fondly of financially secure men rather than the unemployed or underemployed.
    2. This is different from occupational ability, as an inheritance or other source of wealth is unrelated.
    3. The cattle on a thousand hills are His (Psalm 50:10), and all the silver and gold is His (Haggai 2:8).
    4. The heathen are His inheritance, and the ends of the earth are His possession (Psalm 2:8; 72:8).
    5. He bringeth the wind out of His treasuries (Ps 135:7), and He calleth the stars by name (Ps 147:4).
    6. He owns everything in heaven and in earth, and what He does not have He can create with ease.
    7. He is more than able to supply all your needs according to the riches of His glory (Philippians 4:19).
    8. He paid the greatest ransom price in history to appease divine justice (Matt 20:28; I Pet 1:18-19).
  5. ENTERTAINING ABILITY: Great men are charming, gracious, and skilled for creating comfort.
    1. Women would not choose a bumbling or selfish man, who cannot make guests and her comfortable.
    2. He entertained Israel in the wilderness; He fed a crowd with more than enough from nothing, twice.
    3. Israel dared Him for meat, and He gave quail. A ruler denied His ability to provide and was crushed.
    4. He created bread, wine, and oil for their properties of enhancing human health (Psalm 104:14-15).
    5. David said the Lord his Shepherd prepared a table for him in the presence of his enemies (Ps 23:4).
    6. Isaiah wrote His fare of water, wine, and milk is better than anything you know, and free (Is 55:1-2).
    7. He knows the priority of love, peace, and quietness and the ambiance produced that trumps any fare.
    8. When wine was wanting at a wedding feast, He created the best for last for all the guests (Jn 2:1-11).
    9. Consider the Last Supper with the apostles, our Lord’s Supper, and the marriage supper of the Lamb.
    10. In His presence is fullness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11).
  6.  INTELLECTUAL ABILITY: Great men have knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom for broad success.
    1. Intelligence and wisdom are necessary gifts for success in any endeavor and lead to superior living.
    2. God’s works and thoughts cannot be numbered (Ps 40:5); we can only speak darkly (Job 37:19-20).
    3. God blessed the Rod and Branch of Jesse’s stem and roots with great mental ability (Isaiah 11:1-4).
    4. He has hid within Him all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge of the universe (Colossians 2:3).
    5. Some men grow in stature without growing in wisdom, but not our Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 2:52).
    6. Who has been His counselor, explored His infinite mind, or taught Him anything (Rom 11:33-34)?
    7. Elihu said He was perfect in knowledge, before He showed how true those words were (Job 37:16).
    8. Isaiah declared there is no searching of His understanding, so you will never be bored (Is 40:28)!
    9. He can plumb the depths of any person or any matter to know it in its entirety without your help.
  7.  OBSERVATIONAL ABILITY: Great men are perceptive, sensitive, and analytical of surroundings.
    1. A wise woman wants a man who will sense her needs and those of others to respond accordingly.
    2. He discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart, and everything is naked and open (Heb 4:12-13).
    3. Perfect in formation, spirit, and experience, He is touched by your feelings to help (Heb 4:15-16).
    4. He unbelievably knows your every movement, unspoken thoughts, and all your ways (Ps 139:1-6).
    5. He recognized a poor widow woman giving all her substance, though giving discreetly (Lu 21:1-4).
    6. He justified the humble publican and condemned the proud Pharisee, though both were praying.
    7. He does not miss a sparrow or a hair (Matt 10:29-30) or your smallest kindnesses (Matt 25:34-40).
    8. He has your tears in his bottle (Psalm 56:8) and your name in his book of remembrance (Mal 3:16).
    9. He knows your needs before you ever ask (Matt 6:8), and He is not unrighteous to forget (Heb 6:10).
  8.  COMMUNICATION ABILITY: Great men are verbal easily, clearly, and pleasantly on all subjects.
    1. Women love verbal affection that confirm a husband’s love and expresses it in a variety of ways.
    2. Even His enemies while on earth said that no man spake like the Lord Jesus Christ (John 7:46).
    3. When two of His disciples had a conversation with Him, they said their hearts burned (Luke 24:32).
    4. A pin dropping on the floor would have been heard after He graciously read publicly (Lu 4:16-22).
    5. Multitudes followed Him to hear the message He preached. Consider the Sermon on the Mount.
    6. He perfectly fulfilled Solomon’s proverb about the beauty of a word fitly spoken (Proverbs 25:11).
    7. The Lord God gave Him the tongue of the learned, so He would know how to speak well (Is 50:4).
    8. Mary did not care about anything else, as long as she could sit and listen to Jesus talk (Lu 10:38-42).
  9.  MORAL CHARACTER: Great men are good, noble, pure, upright, strong, and virtuous in all things.
    1. Many wives have feared husbands falling into various faults and vices and thus threatening her tranquility or of children, even if infrequent or irregular, as anger, bitterness, cursing, drunkenness, drugs, fighting, gambling, infidelity, professional slothfulness, porn, wasteful spending, etc.
    2. Bad habits or vices can be horrible faults in a man’s character that dilute or destroy good behavior.
    3.  The previous traits are only valuable to the degree that the possessor of them is noble and virtuous, for achievements, leadership, occupation, economic power, etc. can easily lead to pride and abuse.
    4. Since your Jesus has the keys of hell and of death, you better hope He has perfect moral character!
    5. God the Father testified that Jesus loved righteousness and hated wickedness (Psalm 45:7; Heb 1:9).
    6. Graciousness, which is the crowning virtue of great character, was His trademark (Ps 45:2; Lu 4:22).
    7. He always did those things that pleased His Father, the infinitely perfect God of heaven (John 8:29).
    8. Though sorely tempted as we are, He did not give in to temptation; no, not once, never (Heb 4:15).
    9. There were no flies in his ointment to send forth a stinking savour in any way at any time (Ecc 10:1).
    10. His reputation was perfect and pure – holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners (Heb 7:26).
    11. His enemies could find no fault in Him at trial, though eagerly vetting Him for years (Mk 14:55-56).
    12. So extensive was His freedom from sin that theologians devised a doctrine of impeccability, which we accept so far as His flesh was capable of temptation and sin, but a spirit incapable of executing it.
    13. Pilate and his wife testified He was just and innocent at His trial, in spite of many false testimonies.
    14. Judas declared he had betrayed the innocent blood, though filled with the devil and hateful greed.
  10.  AFFECTIONATE: Great men are caring, demonstrative, giving, and loving to those related to them.
    1. Marriage is much more than just a cooperative partnership or living arrangement with a person.
    2. Consider that the previous traits are satisfying and thrilling if accompanied by great love, for what would it matter to you, if the greatest man had great moral character … but never thought of you?
    3. Love is so important that even poor men have made great husbands by being demonstrative lovers.
    4. While love, selfless care for another’s good, is preeminent here: it must be conveyed for full value.
    5. If we judge the love of Jesus for us, like Paul, we find it a life-changing superlative (II Cor 5:14-15).
    6. Jesus’ love for us is greater than any other by dying for us (John 15:13; 10:11-18; I Jn 3:16; 4:9-10).
    7. If a fool or scorner raises the sacrifices of soldiers or others, who are trained to do so instinctively and without personal thought, Jesus intentionally died for us when enemies (Rom 5:8; I Pet 3:18)!
    8. His love for us is an everlasting love, and by it He draws us with lovingkindness (Je 31:3; Hos 11:4).
    9. He did not merely love us legally or theologically; He filled us with His Spirit of love (Ro 5:5; 8:16).
    10. He did not only love us legally or theologically; He communicated that love thoroughly (Ro 10:15)!
    11. Jesus Christ was of such affectionate conduct that John lay on His bosom at supper (John 13:23,25).
    12. Jesus wept and groaned at the funeral of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha (John 11:33-38).
    13. See His actions and hear His words to Mary Magdalene, “Woman, why weepest thou?” and “Mary.”
    14. Our Lord’s care of His people is described as keeping us as the apple of His eye (De 32:10; Zec 2:8).
  11. INHERITANCE: A man is greatly enhanced as a man and as a husband by having a large inheritance.
    1. The better the inheritance to be added to the marriage, the better the life of the woman involved.
    2. What will Jesus inherit, and what will he share? All things (Heb 1:2)! And joint-heirs (Ro 8:17,32)!
    3. Part of the gospel is to reveal the great inheritance reserved in heaven for you (Eph 1:18; I Peter 1:4).
    4. He has secured every spiritual blessing and our eternal inheritance for us (Eph 1:3-14; Heb 9:15-17).
    5. There are no prenuptial agreements for us, because He will love us forever! The inheritance is ours!
    6. This information ought to change your life – all things are yours (I Cor 3:21; Col 3:24; Rev 21:7).
    7. Abraham knew about this inheritance, and the news changed his life (Ac 7:5; Gal 3:18; Heb 11:8).
    8. Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions … I go to prepare a place for you” (Jn 14:1-3).
    9. Part of the gospel is to reveal this inheritance for the saints by the word of God (Acts 20:32; 26:18).
    10. The new heavens and new earth with only righteousness reigning will be His domain (II Peter 3:13).
  12. PRENUPTIALS: A great man would never require a prenuptial agreement of a wife before marriage.
    1. Rich men today must protect their wealth from unjust divorce courts and unfaithful, greedy women.
    2. If you fell out of favor with such a man or failed him in your duties, you should lose everything.
    3. The love of Christ and blessings in Him do not depend on our faithfulness, but on His (Ro 8:32-34)!
    4. He cannot and will not divorce us, for His covenant stands on His perfect righteousness, not ours!
    5. Those the Father gave Jesus in marriage shall never be divorced – all shall be saved (John 6:37-39).
    6. If He must chasten or cut off from earthly pleasures, our inheritance is sure (He 12:5-8; I Cor 11:32).
    7. Instead of a prenuptial clause to escape promises, He swore with an oath to confirm (Heb 6:13-20)!
    8. Though speaking primarily of David and God’s covenant with his Son, read carefully (Ps 89:29-37).
  13.  FATHER’S BLESSING: A man with a loving, wise, and powerful father behind him is like two men!
    1. This is better than an inheritance, which requires the father’s death to be obtained by son and wife: what if a wife could have the full inheritance and the full affection and help of a living benefactor!
    2. What if the father has much more than an inheritance – affection, wisdom, power, protection, etc.!
    3. In earthly marriages it may not matter, for the father is either unable and/or unwilling to help much.
    4. The Father has highly exalted Him and given Him a Name that is above every Name (Phil 2:9-11).
    5. The Father chose you to be His Son’s bride and gave you to Him in proper marriage (John 6:38-39).
    6. If you could get out of your husband’s hand, you could not get out of His Father’s (John 10:28-29).
    7. The Father has prepared an inheritance for Jesus Christ and you from the foundation of the world, which He has designed for Him and you to enjoy with His blessing and in His presence forevermore!
    8. His Father testified from Heaven that your Lord Jesus Christ was His dearly beloved and only Son.
  14.  SERVANTS: A large number of servants, domestic or professional or both, greatly enhance lifestyle.
    1. A man with a large estate and many servants can provide a luxurious lifestyle known only to a few.
    2. A woman marrying a prince or king, like Kate Middleton in 2011, has a great change in her living.
    3. Imagine the thrill of never doing dishes, washing clothes, preparing meals, changing diapers, etc.; you could dedicate all your energy, time, and creativity to higher things knowing all else is covered.
    4. The special fiery spirits created by God that are greater than men are your servants (Heb 1:7,13-14).
    5. You have nothing to fear: in life they protect you (Ps 34:7), and in death they take you (Luke 16:22).
    6. Satan rightly applied Psalm 91 to Jesus, but it also applies to those who are Christ’s (Ps 91:11-12).
    7. A poor man might have a servant or two (Pr 12:9), but you have millions (Heb 12:22; Rev 5:11).
    8. For more about angels, see the sermon about them.
  15.  GOOD DOWRY: Is a man able and willing to pay enough for the legal right to have you as his wife?
    1. The dowry was a wise practice codified by Jehovah in Moses’ Law – it separated the men from the boys and proved sincere desire for the virgins of Israel (Deut 22:28-29; Ex 22:16-17; I Sam 18:25).
    2. A man had to have assets in order to afford it, and then he had to have desire for a girl to spend it!
    3. A girl might think to herself that no man will pay the price, but the right man would gladly pay it.
    4. What do young men today spend to get a wife? Nothing! Unless you count buying her pizza! For the most he does to her father is to say, “Yes, sir,” and, “No, sir,” and, “May I have your daughter, sir?”
    5. Many may claim to love you, but what have they paid to prove the sincerity of their love to you?
    6. Ruth’s circumstances were such to drive away one man to the great joy of another (Ruth 4:1-12).
    7. No one in the universe would have you or pity you, when you were discarded to die (Ezek 16:4-6)!
    8. Consider a wealthy prince making your father a rich man in order to approve your marriage to him.
    9. Jesus paid a dowry to Almighty God in the form of His own precious blood, to buy you from the sword of Justice, where you stood condemned and guilty: you are His bride forever (I Pet 1:18-20).
    10. The rarest commodity in the universe was found, obtained, and spent to secure you for Jesus.
    11. His life was not taken from Him for your redemption; He voluntarily laid it down for you (Jn 10:18).
    12. You did not love Him, when He laid it down for you; you hated Him as an enemy (Romans 5:6-8).
    13. Your marriage and salvation are free only to you; He purchased the rights at infinite personal cost.
  16.  CONDESCENDING: A great man must be humble and willing enough to get down to your low level.
    1. If your husband is truly a great man, he is much greater than you, thus a need for real condescension.
    2. If our parable is followed – a superior man choosing an inferior woman for marriage – then this character trait becomes very important, otherwise the man’s superior traits become intimidating.
    3. There is a basic rule of life – the great seek and mingle with the great, the beautiful with the beautiful, the rich with the rich, the intelligent with the intelligent, the strong with the strong, etc.
    4. As the one at the bottom, knowing your incredible inferiority, can you justly presume on his love?
    5. The Bible requires this rule of gracious condescension for us toward others, but what of Him Who rules the heavens (Rom 12:16; Job 15:15; 25:1-6; Psalm 8:4; 39:5; 62:9; 113:5-6; Isaiah 66:1-2)?
    6. Any proper reflection on Jesus Christ puts us in the dung by every comparable measure – we are wretches, yea rebels, in His honest sight and in our own sight – what shall we do to find His favor?
    7. The LORD is so high, can He stoop to our low condition and situation? Yes, He does (Psalm 138:6)!
    8. David knew the LORD remembered our low estate; his daughter confirmed it (Ps 136:23; Lu 1:48).
    9. Our Husband does much more than remember our low estate – He raises us out of it (I Sam 2:4-8; Job 5:11-13; Ps 45:16; 107:40-41; 113:6-8; Prov 3:34; Is 57:15; 66:1-2; Luke 1:51-53; 18:14).
    10. Condescending? He is incredibly so! He humbled Himself to your nature (Phil 2:5-8; Heb 2:14-18)!
    11. Our Jesus loves losers! It is a mind boggling thought, but it is worthy of all acceptation (I Tim 1:15).
    12. He has chosen the poor of this world intentionally to be His legal wife (I Cor 1:26-31; James 2:5).
    13. Instead of trying to rise to Him, we get down, and He comes (Jas 4:6,8,10; I Pet 5:5-6; Luke 18:14)!
    14. He has exalted us poor beggars out of the dunghill to be kings and priests (Jas 1:9-11; Re 1:6; 5:10).
  17. HANDSOME: A great man is attractive and good-looking for a woman’s pleasure and public display.
    1. Any breathing woman would rather have a handsome, good-looking man than an ugly duckling.
    2. The more desirable or popular a girl, giving her selection power, she will choose the better looking.
    3. A handsome man by his appearance, his presence, and his attention can move a woman to affection.
    4. Remember what the Spirit inspired in the scriptures (S.S. 5:9-16; Gen 39:6; I Sam 16:12; Acts 7:20).
    5. What of Christ? On earth He was not desirable in features (Is 53:2). In heaven He is breathtaking!
    6. Forget the Catholic caricature of Him seen in so many venues … instead use it for dart practice!
    7. There is no description of His appearance while humiliated, but there are details of Him glorified!
    8. If the depiction of Revelation 1:13-17 and 19:11-16 does not move you to great pleasure? Why not?
    9. Would you be ashamed to be His bride and have your friends meet Him in His wedding glory?
    10. For more about His appearance.
  18.  MERCIFUL: A great man has a very forgiving and pardoning spirit when you fail his expectations.
    1. Every honest and sincere wife knows she fails often, and she is blessed that has a merciful husband.
    2. The greater the husband the greater the distance between his expectations and her abilities to please.
    3. The knowledge that one in authority over you, like a husband, loves mercy provides great security.
    4. The Bible tells husbands to honor wives as the weaker vessel (I Pet 3:7), and Jesus exemplifies it!
    5. A great man, as defined by the LORD Jehovah, loves mercy (Micah 6:8) – then Jesus Christ did so!
    6. On the grounds of our Lord’s great mercy, we can go to Him boldly seeking His mercy (Heb 4:16).
    7. Our Lord Jesus was very pitiful and of tender mercy toward Job and enhanced him (James 5:11).
    8. Paul knew that he had obtained mercy from the Lord Jesus for his ignorance (I Timothy 1:12-13), and it is by God’s example of mercy toward Paul that we are to trust His longsuffering (1:15-16).
    9. He promises that He will be faithful and just to forgive you whenever you confess to Him (I Jn 1:9).
    10. Whether harlots (Luke 7:37), Zacchaeus (Luke 19:9-10), or Paul (I Tim 1:13-16), He forgives easily.
    11. His ways and thoughts of pardon and forgiveness crush yours – believe it (Is 55:6-9; Ps 103:10-12)!
    12. His forgiveness is so complete and thorough toward you that He cannot remember offences, and He has declared and guaranteed this kind treatment by covenant (Ps 103:10-12; Heb 8:12; 10:17)!
    13. As a good father pities his weak children, so the Lord pities you in your failures (Psalm 103:13-14).
    14. He made mercy a priority over sacrifice and defended the innocent (Matt 12:1-7; Hos 6:6), and He allows you the intent of His laws even if you compromise the details or letter (Mark 2:23-28).
  19.  NO SHAME: A great man would be sorely tempted to be ashamed of an inferior wife and might be so.
    1. If a handsome and popular guy took an ugly and despised girl to an event (which they do not do for obvious reasons), there would be great occasion for internal angst and external ridicule from others.
    2. How could he ever take her home to show his rich father, who had far better girls in mind for him?
    3. What are we? We are eliminating sacks of water that stink from every orifice, especially our mouths, in need of clothing to cover our disgusting parts, makeup to make up for blemishes, etc., etc., etc.
    4. But what are we? We are sinful wretches of a cursed race that corrupted Paradise and deserves hell!
    5. If Jesus Christ were to love us, He would be eternally ashamed of us, for we are disgusting to all; and those measuring Him and His bride are Almighty God, elect and fallen angels, and hateful men!
    6. It astonishes the angels that He chose us (I Pet 1:12), yet we shall judge them with Him (I Cor 6:3).
    7. What saith the scriptures? Our loving husband is not ashamed of us at all before any (Heb 2:10-13)!
    8. Though our character and conduct are not what they should be, He is not ashamed of us (He 11:16)!
    9. So great is this joy with His bride that He has made her a joint heir with himself of all (Rom 8:17).
    10. When told His family was present, He declared converted prostitutes to be family (Matt 12:48-50).
    11. To whom did He appear first after rising? Mary, a woman formerly with seven devils (Mark 16:9).
    12. What was the church of God in Christ at Corinth known for formerly? Lasciviousness (I Cor 6:9-11).
    13. Jesus will soon present you by name to His Father and before the angels (Rev 3:5), and He will present you faultless before Him with exceeding joy, not shame at His shame (Jude 1:24-25).
    14. A common thief begged to be remembered and was promised to be with Him in Paradise (Lu 23:43).
    15. And it is the common faith of believers that we shall ever be with the Lord in Paradise (I Thes 4:17).
    16. You are ugly! But He made you beautiful, without spot, or any such thing (Ps 45:11; Eph 5:25-27).
  20.  REPUTATION: A great man has a glorious name and reputation with others to enhance marital value.
    1. The Bible declares a good name and reputation should be a priority for our lives (Pr 22:1; Ec 7:1), but a further value is seen in marriage, for a woman is greatly blessed to be the wife of a great man.
    2. The greater the date or husband, the more honored and flattered the girl or wife at such a marriage.
    3. When others know and praise a date or a husband, it is even more honoring to the wife he chose.
    4. David soon acquired a great name, so his name was much set by in the homes of Israel (I Sa 18:30).
    5. What joy, excitement, praise, and thanksgiving should fill our hearts to be married to Jesus Christ?!
    6. Jesus made Himself of no reputation, but He now has the supreme one (Phil 2:9-11; Eph 1:20-23).
    7. The LORD Jehovah approved of Him as singularly superior to Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:1-5).
    8. Ask a man lame from his mother’s womb what he thinks of the name of Jesus (Acts 3:1-16; 4:10).
    9. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).
    10. Consider the affect Philip the evangelist had in the city of Samaria with Jesus’ name (Acts 8:12).
    11. The Lord Jesus affected a stupendous change in the life of one Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:27; 9:1-7).
    12. In Philippi of Macedonia a spirit of divination in a certain damsel knew His name (Acts 16:16-18).
    13. The devils know Him and worship Him when seen or heard (Acts 19:13-17; Mark 1:23-28; 5:1-15).
    14. All the angels of God worship Him and sing His praises in heaven (Hebrews 1:4-7; Luke 2:8-16).
    15. The elders and angels sing His worthy praise, and the four beasts agree to the praise (Rev 5:8-14).
    16. His enemies could find no fault in Him, though they used every devious means possible to do so.
    17. All dates are determined by relationship to Him – either Before Him (B.C.) or After Him (A.D.).
    18. A final picture we see of Him as scripture closes is crowned with many crowns and named, Faithful and True, an unknown name, the Word of God, King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 19:11-16)!
  21.  PROTECTIVE: A great man has the ability and commitment to protect his loved ones from any harm.
    1. Marriage from a wife’s perspective includes a man to protect her from danger and trouble, for two are better than one in this respect – two or three can much better withstand an enemy (Eccl 4:12).
    2. Women make great followers, when their men will get out front to lead and fight against enemies.
    3. Children may reason like this: my dad can whip your dad … but our Husband can whip all comers!
    4. He is man of war, conquering prince, and Lord of hosts (Ex 15:3; Is 42:13; Ps 45:3-5; Re 19:11-16).
    5. The Lord Jesus is incredibly protective of His bride the church, which means you, child of God!
    6. Where do we begin, since so much of the Bible is comfort to His people of His faithful protection?
    7. He looks upon any insult or injury from others as touching the apple of His eye (Deut 32:10; Ps 105:13-15; Zech 2:8), which apple is the pupil, the black aperture controlled by the colored iris, allowing more or less light into your eye, in which of another person you can see a miniature picture of yourself and which was assumed to be shaped like an apple. This is a metaphor of one very precious to be defended with all ability and might, as we do instantly when seeing a bright light!
    8. The Lord is your Shepherd in the valley of the shadow of death and before all enemies (Ps 23:4-5).
    9. Is this merely O.T. poetry? Not hardly! Consider your Husband’s own commitment (John 10:11-15).
    10. He has promised His perpetual presence, so that we may boldly scoff at enemies (Hebrews 13:5-6).
    11. All men forsook Paul before Caesar, but the Lord stood with him and delivered him (II Ti 4:16-18).
    12. Jesus plainly promised that neither death nor life nor angels can hurt us in any way (Rom 8:33-39).
    13. He promised that no man is able to pluck us out of His hand and His Father’s hand (John 10:28-29).
    14. He described His protective care of His disciples by mention of sparrows and hair (Matt 10:28-31).
    15. He has charged mighty angels to protect you, whether old or young (Ps 34:7; 91:11; Matt 18:10).
    16.  He sent His apostles into a dangerous world by almighty power (Luke 10:19; 21:18; Matt 28:18).
    17. It is righteous for God to punish those who trouble us (II Thess 1:6-9; Heb 13:17; Rev 6:9-11).
  22.  GRACIOUS: A great man is gracious in speech and conduct, showing the ultimate in charm to all.
    1. Graciousness may be the most beautifying and enhancing character trait of words and actions.
    2. It is the trait in others that makes you feel accepted, forgiven, loved, important, special, and warmed.
    3. It is speech and conduct that is agreeable, benevolent, charitable, charming, cooperative, courteous, forgiving, friendly, gentle, kind, merciful, modest, pleasing, sympathetic, thoughtful, warm, etc.
    4. A gracious person creates an atmosphere of acceptance, pleasure, and warmth that is hard to define.
    5. These persons are usually described by words such as lovely, charming, delightful, pleasing, etc.
    6. A woman with such a husband will never fear and will feel fully secure and accepted by him always.
    7. A woman with such a husband will feel warmed and very alive to life’s best by its embracing nature.
    8. A woman with such a husband will delight for him to meet others for their great pleasure and profit.
    9. Solomon exalted this character trait and its precious effect on others (Prov 11:16; 22:11; Eccl 10:12).
    10. David, a very gracious man himself, prophesied by the Spirit of Christ’s graciousness (Psalm 45:2).
    11. His hometown of Nazareth was privileged to a great display of His gracious speech (Luke 4:16-22).
    12. By conclusive implication, Jesus had incredible graciousness (Pr 10:32; 25:11; Is 50:4; John 7:46).
    13. Peter appealed by the Spirit to the graciousness of Christ for exhorting to godliness (I Peter 2:1-3).
    14. A spiritual song says it well, “He will embrace me in his arms … there are ten thousand charms.”
    15. He is truly altogether lovely by this beautifying trait that exalts men and women about their fellows.
  23.  PEACEFUL: A great man always has and keeps a peaceful life and creates peace in all relationships.
    1. Friendliness, which results in pleasure between parties, is based on pursuing and maintaining peace.
    2. Peace is a very comforting and pleasant matter, and a perfect husband would be a great peacemaker.
    3. Peace, the absence of bitterness, hostilities, or unrest, is a glorious and necessary setting for pleasure.
    4. He fully understands the priority of peace for maximizing a lover’s pleasure (Prov 17:1; Eccl 4:6).
    5. It is a terrible shame that many worldlings and some Christians have homes and relationships filled with arguments, bitterness, criticism, envy, fighting, meddling, revenge, strife, and war.
    6. The Bible exalts it highly in many places (Ps 37:11,37; 122:6-8; 128:6; 133:1; Pr 3:17; 12:20; 16:7).
    7. Your husband is Prince of Peace, for He obtained peace once and for all with God (Is 9:6; Ha 2:9), though He did not come to bring it in families where religious divisions will occur (Matt 10:34-37).
    8. He has made peace with the strictest Judge in the universe and destroyed all enmity between foes.
    9. Your Lord gives peace and tells you not to be troubled or afraid of tribulations (John 14:27; 16:33).
    10. He can speak peace to a great storm at sea and immediately bring about a great calm (Mark 4:39).
    11. Even in terrible circumstances, He can give peace that passes understanding (Is 26:3-4; Phil 4:6-7)!
    12. His kingdom, which He gave you, is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Rom 14:17).
    13. His Father is God of peace, repeated often (Rom 15:33; 16:20; Phil 4:9; I Thess 5:23; Heb 13:20).
    14. The salutations and blessings of the Bible include peace (Numbers 6:24-26; II Peter 1:2; Jude 1:2).
    15. He wants to give abundant peace – if you are lacking peace in your spirit, life, and home, you have left Him and forfeited this great gift (Rom 15:13; II Cor 13:11; Gal 5:22; Col 3:15; II Thess 3:16)!
    16. No matter what happens in this country’s near future, we can lie down in peace and sleep (Ps 4:8)!
    17. His gentleness and meekness are examples used by Paul to exhort to high standards (II Cor 10:1).
  24.  COMPASSIONATE: Great men are tender and moved by your and others’ feelings and circumstances.
    1. Different than mercy, which is undeserved grace, compassion recognizes trouble and desires to help.
    2. More than observational ability, as listed earlier – it is the kind and loving response because of it!
    3. Every woman wants a man gentle, kind, and tender toward her, her children, and any afflicted; and such a man is hard to find that has the superior traits that were listed first e.g. achievements, etc.
    4. Consider His compassionate treatment of the widow woman who had lost her only son (Lu 7:11-18).
    5. Consider how He sent word to Simon Peter specifically that He was risen from the dead (Mk 16:7).
    6. Consider His careful defense and comfort of a sinful woman despised by the Pharisees (Lu 7:36-50).
    7. Consider Isaiah 63:9 and its nearly unbelievable words, “In all their affliction he was afflicted,” etc.
    8. He can and was touched with the feelings of our infirmities to be our priest (He 2:18; 4:15; 5:2,7-9).
    9. He remembers your frame, like a great father remembers weaknesses of children (Psalm 103:13-14)
  25.  IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH: Will a man be faithful and true regardless of physical adversity?
    1. A great purpose of His coming was to deliver you from sickness and sorrow (Isaiah 53:4; Matt 8:17).
    2. When you are sick, He will attend your bed as the most helpful, loving friend-physician (Ps 41:3).
    3. Jesus Christ is loyal and true through any sickness, as with Paul’s thorn in the flesh (II Cor 12:7-10).
    4. He also heals the physically sick, like Peter’s mother-in-law, Lazarus, and the daughter of Jairus.
    5. He will also destroy and abolish sickness, pain, and dying in His home for your security (Rev 21:4).
    6. He will also change your decaying and disappointing body into a glorious body like His own.
    7. There is nothing that can separate you from His everlasting and unconditional love (Rom 8:38-39).
  26.  FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE: Will a man be faithful and true regardless of any circumstances?
    1. He never leaves us in spite of adversity, finances, moods, employment, failures, sins, weakness, etc.
    2. His covenant of marriage includes marital violations you may make in foolishness (Psalm 89:29-37).
    3. Whether Paul in prison or David in sin, He remains loyal and faithful and loving of His chosen bride.
    4. Though Peter denied Him with curses in His darkest hour, He was fully there for Peter in three days.
    5. He will soon make all things new and better, so you need not worry about circumstances (Rev 21:5).
  27.  FOR RICHER OR FOR POORER: Will he be faithful and true regardless of financial gain or loss?
    1. He owns all things, so our loss is not His loss; He truly loves us for what He will make and give us!
    2. He chose the poor of this world as His bride, so that He might make her rich (II Cor 8:9; James 2:5).
    3. He makes us the very rich by giving us an inheritance of all things, even God Himself (Rom 8:17).
  28.  TILL DEATH DO US PART: Is he a man who will conscientiously take his marriage vows seriously.
    1. Jesus does so much more than these ritual words – He will still love you after death, even forever.
    2. Rather than death being a means of separation from your Husband, it will unite you to Him forever.
    3. He will never die by accident, and His only death was by choice, and He took up His life once again.
    4. He is immortal, dwelling in eternity with no difficulty; He ever liveth in His perpetual priesthood.
    5. For much more about this point.
  29.  LOYAL AND FAITHFUL: Will a man remain your husband in spite of any difficulties or threats?
    1. He has promised He will never leave you nor forsake you, upon which you can trust (Heb 13:5-6).
    2. He has promised He will never lose any of His bride, not even a single one (John 6:38-39; 17:2).
    3. He has declared that nothing – not even death – can separate you from His love (Romans 8:35-39).
    4. In spite of Judah’s profane unfaithfulness, He remained married to her (Ezek 16:60-63).
  30.  TRUE AND HONEST: Does a man have the reputation for always speaking the truth in total honesty?
    1. His name is the Truth (Jn 14:6), and on His white horse He is called Faithful and True (Rev 19:11).
    2. There was no deceit in His mouth, for He never lied about anything to anyone at anytime (Is 53:9).
    3. Men did not believe Him, because He told them the truth, for their hearts preferred lies (John 8:45).
    4. He cannot lie (Tit 1:2; Heb 6:18); therefore His promises will be kept no matter what (I Thess 5:24).
    5. In case you might doubt His truthfulness, He swore His marriage vows with an oath (Heb 6:13-20).
  31.  TEMPERATE: A man that can rule his spirit and restrain his exercise of authority and power is great.
    1. Since a husband has considerable authority over a wife in many ways, He must be self-governed.
    2. A wife is inferior in rights and strength and under her husband – many have feared intemperate men.
    3. Angry, arrogant, bitter, foolish, or rash decision can cost a wife, children, or others to her great hurt.
    4. Consider the authority and power of Jesus Christ, if He had ever struck out when hurt or offended!
    5. In spite of being constantly provoked by enemies and discouraged by followers, He kept His cool.
    6. Jesus our Lord had perfect restraint at all times, in ways of which we can only imagine and glory!
    7. He begged the Father for an alternative way of redemption, but submitted to His will (Matt 26:42).
    8. He could have called twelve legions of angels, but He submitted to the cross for you (Matt 26:53).
    9. He let ignorant, profane Roman soldiers pummel His face and challenge Him, for you (Luke 22:64).
  32.  COMFORTING: A great man and husband has the ability to comfort those hurting and discouraged.
    1. A woman rightly desires a husband to reassure and encourage her when she is troubled or pained.
    2. Jesus has promised not to leave you comfortless (John 14:18). He promised He would comfort you.
    3. He is able to comfort you with the comfort He gave Paul, which was abundant indeed (II Cor 1:3-5).
    4. Since He has suffered your difficulties and temptations, He is most able to succour you (Heb 2:18).
    5. He has a learned tongue and is able to speak a word in season to him that is weary (Isaiah 50:4), so He will never be singing songs to those with heavy hearts and stripping them of clothes (Pr 25:20).
    6. By the power of His Spirit in you, He can fill you with joy, peace, and hope (Ro 15:13; 5:5; Gal 4:6).
  33.  EXPERIENCED: A great man has experienced things you have for ultimate sympathy and support.
    1. The poor doubt the rich can relate, and a poor bride might fear a great husband’s inability to relate.
    2. Yet, the greater and richer the man, the less likely he knows anything about your life or problems.
    3. But Jesus was made of the seed of Abraham to know your flesh and blood temptations (Heb 2:18), and by this experiencing of suffering He became the perfect Captain of our salvation (Heb 2:10).
    4. He was tempted like you and is touched with the feeling of your infirmities (Heb 4 14-16; 5:1-2).
    5. Consider how He became your perfect husband by suffering and obedience (Heb 5:7-10).
  34.  STRONG: Does a man have a very hardy constitution and physical presence to handle any adversity.
    1. Your Lord Jesus as a man was a carpenter’s son, handled constant stress and travel, and the cross.
    2. In His divine nature He is omnipotent God with infinite force, power, and strength for any task.
    3. He upholds all things by the word of His power, including trillions of stars in the universe (Is 40:26).
    4. He is also strong of mind and purpose by defeating Satan’s temptations and boldly facing the cross.
  35.  MEMORY: Will a man remember the crucial or kind details and things that are needful or kind to you.
    1. He knows the fall of sparrows; He names stars and numbers your hairs (Ps 147:4; Matt 10:29-30).
    2. He knows your frame; He remembers that you are but dust and therefore pities you (Ps 103:13-14).
    3. He knows everything you have need before you even ask those things (Matthew 6:8,32; Psalm 38:9).
    4. He is not unrighteous to forget your kindnesses and labors of love (Hebrews 6:10; Matt 25:31-46).
    5. He knows the thoughts of your mind before they have been spoken by your tongue (Psalm 139:1-6).
    6. He has written your name in the Book of Life in case you think He might forget you (Rev 20:11-15).
  36.  CHEERFUL: Is a man a happy and joyful person, who will create a pleasurable environment for you.
    1. He promised that He wants you to have life and for you to have it more abundantly (John 10:10).
    2. He only has life; His presence is one of full joy; with Him are pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11).
    3. He has been anointed with the oil of gladness (joy of the Holy Ghost) above all others (Psalm 45:7).
    4. He is a happier Person than you have met before – rejoicing and joyful about you (Zephaniah 3:17).
  37.  KIND: Is he a benevolent and considerate man who will think and do nice things to you and for you.
    1. Your Lord Jesus is very abundantly kind; He even shows His kindness to His enemies (Luke 6:35).
    2. He was especially kind to the widow of Nain at a funeral, who had lost her only son (Luke 7:11-15).
    3. He traveled across the Sea of Galilee for one man in need – the Gadarene with devils (Mark 5:1-20).
    4. He has more than a few lovingkindnesses – a special word for Him – and great goodness (Is 63:7).
  38.  SEEKING: Is he a loving man who will seek you when you desert him or are discouraged or are lost.
    1. Every woman wonders at times, if her husband would seek and chase her, if she left him for a while.
    2. Jesus rejoices at seeking His bride when she leaves and always brings her back again and wins her.
    3. He comforted you by drawing the analogy of a Shepherd and sheep for comparison (Luke 15:3-7).
    4. He comforted you with the analogy of the woman and the lost coin as well (Luke 15:8-10).
  39.  LOVING: Does he have an intense loving spirit to spend and be spent for your profit and pleasure.
    1. Jesus loves you so much He died for you and endured the wrath of God for you, for your mutual joy.
    2. Jesus loves you so that neither death nor life . . . can separate you from His love (Rom 8:38-39).
    3. He does not love generally or promiscuously or flippantly; you are the special object of His love.
    4. He does not love you merely for a short time; He has and will love you from eternity and forever.
    5. He does not only love you while times are good and you are glorious, He loves you forever and ugly.
    6. He does not love only to a point; He loves you until you are perfect and forever His and with Him.
    7. He does not love you because you did something or are something; He loves you because He chose to love you, and His love will make you something, and He shall greatly desire thy beauty by it.
    8. Many women claim they want a man to love them for who they are; but Jesus loved you in spite of who and what you are, and gave Himself to make you lovely and win you by kindness (Ps 45:11).
  40.  CLEVER: Does he have a quick, creative, analytical mind to lead you, intrigue you, and entertain you.
    1. When you consider a lily and its beauty, remember that He created it for you (Matthew 6:28-29).
    2. When you consider a horse and its strength, remember that He created it for you (Job 39:19-25).
    3. When you consider the sunsets, full moon, and the stars, He created those for you also (Gen 1:16).
    4. When you consider the wonders of conception, birth, and growth of your child, He designed it.
    5. When you think of all the glory of the universe, He has made a place much better just for you.
  41.  HARD WORKING: Does he have a good work ethic so that you will not suffer from laziness or sloth.
    1. He was diligently committed to doing the hard work assigned to Him by His Father (John 4:34; 9:4).
    2. He was able to gloriously tell His Father that He had fully finished the work assignment (John 17:4).
    3. He worked so diligently on earth that He had no personal leisure even so much as to eat (Mark 6:31).
    4. While His hard-working disciples slept, He spent the night in vigilant prayer for His work for you.
  42.  GOOD LIFESTYLE: Will a man be able to provide a comfortable, secure, and pleasant lifestyle.
    1. Jesus Christ provides all the blessings of peace, joy, love, contentment, and other blessings now.
    2. And He is preparing a place for you to spend eternity without death, sorrow, crying, or pain.
    3. In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16:11).
    4. You are joint-heir with Him of the universe. What more could you possibly want for lifestyle?
  43.  NAME: Does he have a good personal and family name that stands for virtue, success, and reputation.
    1. He has a name that is above every name that is named (Ephesians 1:21-23; Philippians 2:9-11).
    2. His name Jesus means I AM THAT I AM IS YOUR SAVIOUR, God Jehovah is your Saviour.
    3. He has a name written that no man knows but He Himself, and it must be glorious (Rev 19:12).
    4. He is called God, for He is God; He was God with us (Ps 45:6-7; Isaiah 7:14; Matt 1:23; Heb 1:8).
    5. He is called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, Prince of peace (Is 9:6).
    6. His glorious name is worthy to be praised forever and forever (Psalm 44:8; 61:8; 72:19; 145:1-2,21).
    7. Learn about His name Jehovah (slides).
  44.  PROMOTE SECURITY: Does a man have the will and the ability to make you always feel secure.
    1. All women want to know that their husbands love them, love only them, and will love them forever.
    2. Jesus loved you and loves you as no other; He chose to love you from eternity (Song 6:9; Jer 31:3).
    3. Jesus promised to never leave nor forsake you; He promised to love you through and beyond death.
    4. A mother may forsake her sucking child, but your Man has your name on His palms (Is 49:14-16).
    5. His love is no rebound from a prior relationship to disappear in time, for He always loved only you.
  45. PERSONAL: Is he able to be personal and intimate without business and hobbies taking him away.
    1. He allowed John to lie on His bosom at supper and inspired the holy record of it (John 13:23,25).
    2. He defended Mary’s desire to sit at His feet and rebuked Martha for carefulness (Luke 10:38-42).
    3. He remembered His mother even while on the cross and took personal care of her (John 19:25-27).
    4. He personally appeared to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection (Mark 16:9; John 20:11-18).
    5. Your name is written in His book of life and on the palms of His hands (Luke 10:20; Is 49:14-16).
    6. Yours is no mere legal betrothal; He asks if you will invite Him in for intimate fellowship (Re 3:20).
  46.  COMMITTED: Is he a man who will commit to marriage for life and will fully keep his commitment.
    1. Many men today will say they love a woman, but they will not commit to marry and stay with her.
    2. Many men today will commit in marriage to a woman with vows, then divorce and do it over again.
    3. Your Jesus is so committed that He gave His life to win you and show you His love for all eternity.
    4. He not only gave His life for you, but He lives on your behalf in glory, and He wants you with Him.
    5. He ever lives to make intercession for you, and He will certainly bring you home to God (Heb 7:25).
  47.  WINNING: Is he a man who will not take your love for granted, but he will always work to win you.
    1. Your Jesus has given you numberless blessings and continues to do so to show you His great love.
    2. An eternity in heaven with unspeakable blessings awaits you, as He will show you His eternal love.
    3. He looks forward to a day when He can display the full riches of His glory and grace to you.
  48.  JEALOUS: Does he love you enough and want you enough to be jealous about you flirting with others.
    1. If you do not appreciate a man’s jealousy, then you misunderstand love (Num 5:11-31; Song 8:6-7).
    2. He is very jealous; His name is Jealous; and He will not put up with any imposters or challengers.
    3. He considers flirtation by you with the seductive world as spiritual adultery against Him (James 4:4).
    4. He wants you to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love no other.
    5. He will pursue you and win you back, if you stray from him for another (Jeremiah 3:1). What love!
  49. EASILY PLEASED: Is he a man with reasonable expectations, who will be content with your efforts.
    1. Jesus comforted you to come to Him – His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (Matthew 11:28-30).
    2. His commandments are not grievous: there is great reward in keeping them (I John 5:3; Ps 19:11).
    3. His expectations are reasonable. Like a father, He pities and remembers your frame (Ps 103:13-18).
    4. He remembers little things that even you forget, like small kindnesses to brethren (Matt 25:31-46).
    5. He only expects you to do your reasonable best and go to bed; He will do the rest (Psalm 127:1-2).
  50.  GENEROUS: Is he of a liberal and generous spirit to cheerfully and easily give to you and for you.
    1. Some men are so stingy, tight, selfish, boorish, and conservative that they cannot give generously.
    2. Jesus bountifully gives and is not envious that you shall be made a joint heir with Him (Rom 8:17).
    3. He was so generous that He was willing to become poor that you might become rich (II Cor 8:9).
  51.  NICE DRESS: Is he willing to spend for a nice dress for you to gloriously wear to your wedding.
    1. Your Husband Jesus has secured for you a dress of fine linen, clean and white (Revelation 19:8).
    2. He provided the garment of fine needlework that makes you beautiful in His sight (Psalm 45:13-14).
    3. He had promised this wonderful attire long before (Isaiah 52:1; 61:10; 64:6; Zechariah 3:1-5).
    4. You will not be rejected from the wedding, for you have a garment He approves (Mat 22:11-14).
    5. He has sacrificed Himself to sanctify and cleanse you, and to make you a glorious bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that you should be holy and without blemish (Ephesians 5:25-27).


  1. Do you know your bridegroom husband well? May I introduce you to Jesus of Nazareth (John 12:20-21).
  2. Has He won your heart as He did Paul, who said the love of Christ fully constrained him (II Cor 5:14-15)?
  3. Is He your all in all, as David said there was no one in heaven or earth he desired but Him (Ps 73:25-26)?
  4. Do you believe that to live is Jesus Christ and to die is gain (Phil 1:23)? They should be your daily thoughts.
  5. What substitute will you pick from this world to replace Him (Gal 6:14)? The world is crucified to you.
  6. How offended should He be, if you do not appreciate Him or His love for you (I Cor 16:22)? Greatly!
  7. Will you say, “Yes, I do!” to this glorious groom? Consider Revelation 3:20 and His desire for fellowship.
  8. He is altogether lovely! This is my beloved! This is my friend! Thou art fairer than the sons of men!

For Further Study:

  1. World’s Greatest Lover (below) .
  2. Psalm 45 (the song of loves).
  3. Till Death Do Us Part (funeral of Marie Crosby) .
  4. Unsearchable Riches of Christ.
  5. The Cross of Jesus Christ (proper glory for believers).
  6. The Glory of the Cross (30 aspects of the cross).
  7. The Cross of Jesus Christ (four categories of suffering).
  8. We Would See Jesus.
  9. Spiritual Adultery Against Jesus Christ.
  10. Exceeding Magnifical.





World’s Greatest Lover


To know and comprehend Christ’s love for us, let us compare it to the love of a man. And to magnify our Lord we shall imagine the richest, noblest, kindest, and most perfect man possible. Let us also imagine a poor, despised, and ugly single woman, though such an object is far superior to us as sinners. And we cannot forget that our Jesus is Jehovah God the eternal Creator made flesh. Maybe by this imperfect method we shall glimpse a little glimmer of His glorious love. I justify my method by Ephesians 5:32.


Man: I have chosen you from obscurity and poverty to be my wife.

Jesus: I have chosen you from death and pollution for love (Ezekiel 16:1-8).


Man: I love you.

Jesus: I love you (John 15:9; Malachi 1:2-3).


Man: I have loved you since I first saw you on the street.

Jesus: I have loved you from before the world began with an everlasting love (Jer 31:3).


Man: I will love you forever – or at least until I die.

Jesus: I have already and will love you eternally (II Thess 2:16; Romans 8:38-39).


Man: When you look at me like that, I just have to love you back.

Jesus: I loved you when you hated me, and I never thought of giving up (Rom 5:8,10).


Man: If you love another, then our deal is off.

Jesus: If you love another, then I will win you back (Jeremiah 3:12-14; Hosea 11:1-4).


Man: I am the richest man in the world – at least for this year according to Forbes.

Jesus: I created the heavens and the earth and own everything in them (Psalm 50:10-12).


Man: I sit on the Board of Directors of seven companies.

Jesus: I am the King of kings and Lord of lords (I Timothy 6:15; Revelation 19:15).


Man: Others consider me attractive.

Jesus: I am Beauty (Zechariah 9:17; 11:7; Psalm 27:4; 90:17; Revelation 1:17).


Man: I have brown eyes.

Jesus: My eyes are like a flame of fire (Revelation 19:12).


Man: I have brown hair.

Jesus: My hair is white like wool but covered with many crowns (Rev 1:14; 19:12).


Man: I will try to always tell the truth.

Jesus: I am the Truth (John 14:6; Revelation 19:11).


Man: I will try to always be faithful.

Jesus: I am Faithful (Revelation 19:11)


Man: If you will help me, I will try not to do wrong.

Jesus: I cannot do wrong (Hebrews 1:9; 7:26).


Man: Some say I am romantic. Let me read this little poem I have been working on.

Jesus: I wrote and am the ultimate fulfillment of Song of Solomon (Ephesians 5:32).


Man: I can be quite passionate.

Jesus: I am Passion (Romans 5:6-8; Luke 22:44; Hebrews 5:7-8).


Man: I promise to never lie to you.

Jesus: I cannot lie (Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18).


Man: I will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Jesus: I will make you happy for eternity (Psalm 16:11; Revelation 21:4).


Man: If you will tell me your needs, I will try to take care of them.

Jesus: I can supply all your needs according to my riches in glory (Philippians 4:19).


Man: Others say I am compassionate and merciful.

Jesus: I gave myself for you (John 10:11).


Man: I will try to give you security.

Jesus: I have you in my hand, and we are both in my Father’s hand (John 10:28-30).


Man: I will learn to appreciate your good features.

Jesus: I make you perfect, and I will greatly desire your beauty (Ps 45:11; Eph 5:26-27).


Man: I think my parents will like you.

Jesus: My Father has always loved you (John 3:16).


Man: I have learned your tastes in food, clothing, and entertainment.

Jesus: I know the number of hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30).


Man: I think I know how you think.

Jesus: I know the thoughts and intents of your heart (Hebrews 4:12).


Man: I gave up many beautiful women for you.

Jesus: I gave up heaven’s throne and died a crucifixion death for you (Philippians 2:5-8).


Man: I will ignore your faults.

Jesus: I will take away your sins and faults forever (Ephesians 5:27; Jude 24).


Man: I am very forgiving.

Jesus: I have already forgiven you, even for the future (I John 2:12; Colossians 2:13).


Man: Try not to fail in the same way more than once or twice.

Jesus: I will forgive you no matter how many times you fail (Matt 6:14; 18:22; Is 55:7).


Man: If you defy me, I will have to restrict your activities.

Jesus: If you deny me, I cannot deny myself; I will yet love you the same (Ps 89:30-37).


Man: I will try to forget what you have done to offend me.

Jesus: I cannot remember your offences (Hebrews 8:12).


Man: You look so good tonight.

Jesus: You are perfect forever – I only see absolute perfection (Col 1:22; Rev 19:8).


Man: I will give you the rest of my life – when I am not attending to business.

Jesus: I will give you myself for eternity (Romans 8:17).


Man: I will try not to change.

Jesus: I cannot change (Hebrews 13:8).


Man: My health is good – we should have several years together.

Jesus: I cannot die; I live forever (Revelation 1:18; Deuteronomy 32:40; I Tim 6:16).


Man: Whenever you need me, I will try to come home immediately.

Jesus: I will always be in and with you (John 14:16-18).


Man: When I have to be out of town, I will leave my chauffeur with you.

Jesus: I and my Father will live with you and in you by my Spirit (John 16:7).


Man: No matter where you go, I will try to find you.

Jesus: No matter where you go, I am there (Psalm 139:5-10; Jer 23:24; Matthew 28:20).


Man: You will never have to work again.

Jesus: You will never be sick, cry, or die (Revelation 21:4).


Man: I want to learn about your life to understand your perspective on things.

Jesus: I can relate perfectly to your life for I lived it already (Hebrews 4:15-16).


Man: I will give you your own bodyguard.

Jesus: I own principalities and powers in both worlds and give you my angel (Eph 1:21-22; Prov 34:7).


Man: I would love to hear your dreams.

Jesus: I know every thought and intent and desire of your heart (Psalm 139:2-4; 44:21).


Man: I want to get to know you.

Jesus: I know everything about you and care about every detail (Psalm 139:15-18).


Man: I think I will be able to surprise and please you often.

Jesus: I can do exceeding abundantly above anything you can ask or think (Eph 3:20).


Man: I will let nothing come between us – except death or desertion, of course.

Jesus: Nothing can separate you from my love (John 10:28-30; Romans 8:33-37).


Man: Tell me your fears, and I will try to make them go away.

Jesus: There is absolutely nothing to fear, for I am with thee (Hebrews 13:6).


Man: I will pay off your father’s debts and give him a job.

Jesus: I destroyed your captor with everlasting destruction (Col 2:13-15; Heb 2:14-15).


Man: I will try to be sensitive to your needs.

Jesus: I am Compassion, and I know all your needs before you ask (Matthew 6:31-32).


Man: I need to admit a couple failed relationships some time ago.

Jesus: I have loved only you and will always love only you (Deut 7:6-8; 10:14-15).


Man: I will give you the best health care as you get older.

Jesus: I will give you an incorruptible body to live forever (I Cor 15:51-57; Phil 3:21).


Man: I am sorry if you get cancer or other fatal disease. I will not be able to help.

Jesus: I can heal your cancer or take you to our mansion early (Ps 103:3; Is 57:1-2)?


Man: I will give you the best burial in the best cemetery.

Jesus: I will redeem your body from the grave (Romans 8:23; Job 19:25-27).


Man: When I die, you will get my assets – after estate taxes, of course.

Jesus: I died already to give you everything to enjoy with me (Rom 8:32). I live forever.


Man: Will you sign this prenuptial?

Jesus: I am all yours forever and cannot deny Myself (II Timothy 2:13; Hebrews 13:5).


Man: I will invite you sometimes to accompany me at state functions as my wife.

Jesus: I have made you a king and priest to God forever (Revelation 1:6).


Man: Do you like the last name of Johnson – son of John?

Jesus: Do you like the last name of God’s son – son of God (I John 3:1)?


Man: I cannot do more than marry you. Are you happy?

Jesus: I am marrying you, but I have also adopted you as my legal daughter (Rom 8:15; Eph 1:5).


Man: We will have our wedding dinner at the Ritz Carlton in New York.

Jesus: We will have the marriage supper of the Lamb with the host of heaven (Re 19:9).


Man: Photographers from “People Magazine” and “60 Minutes” will be there.

Jesus: Countless saints and angels, four beasts, and my Father will be there (Rev 7:9-12).


Man: I will wear a white tuxedo at our wedding.

Jesus: I will ride a white horse at our wedding (Revelation 19:11).


Man: You may feel a little intimidated by the other women who will be there.

Jesus: I have loved you – women will adore and envy you (Rev 3:9; Is 43:4; 49:22-23).


Man: I have arranged all my business for us to have a two-week honeymoon.

Jesus: I have arranged heaven for us to live in pleasure forever (Revelation 22:1-5).


Man: We can build a house in Hawaii.

Jesus: I am building a mansion for you in heaven (John 14:2-3).


Man: I hope nothing happens to our relationship.

Jesus: Not anything in heaven or in earth can affect our relationship (Romans 8:34-39).


Man: “Till death do us part.”

Jesus: At death I will take you to a mansion to love you forever (John 14:2-3; Phil 1:21).


Man: Look in my eyes and see my love.

Jesus: Look at my hands and my feet and see my love (John 20:26-28; Revelation 5:6).


Man: With this ring . . . I thee wed.

Jesus: With this blood . . . I thee wed (Revelation 5:9; I Peter 1:18-19).