Cost Cutting for Financial Prudence

1. Rule #4 for Bible economics is to minimize expenses (detailed sermon outline here).

2. We could very well be facing more difficult financial times ahead. America deserves it.

3. Strong men retain riches (Prov 11:16), by minimizing their spending (Prov 21:17,20; 18:9).

4. Good men accumulate by whatever lawful means (I Thess 4:11-12; Eph 4:28; Prov 13:22).

5. Mormons do better than most Christians with structured giving, saving, and avoiding debt.


  1. Eating out is most expensive variable cost.
  2. Convenience foods cost – potatoes chips 6x
  3. Eat less and lose weight; stomachs shrink.
  4. Downsize house, if possible and profitable.
  5. Max W-4 exemptions for less tax withheld.
  6. Used clothing can be quality and cheap.
  7. Do not pay interest, so no debts like Uncle.
  8. Driving an older car can be fun.
  9. Used furniture is around for hunting.
  10.  Programmable thermostat set prudently.
  11. Term life insurance only for family.
  12. High deductible medical insurance.
  13. New HSA insurance can save a bundle.
  14. AMEX or other cards for discounts.
  15. What is the cheapest grocery store? Aldi.
  16. Cancel the newspaper. Read it online. 
  17. Used cars have less dep, taxes, insurance, 
  18. Where is cheapest place to eat out? 
  19. Cost-cutting boot camp for family. 
  20. Raise summer temp – lower winter temp. 
  21. Warehouse quantities and name brands. 
  22. Split a meal out – portions are often huge. 
  23. Never bounce a check or get a ticket. 
  24. Study for financial aid i.e. school, health 
  25. If you cannot buy for cash, leave it alone. 
  26. Credit scores get cheaper mortgages. 
  27. Obey God. He can make things last. 
  28. Pay God. He can make things last. 
  29. Identify and remember cheapest contractors. 
  30. Know what you are paying – KBB, psf, etc. 
  31. Be careful about rent versus buy advantage 
  32. Coupons can be deceptive to higher prices 
  33. Use church for cheap contractors, sources, 
  34. Insurance is for catastrophe only. 
  35. Fight sales – you may not need the savings! 
  36. Get rid of any extra vehicles not essential.
  37. Never drive anywhere unless necessary.
  38. Simple foods e.g. eggs can be very cheap.
  39. Impulse buying must be hated and avoided.
  40. Learn contentment with wife without stuff.
  41. Activities always cost in one way or another.
  42. Unnecessary travel is wasteful many ways.
  43. Atkins diet is cheapest way to eat and lose.
  44. Multiple cell phones may be unnecessary.
  45. Only hire home help if absolutely necessary.
  46. Stretch diapers and clothes for kids longer.
  47. Studiously reduce your various utility costs.
  48. Wash your cars yourself rather than pay.
  49. Manage and track every single cent spent.
  50. Think cost every time you turn a car key.