The Tongue for God’s Glory


  1. We are presently studying James, and each chapter condemns the sinful use of the tongue.
  2. There are good uses of the tongue toward one another to be trees of life (Prov 11:30; 15:4).
  3. But we should be glad to use our tongues for God’s glory, for silence is not always golden!
  4. Life is simple – you were made for God’s glory (Pr 16:4; Rev 4:11), so sing like it tonight!


  1. Your tongue is your glory, for by it you have a unique creature ability on earth to give glory to God (Psalm 16:9 cp Acts 2:26; Psalm 30:11-12; 57:8; 108:1).
  2. The four beasts or seraphim never rest from praising (Rev 4:8-11; Is 6:1-4).
  3. When God gave the gift of tongues, it was to praise God’s works (Ac 2:4,11).
  4. Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs are sung to the Lord (Eph 5:19; Col 3:16).
  5. Your mouth and its sounds are to be used for God and His people (Ps 34:1-3).
  6. The effect of praise and thanksgiving on other believers is good, and it is one of the most delightful things you can ever do with another person (Ps 69:30-32).
  7. The LORD Jehovah, also JAH, loves glad praise of saints (Ps 68:3-4; 95:1-3).
  8. Praise glorifies God, and it leads to blessings upon holy saints (Psalm 50:23).
  9. David loved singing to the Lord very much (Psalm 47:6-7; 104:33-34; 147:1).
  10. Do you delight in the LORD Himself … nothing else will work (Psalm 37:4).
  11. Are you a mannequin, mumbler, or dancer before the LORD (II Sam 6:14-16)?
  12. God saved us Gentiles for some singing, praising, and lauding (Rom 15:8-11).
  13. Get a load of Psalm 150 for a psalm entirely dedicated to praising the Lord!


  1. Do not hear this short lesson without doing something about it! What? Sing! Give thanks!
  2. You and your tongue were created for the glory of God – delight in using it boldly for Him!
  3. The Heart of David” emphasizes tongue praise.