Is Truth a Right?




Natural man is so proud that he thinks God owes him truth and he can obtain it whenever he wants it. He presumes that God would never withhold truth or deceive him. But the facts of the Bible overthrow this delusion and show that God owes the truth to none, He gives it to only a few, He hides it from the rest, and the blessed few should be thankful for the gift! Glory! Amen!

Truth is rare …

  1. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam enslave about half the earth’s population in gross darkness.
  2. Of 2 billion Christians, 1 billion are Mary-worshipping, baby-sprinkling, God-eating heretics.
  3. Of 900 million Orthodox and Protestant, 850 million cannot even sort out scriptural baptism.
  4. Of 50 million Baptists, some are ordaining women, some compromising baptism, etc., etc.
  5. We are in perilous times of the last days, when truth is nearly gone (II Tim 3:6-9,13; 4:3-4).
  6. If God seeks worshippers to worship in truth, then acceptable worship is rare (John 4:23-24).
  7. If you are not worshipping in truth, then you believe a lie and your worship is worthless!

If truth is a right …

  1. Why did Jacob feel so unworthy and thankful (Gen 32:10)?
  2. Why did God harden Pharaoh’s heart after he asked, “Who is the LORD?” (Ex 7:13; 14:8)?
  3. Why did God give His laws to Israel only (Deut 4:5-8; Ps 147:19-20; Amos 3:2; Rom 3:1-2)?
  4. Why did God direct Micaiah and an angel to lie to King Ahab (I Kings 22:15,19-23)?
  5. Why did God seal up the Bible to Israel by blinding the eyes of their teachers (Is 29:9-16)?
  6. Why did God promise to deceive prophets that carnal Christians would seek (Ezek 14:1-11)?
  7. Why did God give Israel bad statutes and pollute them by their own gifts (Ezekiel 20:25-26)?
  8. Why did God send a famine in the land of Israel of hearing God’s words (Amos 8:11-14)?
  9. Why did Jesus Christ direct His apostles to not preach to the Gentiles (Matthew 10:5-6)?
  10. Why did Jesus Christ not provide cities with means He knew would work (Matt 11:20-24)?
  11. Why did the Lord of heaven and earth hide the truth from educated men (Matt 11:25-26)?
  12. Why did Jesus Christ preach in parables to keep men from the truth (Matt 13:10-11)?
  13. Why did Jesus tell His disciples to let Pharisees lead men into a ditch of lies (Mat 15:12-14)?
  14. Why did Jesus say His mission was of judgment to make the seeing blind (John 9:39-41)?
  15. Why did God harden Jewish hearts to miss truth (John 12:40; Acts 23:23-28; Rom 11:7-10)?
  16. Why did God allow and overlook nations walking in their own stupidity (Acts 14:16; 17:30)?
  17. Why did the Holy Ghost forbid Paul from preaching in Asia and Bithynia (Acts 16:6-10)?
  18. Why did the Lord open the heart of Lydia but not others who heard Paul (Acts 16:14)?
  19. Why did God take men rejecting Him and give them over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1:28)?
  20. Why did God send men other than what they wanted, so they would hate it (I Cor 1:17-24)?
  21. Why did Paul not use his oratory or rhetoric skills to convert more to the truth (I Cor 2:1-5)?
  22. Why did God not command the light of the gospel to shine in all hearts (II Cor 4:3-7)?
  23. Why did God send strong delusion to some men so they would believe a lie (II Thes 2:9-12)?
  24. Why did God not grant repentance to all men so they could see the truth (II Tim 2:25-26)?
  25. Why did God appoint some men to stumble over the Lord Jesus Christ (I Peter 2:6-8)?
  26. Why did God write the Bible to be hard to understand and thus destroy men (II Pet 3:15-16)?

Men hate the truth by nature …

  1. We flagrantly chose a lie in our first parents in Eden (Gen 2:17; 3:1-6)!
  2. Babies are conceived and formed in the womb hating truth (Ps 51:5; 58:3)!
  3. Foolishness is bound in the hearts of children against the truth (Prov 22:15)!
  4. We have deceitful hearts that are desperately wicked, and we believe them (Jer 17:9-10)!
  5. Until born again, we follow the greatest liar in the universe (Eph 2:1-3; John 8:44; Rev 12:9)!
  6. Jesus knew why the Jews rejected His preaching, because He preached the truth (John 8:45)!

So what should we do …

  1. Thank the God of heaven for giving any truth you have to unworthy wretches (Gen 32:10)!
  2. Thank God always from a sense of debt for His choice from eternity to give it (II Thes 2:13)!
  3. Beg the God of heaven to not take His Holy Spirit from you and leave you blind (Ps 51:11)!
  4. Avoid your jealous God by being entirely devoted to Him (Ex 34:14; Job 12:16; Heb 13:4)!
  5. Take heed therefore how ye hear, because He will take truth away from you (Luke 8:18)!
  6. If sins caused the blindness we have read in this sermon, then you must end your sinning!
  7. You must pray for divine enlightenment by the Spirit (Ps 119:18; Eph 1:17-19; Jas 1:5)!
  8. Tremble before Him and His words in order to have Him approach you (Isaiah 66:2)!
  9. We cannot be ashamed of the truth or ever fear those who hate it (Prov 29:25; Jer 1:17)!
  10. Search the scriptures and prove all things to use the means of truth (Acts 17:11; I Thes 5:21)!
  11. Humble ourselves before God lest He consider us among the proud (I Kings 3:7; Ps 131:1-3)!
  12. Have a holy motive for the truth that will please God to reveal more (Jer 9:23-24; Ps 119:11)!
  13. You must obey what you learn, lest He remove any (John 7:17; Rom 11:19-22; Heb 2:1-3)!
  14. We must keep and defend that which has been committed to us (I Tim 3:15; 6:20; Jude 1:3)!
  15. Avoid evil communications from any source that would corrupt the truth (I Cor 15:33)!
  16. Get ready for heresies to test your love of the truth by separating friends (I Cor 11:19)!
  17. Never modify the truth, but allow it to divide and separate men (II Corinthians 2:15-17).
  18. Check yourself to make sure you have not turned your ears away from truth (II Tim 4:3-4).
  19. Beg the Lord to teach you more of His truth (Psalm 25:4-5; 43:3; 86:11; 119:66).

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“Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in thy sight.” Lord, we are blessed and honored to be Thy babes. Have mercy upon us, and open our eyes and hearts to behold the precious truth of Thy words. Amen.