Elijah & Elisha

Directions: Place a “J” for Elijah or an “S” for Elisha in each of the following blanks. This test is timed, so do not linger on any one question. Finish as many as possible, then go back to the tough ones.

____ 1. He threw some meal into a stew that had poisonous gourds in it to make it safe.

____ 2. He endured the same emotional difficulties in his spirit that we sometimes face.

____ 3. He had enough power to raise a man from the dead … by his bones after death!

____ 4. His name means – God is Jehovah.

____ 5. When sitting in a room of men, he announced his assassin at the door.

____ 6. He cursed little children for teasing him, and two she bears tore 42 of them.

____ 7. While the people bought ass’s heads and dove’s dung, he promised much food.

____ 8. He would not let the people compromise between two possible opinions about God.

____ 9. He was so bold in prayer that he asked for twice the spirit of the other man.

____ 10. He restored a widow’s son to life at Zarephath after eating her last cake.

____ 11. He made great fun of false religion and then killed the false preachers.

____ 12. His name in the New Testament is spelled “Eliseus.”

____ 13. He foretold the death of Benhadad, king of Syria, and the coming reign of Hazael.

____ 14. He said, “Go in peace,” when a man said that his job included indirect idolatry.

____ 15. His name means – God is salvation.

____ 16. He appeared with Moses on the mount of Transfiguration to talk to Jesus.

____ 17. He multiplied loaves miraculously to feed 100 men and have bread left over.

____ 18. He restored a woman’s son to life at Shunem after healing her barren womb.

____ 19. He helped a widow pay off her debts by filling many vessels in a house with oil.

____ 20. John the Baptist fulfilled his prophesied arrival before Christ’s first coming.

____ 21. He was known for having much less hair than the other man.

____ 22. He once girded up his loins and outran a king in a chariot to beat a storm.

____ 23. He was once so discouraged that he asked God to take his life.

____ 24. He told his servant there were more with them than with the surrounding army.

____ 25. God did not speak to him by wind, earthquake, or fire … but a still small voice.

____ 26. He called fire down from heaven to consume two captains and their 50 men.

____ 27. He told a king and queen that dogs would lick one’s blood and eat the other.

____ 28. His name was invoked when trying to cross the Jordan river with a mantle.

____ 29. He made a borrowed axe head to swim to the top after it had fallen in a river.

____ 30. He was so bold in prayer that he asked God to stop the rain for three years.

____ 31. Like John the Baptist, he told a man he needed to be dipped in the Jordan River.

____ 32. In order to magnify his God, he drenched his altar with water before God lit it.

____ 33. His name in the New Testament is spelled “Elias.”

____ 34. He got angry against King Joash for striking the ground three times with arrows.

____ 35. He went to heaven in a chariot and whirlwind without dying physically first.

____ 36. He was plowing when he was chosen to be the replacement for the other man.

____ 37. He gave leprosy to his servant and his children forever for lying and stealing.

____ 38. He told a skeptic who questioned God that he would see it but not eat of it.

____ 39. Who said and heard, “The chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof”?

____ 40. His exploits were being discussed when a woman appealed against foreclosure.


____ BONUS: Our Lord Jesus Christ used his life as an example of election and discrimination.


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__J__ 2. James 5:17

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__J__ 4. Psalm 68:4.

__S__ 5. II Kings 6:31-33

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__J__ 11. I Kings 18:22-40

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__S__ 15. Contrast with #4 above.

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__S__ 18. II Kings 4:8-37

__S__ 19. II Kings 4:1-7

__J__ 20. Malachi 4:5-6; Matthew 11:7-15; 17:10-13; Luke 1:17

__S__ 21. II Kings 1:8; 2:23

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__J__ 23. I Kings 19:4

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__J__ 25. I Kings 19:9-13

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__J__ 27. I Kings 21:17-23

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__S__ 29. II Kings 6:4-7

__J__ 30. James 5:17

__S__ 31. II Kings 5:9-14

__J__ 32. I Kings 18:30-38

__J__ 33. Luke 4:25; 9:54

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__J__ 35. II Kings 2:1-12

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__S__ 38. II Kings 7:2,19-20

__S__ 39. II Kings 2:12; 13:14

__S__ 40. II Kings 8:1-6


Both BONUS: Luke 4:25-27