Church Covenant and Solemn Assembly

Review of “Things That Are Wanting.”

  1. I have already been told it was not as hard as one thought it would be.
  2. It was a very simple sermon – it is not one of the Lord’s mysteries.
  3. The issue at stake is your religion – the acid test of faith and love for God.
  4. The true worship of God is willingness to submit and obey truth that costs.
  5. Rejecting God’s minister rejects the LORD (Num 16:11; 17:5; I Sam 8:7).
  6. Every man should lead his family to righteousness (Jos 24:15; Gen 18:19).
  7. Conscience nor faith are involved – the Lord has spoken – will you obey?
  8. Saints do not debate, strive, or stubbornly rebell – such are heinous sins.
  9. It will be easier to repent now and follow Christ without the public shame.

Are Covenants Scriptural?

  1. Covenants are wise spiritually and carnally (He 6:16) – the new covenant.
  2. My first call by this church was a written petition signed by all members.
  3. The agreement between church and pastor is left to the judgment of either.
  4. You enter marriage covenants and membership was basically by covenant.
  5. Among several examples we shall only consider three.
    1. There are many references to vows and swearing in Scripture.
    2. Nehemiah had Judah swear regarding pagan wives (Neh 13:25).
    3. Asa fostered a great revival with his covenant (II Chron 15:12-15).
    4. Josiah fostered a great revival with his covenant (II Chr 34:29-33).
  6. Note covenants and revivals – serious intentions obtain serious blessings.
  7. Covenants are serious and to be entered very soberly (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7).

A Solemn Assembly

  1. Joel called for a solemn assembly in his day (Joel 2:15-18).
  2. Solemn assemblies occurred in the O.T. (Lev 23:36; Nu 29:35; Deut 16:8).
  3. The main thing we see is to keep the day free from carnal obligations.
  4. Is the N.T. different? Should we worship solemnly? Try Heb 12:28-29.
  5. Consider a few other examples of men preparing to worship seriously.
    1. Jacob put away idols, washed, and changed clothes (Gen 35:1-3).
    2. Moses prepared washing clothes and avoiding sex (Ex 19:10-15).
    3. Note times of sexual abstinence for fasting and prayer (I Co 7:5).
    4. The Jews counted from 6:00pm to 6:00pm (evening to morning).
  6. What can we do for our first solemn assembly?
    1. Take a day this next week to fast and pray for the coming service.
    2. Stop all carnal family activities at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening.
    3. Soberly pray, read, and sing before going to early bed @ 9:00 p.m.
    4. Rise early, prepare early, and have family prayer before leaving home.
    5. Arrive early, avoid carnal talk, take your seats by 9:45 for meditation.