Proverbs 9:1

Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars:

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The world’s most desirable woman has built a palace, and you are invited to stay there free for the rest of your life. It is the perfect place to live with delightful amenities for every need and total protection from every danger. Why choose to live anywhere else?

Solomon’s proverbs use beautiful and powerful language. Here is the figure of speech called personification, where the intangible thing called wisdom is presented as a noble woman offering friendship to men for safety and success. See the notes for Proverbs 8:1.

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York harbor in 1886. Millions of immigrants cherished the sight, and millions more have considered the image of Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, a precious symbol of freedom and opportunity in the United States.

But if the truth be told, Lady Wisdom, introduced by this proverb, offers benefits far more precious than the United States can ever provide. Even when America was greater than she is today, there was much foolishness in her, which was never true of Wisdom.

Where can you find wisdom for prosperity and protection? Not in the Constitution of the United States, but rather in the written scriptures of God Jehovah and the Lord Christ. The Christian Bible is a perfect divine library offering all wisdom for time and eternity. But it can only benefit you by reading and learning it from those God calls to preach it.

Lady Wisdom has built a house – one large enough to accommodate many – so you think of a palace. Here you can live a safe and long life in prosperity and pleasure, for she has designed every feature to satisfy your needs and desires. It is the paradise you seek.

There are many rooms available, and she calls for guests (Pr 1:20-21; 8:1-4). To enter you only need be foolish and have a desire to be wise (Pr 9:4-5)! There is no cost (Is 55:1-3); you will never be discharged, unless you no longer want friendship with her.

The hotel is supported and decorated by seven beautiful pillars, which are the permanent perfection of wisdom. Seven is the perfect number of God and wisdom (Gen 2:1-3). You need not worry about decay, for it was set up from everlasting (Pr 8:23). Admire it!

Dear reader, you must choose. Would you live here the rest of your life? Or do the foolish men in the street attract you (Pr 1:10-19; 9:6)? Does the strange woman sitting at her door tempt you to stay with her (Pr 7:8; 9:13-17)? See the notes for Proverbs 9:15.

Most pass by Lady Wisdom’s fine palace without any interest, for they are infatuated with the lusts of their flesh and eyes and the pride of life (I Jn 2:15-17). They do not want wisdom, for they are in love with the world’s foolishness and their own selfish thoughts.

Lady Wisdom’s hotel seems boring to ignorant and depraved minds. But to those who enter and partake of the offered amenities, they will find all precious substance, pleasure, and long life (Pr 3:13-18; 8:11,18-21). Look at her preparations for you (Pr 9:2-5)!

Do not neglect her invitation. Rooms are free, but rejection is very costly. If you reject her free offer of peace and prosperity, she will punish your foolish heart with calamities and trouble. She will bring you down to destruction with fear and trembling (Pr 1:24-32). She will turn to be your enemy and turn your life upside down with grief and pain.

A noble man will humble himself, lift grateful thanks to heaven, and run into the hotel today. He will use the information desk and concierge to explore every opportunity and amenity it has to offer, and he will apply himself with all diligence to keep the rules of the house for a perpetual stay in health and happiness. Show Lady Wisdom your zeal!

The Lady’s house is the place of wisdom. It is the source of knowledge and instruction. You choose her house by choosing the path of wisdom laid out here in Proverbs and in the rest of Scripture. You reject her by keeping your own thoughts and following the world’s ideas. It should be a simple choice, but most will take the wide road to hell.

Dear Christian, the Lord Jesus Christ built His house, the church and temple of the living God (Matt 16:18), where the Holy Spirit lives for the comfort and success of His people (Eph 2:19-22; I Tim 3:15). By entering it with a pure heart full of faith, you join the eternal house in heaven, filled with the spirits of just men and angels (Heb 12:22-24).

Are you entering His house with the zeal of those who heard John the Baptist and Jesus? They pressed into God’s kingdom with violent force (Matt 11:12-13; Luke 16:16). They knew that to be broken in humble repentance before Him for their foolishness was better than having Him grind them to powder for their insolent rebellion (Matt 21:43-45).

Is His house so important you would rather be a doorkeeper there than live anywhere else (Ps 84:10)? Is it more important than even your chief joy (Ps 137:5-6)? Is dwelling in the LORD’s house all the days of your life your one great desire (Ps 27:4)? It should be.