Proverbs 8:8

All the words of my mouth are in righteousness; there is nothing froward or perverse in them.

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Lady Wisdom never says anything wrong, unreasonable, or contradictory. Solomon here taught the perfection of God’s wisdom through his continued personification of wisdom as a desirable woman (Pr 8:1-7). The perfect wisdom he described is in Scripture, for the wisdom of natural men is only folly, and the wisdom of holy men is tainted with folly.

Only one source of wisdom is absolutely free from error – the Bible. This is in stark contrast to all the thinking, speaking, and writing of educators, philosophers, scientists, reporters, theologians, and pastors. You may read every word of Scripture with complete confidence, for every word is totally righteous and without error of any kind. The Bible is the depository of wisdom in the world, and every contrary idea is false and wrong.

If you are tired of wrong propositions, wrong conclusions, and wrong applications, then you need the words of Lady Wisdom. You need the Bible. If you are sick of men contradicting one another and their own selves, causing universal confusion, ignorance, and strife, then you need the solid foundation of the perfect words of Scripture (Is 8:20).

It is wisdom to trust every word in the Bible and to hate every false way (Ps 119:128). It is your duty to find the Word of God, read it, and believe it to obtain its wisdom. No matter what subject is addressed, the truth and wisdom of Scripture are absolutely pure from corrupt thinking and are absolutely final in authority. Let God be true!

Since the Bible limits sex to one man and one woman in marriage, you should condemn polygamy, polyandry, fornication, adultery, sodomy, bestiality, and every other sexual deviation. Changing cultural standards are merely mankind’s rebellion against God’s ordinances. And, lo and behold, the nations that have strictly observed His limitations have far excelled the nations compromising one or more of them. Let God be true!

The Bible encourages eating meat, so wise men are not vegetarians. It tells men to defend their nation, so you are not a pacifist. It exalts burial, so you do not cremate the dead. It condemns religious practices from paganism, so you reject Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. It requires a conscience and burial in baptism, so you reject infant sprinkling. It declares celibacy a doctrine of the devil, so you reject the priests and nuns of Rome.

If the Bible’s child training methods contradict those of modern child psychologists, you ignore them and fully trust the Creator God, Who created children and inspired the Bible. If it is no longer fashionable for wives to obey and reverence their husbands, wise men simply recognize that fashion is dictated by modern efforts to pervert God’s standards.

The world, under Satan’s control, must find fault with the Bible. If it is absolutely true, then their thoughts and programs are false. For example, their educational system would collapse, for all the opinions of educators and philosophers would be worthless. This damning result would overthrow governments, religions, social programs, etc. So they are committed at all times to criticize and ridicule Scripture. You should not be surprised.

Their rabid hatred of a Creator God and an absolute standard of truth and wisdom requires them to do all they can to undermine the integrity of the Bible and ridicule anyone who reads and believes it. They must find and publish what they consider inconsistencies, absurdities, and contradictions to exalt their own thinking over the Bible.

Here comes a Bible skeptic! How can Ahaziah be 22 and 42 for the same event (II Kgs 8:26; II Chron 22:2)? What should you do? Laugh! If these God-haters read the Bible, they would know Ahaziah became king at 22, dating him 42 years from Omri, showing the connection why God cut him, his son, and his grandson out of the genealogy of Jesus Christ (Matt 1:8). Two so-called contradictions solved at once for advanced revelation!

Apparent contradictions are caused by inadequate study. Lazy readers or God haters presume errors, without searching for solutions. It is a matter of faith. The Bible believer trusts God and His Word. He knows there is a perfect answer. The skeptic presumes God failed in inspiration or preservation. These different approaches have huge consequences. The skeptic will be blinded; the believer will be blessed (Ps 119:18; Ezek 14:7-9).

If you have difficulty with the command to pluck out an eye, study it anyway to find that Jesus intended sexual self-denial (Matt 5:28-30). When the Bible says neglecting corporal punishment is hatred, submit to His rule and conform your thoughts to God’s concept of parental love (Pr 3:11-12; 13:24). If it is good to be both single and married, you rightly divide Scripture to find the simple solution (Gen 2:18; I Cor 7:8; II Tim 2:15).

The great shame is many Bible skeptics claim to be Christians. They are commentators, textual critics, seminary professors, and pastors. In order to protect their jobs, they must find fault with the Bible, so the little people will have to come to them to find what the Bible should have said in a given verse. They dedicate their lives to correcting the Bible, altering the Bible, and republishing the Bible with a new set of words and sentences.

Consider their best efforts at revising the Bible – the NASV and the NIV. Both versions read that Elhanan killed Goliath in II Samuel 21:19, instead of David. Both versions give credit to Isaiah for a quotation in Mark 1:2 that comes from Malachi. The NASV teaches a begotten god in John 1:18. Consider their most subtle counterfeit – the NKJV. It denies its own Old Testament, by changing “seed” to “descendants” in the promises to Abraham (Gal 3:16 cp Gen 13:15-16; 22:15-18). These manmade books are froward and perverse.

Only the King James Bible may be relied upon as the words of wisdom, for it alone is free from these internal errors and contradictory statements. Jesus said, “Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35), but all modern versions can easily be broken. It is your duty to find the Scriptures surer than God’s voice from heaven (II Pet 1:16-21). It is your duty to find, believe, and obey the Scriptures that have nothing froward or perverse in them.