Proverbs 8:31

Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth; and my delights were with the sons of men.

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Wisdom is worth your attention. God owns wisdom. It is His possession. He has had it from eternity. God has never existed without wisdom, and wisdom has never existed without God. He used wisdom to create the world for the use of man (Pr 8:22-31).

Angels, devils, and men acquire or learn wisdom, but not the Lord. God’s greatest display of wisdom is toward men – by His creation of them, His providence toward them, His incarnation in one of them, His salvation of some of them, and His revelation to them. He exalts wisdom for your consideration by this proverb. Wisdom is worth your attention.

Proverbs Chapter 8 personifies wisdom as a woman. The personal pronouns, from “her” in the first verse to “me” in the last, are Lady Wisdom (Pr 8:1,36). She introduces herself (Pr 8:1-11), describes her benefits for living (Pr 8:12-21), tells of being with God before and during creation (Pr 8:22-31), and she concludes by exhorting men to consider her great value (Pr 8:32-36). Happiness and success with God and men depend on wisdom.

For this section (Pr 8:22-31), Lady Wisdom described being with God before and during creation. She spoke of Him forming mountains, oceans, heavens, clouds, and waves. But then she turned her attention from material things to the habitable part of the earth and mankind. Consider the wisdom of God that has made living on earth so very pleasant.

The habitable parts of earth have features that help men enjoy life. They enjoy mountains for view and coolness, valleys for protection and lush vegetation, and oceans for beaches and water sports. They appreciate the four seasons in places away from the equator. Some climes are perfect for vineyards; other places have diamonds and gold underground. Animals, flowers, trees, terrain, and weather vary by location for almost any preferences.

God’s great wisdom is also shown in other works toward man – creation, providence, incarnation, salvation, and revelation. These five works exalt wisdom very high. Consider a broad review of God’s greatest works to fully appreciate the benefit and value of wisdom used by God in mercy toward the sons of men. You should value wisdom highly.

First, God created man. How? By His eternal and infinite wisdom! Look at a baby’s fingernails and eyelashes. Testosterone turns a boy into a man, and estrogen a girl into a woman, though they eat the same food. When you walk, you do something no robot can duplicate. But then watch a gymnast! Do men and women enjoy lovemaking? Do their bodies fit together well in the act? Gloriously! Man analyzes, thinks, loves, and makes decisions like no other creature on earth. Watch lovers stare into the windows of each other’s soul. Man is uniquely special. He was designed by the wisdom of God.

Second, God providentially takes care of man. How? By eternal and infinite wisdom! He sends sunshine to kiss your skin and rain to prosper fields. That field can grow bread for heart health, wine for heart gladness, and oil for your face. He is the greatest matchmaker in history, arranging for you to meet your spouse. When you needed a job, He caused a firm to hire you. When you and your neighbor pray for opposite needs, He gives the perfect answer for both. He assisted the inventor and gifted the doctor long before you needed the new medical procedure to save your life. Preserved by the wisdom of God!

Third, God was incarnated in a human body and nature. How? By eternal and infinite wisdom! Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God by a miraculous birth from a virgin. He is the perfect embodiment of God and man. All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Him. He is perfect in the sight of God and men. He is Life incarnate. He is Truth incarnate. No man ever spoke like Him; no man ever lived like Him. The sun was darkened, and an earthquake shook the earth, when this glorious Man died. He rose from the dead by glorious power, and He is the King of kings and Lord of lords in heaven at this very moment. God and infinite wisdom were manifest in human flesh in Jesus Christ.

Fourth, God saves men from sin. How? By His eternal and infinite wisdom! The just and holy God, Who must punish every sin and sinner, designed a way to justify sinners and remain righteous Himself. He created a human body by a virgin birth, which He could inhabit and punish instead of His condemned elect. God killed His virgin-born and perfect Son, so He could adopt His depraved enemies as sons. He raised His Son from the dead, so that His Son and sons can rejoice together for eternity. He regenerates their souls and will glorify their bodies to make them wholly fit for heaven. The wisdom and power in this work is preached through the gospel. Saved by the wisdom of God!

Fifth, God revealed Himself to men. How? By eternal and infinite wisdom! He wrote the Bible – the ultimate book of wisdom – by inspiring forty chosen men to record the true history of the earth, the fall and desperate need of man, the infinite glory and nature of God, and complete wisdom for living happy and successful lives. Nowhere else can man find perfect advice and solutions for love, marriage, sexual fulfillment, child training, job performance, financial management, family relations, political science, church practice, social welfare, relating to God, how to die, etc., etc. The Bible is God’s wisdom revealed!

Reader, God used wisdom and displayed wisdom in your creation, in your preservation, in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, in the salvation of His predestinated sons, and in the revelation of truth and wisdom in the Bible. Is wisdom worthy of your attention? Indeed! What are you doing to pursue the wisdom of God? It is found in the words written in the Bible, and God-chosen men teach it in His churches. Great blessings wait for those who seek it; great judgment waits for those who ignore or reject it (Pr 8:32-36).