Proverbs 8:20

I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:

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An eager guide will take you through life. This guide never fails. Every follower has had a successful life. Even the Creator God of heaven used this guide. If you follow, you will find the way of righteousness – doing what is right in God’s sight. You will learn the paths of judgment – discerning things prudently and responding correctly and fairly.

Who is this guide? Lady Wisdom! Solomon chose to personify wisdom as a woman (Pr 8:1-36). He used this powerful figure of speech often (Pr 1:20-33; 3:13-18; 4:5-13; 7:4; 9:1-12). Wisdom is not effeminate, and God Jehovah has had all wisdom from eternity. This guide is worth all the attention, time, and affection you can give her. Embrace her!

What are her benefits? A happy and successful life! There is nothing else to be compared to her (Pr 3:16-18; 4:5-7; 8:12-21). She is worth any price (Pr 3:13-15; 8:10-11; 16:16). She will teach you to understand every situation and choose the right and true response. If you try to figure things out yourself, you will fail due to a sinful heart and blinded mind.

How expensive is she? Free! Hear her offer (Pr 1:20-23; 9:1-5)! The only cost is to trade in your foolish notions and apply a little effort to find and accept her (Pr 18:1; 2:1-6). Do not confidently hold to your own ideas, for it makes you worse than a fool (Pr 26:12).

Is she willing and eager to help you? Indeed! She does not understand why you have taken so long to ask about her (Pr 1:22-23; 8:1-6; 9:1-6). Or are you listening to Lady Folly instead (Pr 9:13-18)? These two figurative women seek your life and soul – one for prosperity and success, the other for dysfunctional trouble and eventually death.

Did God really follow her? Indeed, for He has been wise from the beginning. He had her before any act of creation, and He created all things by her (Pr 3:19-20; 8:22-31; Jer 10:12). He has all the wisdom in the universe and dispenses it according to His will.

What happens if you ignore Lady Wisdom? You will suffer in pain and misery (Pr 1:24-32; 13:14). You must love death to ignore a free offer for a happy and successful life (Pr 8:36), because pain, trouble, and death are what will happen if you choose to reject her.

Where can you find her? She is not far away. Wisdom is seen in the creation (Ps 19:1-6; Rom 1:20-23). But she is most fully found in the Bible (Ps 19:7-11; 119:130; Is 8:20), especially in Solomon’s proverbs (Pr 1:1-6; Eccl 12:8-12), and taught by God’s ministers.

How do you get started? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Pr 1:7; 8:13; 9:10; Job 28:1-28). A proper respect and reverence for Him and His ways is how you get started. Humble yourself before God, meditate on Him, love Him, and obey Him.

Where are others who follow Lady Wisdom? They are in true churches of Jesus Christ, where the Bible and old-fashioned wisdom are taught (II Tim 3:16-17; Jas 3:17-18; Jude 1:4). Do not settle for contemporary churches that have left Bible preaching for fables and entertainment (II Tim 3:1-7; 4:3-4). Look for a church where every word of God is highly esteemed, is preached from the pulpit, and is practiced in the lives of the members.