Proverbs 7:26

For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.

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What did Samson and Solomon have in common? They could not resist whorish women. Are men stronger than women? Yes, ordinarily. No, when the woman is an adulteress. Here is the wise Preacher’s warning about the danger of the strange woman – a woman other than your wife, especially a woman with a whorish heart (Pr 7:1-27).

Solomon, a wise father, soberly warned his son about the temptation and danger of a loose woman (Pr 7:1-5,24-27). After describing her seduction of a foolish young man in a lengthy parable (Pr 7:6-23), he summarized the grave danger of going near such a woman two ways – her power over men is great (Pr 7:26), and the results are fatal (Pr 7:26-27).

Adam and Eve taught a sober lesson in Eden (Gen 2:18-25; 3:1-6). Though Adam was made first and Eve was his helper, he could not resist her request to eat the forbidden fruit (Gen 3:12). Satan’s lie to Eve did not deceive Adam, but he weakly submitted to his naked wife over God and His commandment (Gen 2:16-17; I Tim 2:14). And Satan has used women to seduce men ever since, whether married or not (Job 2:9; I Kgs 11:1-11).

By wise design, God made the woman’s body, flattering speech, physical contact, and eagerness for intimacy to powerfully attract men. Used properly in marriage, it results in the great pleasures of the Song of Solomon. Used outside marriage, only a few men can resist the powerful temptation. As the proverb declares, “Many strong men have been slain by her.” The only sure way to avoid adultery is to stay far from her (Pr 7:6-8,25).

Women have altered nations by seducing their leaders. Consider Cleopatra. This conniving adulteress stole Egypt’s throne and undermined Rome’s by seducing Julius Caesar, and then she destroyed the general Mark Antony by adultery as well. These men, renowned for courage, leadership, and strength, were soft putty in her lying embraces.

But there was Joseph, who resisted the repeated advances of Potiphar’s wife, to eventually rule Egypt, second only to Pharaoh (Gen 39:7-12). Though never having the strength of Samson or killing a giant like David, Joseph is a greater hero. And the Lord Jesus Christ, tempted in all points as any man, was without sin His entire life (Heb 4:15).

What will adultery cost? You will be wounded and slain! Delilah took Samson to an early grave of ignominy and shame. Bathsheba cost David enormously the rest of his life. And pagan women from other nations ruined Solomon’s life and dynasty. Adultery is not the exciting diversion the world claims; adultery is a painful hell and death (Pr 7:27).

How can men defeat the adulteress? They cannot go near her, because they do not have the strength to resist. They must avoid her altogether. She has four wiles: looks, flattery, touch, and willingness. Reject pornography, coed swimming, and immodestly clothed women. Reject flirting, phoning, texting, or email liaisons. Reject dancing, embracing, or other physical contact with another woman. And never allow personal or intimate conversation or opportunity where her willingness for sin can be communicated.

Good wives grasp the power they have and use it to please their husbands and win peace in their marriages and homes (Song 8:6-7; I Cor 7:1-5). And they rejoice in the wonderful pleasure themselves (Song 1:1-2; 2:3-7; 3:4-5; 5:9-16; 8:1-4). They will use their looks, romantic words, physical caresses, and initiate lovemaking to promote romance at home to save their husbands from whorish women (Pr 5:19-20; I Cor 7:1-5; Heb 13:4).

There is another whore in the Bible. The great whore of Revelation 17, which is the false Church of Rome and the churches that came from her. She has also cast down many wounded, and many strong men have been destroyed by her false doctrine and abominable practices. The way to safety is the same – stay far away from her, and find a true church of Jesus Christ where you can meet, worship, and serve in apostolic purity.