Proverbs 7:12

Now is she without, now in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner.)

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Can you identify a whorish woman? Solomon is in the midst of a parable about the seduction of a foolish young man (Pr 7:6-23), but he spent much of the parable describing the spirit and conduct of an elegant whore (Pr 7:10-20). Two verses are separated by parentheses to indicate these are particular characteristics to consider (Pr 7:11-12).

The woman here is not a street prostitute. She is the adulterous wife of a successful man (Pr 7:19-20). She lives with her husband in a house (Pr 7:8,11). He has provided luxurious things for her, which she uses in her enticement (Pr 7:16-17). She is a refined woman with religious activities to cover her treacherous heart and conduct (Pr 7:14). She does not seek the young man’s money: she wants to make passionate love (Pr 7:15,18).

What can we learn about her, for men to avoid and women to reject? She does not like to stay at home! Solomon noted, “Now she is without.” A whorish woman is not content to stay at home. Marital and domestic duties are drudgery to her. She looks for excuses to get out of the house. She loves the excitement and freedom of being able to come and go as she pleases, especially dressed up. She is bored and frustrated to stay at home.

God made the woman to help her husband (Gen 2:18). A virtuous woman, though intelligent and very capable, enjoys marital and domestic duties (Pr 31:10-31). She is a committed keeper at home (Titus 2:5). She knows the risks of being out (I Tim 5:11-15). When out of the home, she works for her husband or does charity (Pr 31:14,16,20,24). She rejects the sinful activities of busybodies and wandering women looking for fun. She knows there is nothing better than fulfilling her role well as wife and mother.

What can we learn about her, for men to avoid and women to reject? She likes the popular places of public concourse! Solomon noted, “Now in the streets.” A whorish woman likes the popular things of life. She is affected by fads, trends, and the glamorous lifestyle. She likes to get out where she can see the carnal activities of people. She would rather eat out than at home, and doing so by herself or with female friends is even better!

A virtuous woman likes the comfort, security, and tranquility of home. She loves creating a cozy refuge from the world, where she can delight her husband and children with affection, creative dining, and home comforts. She dislikes the worldly draw of the city, where sin and temptations abound. She prefers staying calmly dedicated to her family. She is easily content at home and uses her personality and skills to make it very desirable.

What can we learn about her, for men to avoid and women to reject? She arranges to be where men will encounter her! Solomon noted, “And lieth in wait at every corner.” A whorish woman craves the attention and flattery of men, so she finds those events and places where many men can see her. She enjoys being a woman among men.

A virtuous woman is totally dedicated to her man. He safely trusts her, for she does not desire or seek attention from other men (Pr 31:10-12). She is modest and shamefaced in public (I Tim 2:9-10). Being with her husband, no matter what he is doing, is more appealing to her than being with other men. She conducts herself in such a way to reduce or eliminate their compliments. Everyone knows she devotedly loves her husband only.

Christian man, it is your wisdom to avoid women, even if they are church members, who are discontented staying at home and prefer being out in public places of concourse. Do not honor the woman who likes to be out and about, for she likely has a treacherous heart.

Christian woman, it is your duty to prefer the confines of home and the service of your husband and children. By staying at home and avoiding the world as much as possible, you will deliver your soul from much marital discontentment and sexual temptation.

Scripture compares false religion to whoredom often, especially Rome and her adulterous corruption of Christianity (Rev 17:1-6). Rather than being content to promote godliness in her members, she has engaged every means at her disposal to compass land and sea to seduce one more proselyte (Matt 23:15). She is without, now in the streets, and lies in wait at every corner. Be on your guard, every faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore Christian saint, it is your duty to stay at home in the old paths and not seek for new and exciting religious trends (Jer 6:16; 18:15). You have been espoused to one husband, even Jesus Christ the Lord (II Cor 11:1-4). The religious whoremongers of carnal Christianity are waiting to flatter and corrupt you. Stay at home, and be faithful, even unto death, and you will receive the crown of life (Jas 1:12; Rev 2:10).