Proverbs 6:33

A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.

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Adultery should bring death (Lev 20:10; Deut 22:22). But if not, it brings ignominy and shame in most societies. Adulterers should wear a red “A”. Adultery cannot be defended, excused, explained, justified, or rationalized. It is a heinous crime to be punished by judges (Job 31:9-10). It is an unreasonable offence others cannot understand (Pr 6:30-32).

King Solomon knew adultery was a threat to his son and a tempting and destructive sin of his nation. He had witnessed its effects in his own family (II Sam 11-13). He condemned it every way he could. He despised it for its bondage, destroyed families, disease, expense, illegitimate children, ruined reputations, revengeful spouses, death, and hell.

This long condemnation of adultery has two main arguments (Pr 6:20-35). First, because it is indefensible and irrational, men will not excuse it, so it ruins reputations (Pr 6:26-33). Second, because it cannot be justified or explained, it is usually impossible to appease jealous husbands (Pr 6:34-35). His arguments should help you despise adultery.

What is the wound? Punishment by the magistrate, society, or violated husband (Pr 6:30-35)! All are under consideration by way of context. While the thief could redeem himself by restitution, the adulterer can do nothing to undo his sin in the least degree.

What is the dishonor? A man’s character, life, name, and reputation are disgraced and shamed. Starving men who steal food are not despised, but there is no excuse for adultery. For this reason adultery is profanely wicked and should be rejected at all costs.

What is the perpetual reproach? The scandal and stigma of a sin that declares a lack of understanding! It cannot be wiped away, because there is no restitution or explanation. Though a thief may pay back stolen property, an adulterer can never undo his crime.

Compare God’s wisdom and sin’s folly. Hollywood encourages and glamorizes adultery, while God’s word condemns it as an insane and profane act. Which will you believe and obey, reader? Do not overlook the death and hell under the sheets (Pr 2:18; 5:5; 9:18).

Is there hope for adulterers? Yes, for repentant ones! God wounded His only begotten Son for them (Is 53:5). He was despised and rejected of God and men for them (Is 53:3-4). He also became a reproach for them (Ps 22:6; 69:20)! Because of His sacrifice and suffering for them, David and Mary and others like them can find forgiveness, peace, and restoration with God and men. Hallelujah! What a Saviour!