Proverbs 6:30

Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;

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Some sins are understandable, though they cannot be ignored. Adultery is not one of them. Some sins have factors that help explain them, but there is no excuse for adultery.

A hungry man who steals food to survive has not committed a despicable crime, even though he must pay for his theft (Pr 6:31). But adultery is a heinous crime, which cannot be explained or understood. There are no extenuating circumstances or factors to justify it at all. Regardless of the excuses offered, adultery cannot be defended in any way.

This proverb is about adultery, for Solomon compared it to stealing to help his son grasp how despicable a sin it actually is. Though some mercy will be shown toward a man stealing for necessary food, there is no such mercy shown to the man or the woman that violates the marriage covenant and a spouse to be sexually intimate with another person.

Solomon and his wife, great parents, warned their son about whorish women and adultery (Pr 6:20-35). One argument was to show the heinous nature of this sin, which makes it unlike other sins (Pr 6:29-33; Job 31:9-12). Adultery is such a deep and severe breach of a marriage that violated men naturally have no mercy for an adulterer (Pr 6:33-34).

Solomon compared stealing food in order to eat with stealing a man’s wife for intimate pleasure. There is no comparison. Hunger is a powerful drive, and food is necessary for life. Men can understand if a thief steals food to satisfy his hunger. But even though they understand his necessity, they will still require that he make full restitution (Pr 6:31). Of course, this was when God’s justice was enforced, not like this effeminate generation.

Circumstances partially excuse some sins, like stealing food to survive (Pr 30:7-9). It still violates the eighth commandment, so it is a crime deserving punishment. The hungry man should have begged, borrowed, or gleaned, rather than take his neighbor’s property. He should have sold assets to obtain food. Since he did not, he had to face justice and repay the theft seven times, even if the sentence ruined him financially (Pr 6:31).

If stealing food to keep from starving is punished so severely, even though men consider it somewhat understandable, how severe should punishment be for adultery, which is heinous and cannot be explained or justified at all? The argument is powerful! Solomon taught his son, adultery is an awful sin that cannot be covered, forgiven, or understood (Pr 6:26-35). Stay far away from it, lest you defile your soul and reputation permanently.

What does Hollywood portray? They show adultery is a glamorous part of life, everyone is doing it, and its pleasure far exceeds marital love. What do the courts say? They say it is no longer a crime, even if you pervert nature and use the spouse of your own sex. What do psychologists say? They say it may improve marriage and spark romantic revival.

But what does the LORD Jehovah say in the Bible? This is all that matters, for His will and word alone are absolute truth on this or any subject (Ps 119:128). He says it is a capital offence worthy of death by stoning (Lev 20:10; Deut 22:22-24). If civil courts will not judge it, then God Himself will judge the adulterers and adulteresses (Eze 23:45-47).

If your friends commit adultery or have casual sex, God will judge you for having such friends (Ps 50:16-22). If you allow entertainment by music or movies that glamorize, justify, or lightly view casual sex or adultery, God will judge you (Rom 1:32). You need to be like David and get all such people and entertainment out of your life (Ps 101:3).

What kind of church do you attend? Is casual sex preached against hard and often? Are such friends preached against? Is such entertainment preached against? Is easy divorce preached against? If not, you need a new church. The true religion of Jesus strongly condemns adultery in all these forms (Mat 5:27-32; Gal 5:19-21; I Thes 4:3-8; Heb 13:4).

No adulterers will be in heaven, except those saved by the justifying death of Jesus Christ in the electing will of God’s eternal counsel (Rev 21:8; I Cor 6:9-11). By this perfect Man’s substitutionary death as the Second Adam, He will save all His people from their sins, even casual sex and adultery (II Sam 12:13; Jn 8:1-11; Ro 5:19). Call on Him today!