Proverbs 6:21

Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.

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Good rules must be remembered, or they have no value. If you have instructions to save your life, you must obey them to avoid death. Rules for your safety can never be forgotten and must be recalled constantly. King Solomon warned his son to never forget his father’s commandment and his mother’s law about whorish women (Pr 6:20-35).

Sexual sins are a great danger to every young person, especially in this generation. The consequences are very costly with abortion, disease, divorce, guilt, loneliness, destroyed relationships, ruined reputations, and sexual dysfunction among them. But the world calls it casual sex and glamorizes it. What God despises and condemns, Hollywood defends and promotes. Parents must teach their children sexual truth and remind them of it often.

Sexual sins are a great temptation to every young person, especially in this generation. High hormone levels, media bombardment of the senses, excessive leisure time, immodest attire, ridicule of young marriages, and many willing partners combine for a powerful draw. Rather than condemning and warning against it, the entertainment and education establishments allow and encourage it. Parents must restrain their children.

The plural pronoun “them” refers to the father’s commandment and the mother’s law (Pr 6:20). These were parental rules to save their son from the threat of whores (Pr 6:23-24). Solomon wrote much about this danger in the book of Proverbs (Pr 2:16-19; 5:1-23; 6:20-35; 7:6-27; 9:13-18; 22:14; 23:27-28). Parent, do you warn your children of this danger?

Binding them continually on the heart means to affectionately receive them and fervently obey them with the intent to never forget them (Pr 3:3; 4:21; 7:3). Tying them around your neck is to keep them visible in all life situations – a ready reminder. If God’s sexual warnings are hid in the heart and visible in the life, success is very likely (Ps 119:9,11).

Solomon knew it could work, for he wrote, “When thou goest, it shall lead thee; when thou sleepest, it shall keep thee; and when thou awakest, it shall talk with thee” (Pr 6:22).

But can you see a man without eyes grinding in a Philistine prison? Did his parents warn him? Yes, they did (Judges 14:1-3). But he did not bind their advice on his heart or tie it around his neck. Stronger than any man, he was no match for Delilah’s beauty, words, and kisses (Pr 7:26). Now he had much time to reflect and hate how he had neglected his parents’ good rules (Pr 5:8-14). Casual sex had destroyed him. It was only his fault.