Proverbs 6:17

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

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God hates seven things, and here are three (Pr 6:16-19). Solomon had just written, “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:” (Pr 6:16). For success and wisdom in your life, you must get any aspect of these sins out of your life.

Pride, lying, and murder are accepted today (keep on reading), but they are an abomination to the LORD. He has not changed; He will never change. If you want the God of the Bible against you, allow one or more of these sins in your life (Ps 47:2; 66:3-5; 68:35; 99:3). If you want Him for you with blessing and favor, then hate these sins.

Corrupt societies try to outlaw hatred, but God still hates sin and sinners (Ps 5:5; 11:5; Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8). Do not deceive yourself. The God of heaven is not the senile old man painted by Michelangelo for popes and cardinals. He is angry at the wicked every day (Ps 7:11). And He will soon cast His enemies into hell (Ps 9:17; Matt 7:23; Rev 20:11-15).

Before excusing yourself from this proverb, remember three things. First, God hates more than seven sins – He hates all sins and sinners (Ps 5:4-6; 11:4-6). Second, the application is very broad and includes much more than you may think (Ps 119:96; Matt 5:21-22). And third, you will soon give a full account to God about these sins (Eccl 12:13-14).

The right meaning is important, or the self-righteous try to escape (Neh 8:8). When the Bible condemns a proud look, a lying tongue, and murdering hands, it intends more than a sinful face, speech, or actions. It includes every associated sin that would fall under that general category. For example, a lying email without spoken words is also condemned.

The LORD hates a proud look. He cannot stand any kind of pride in angels or men. He cast Satan and his angels out of heaven for pride (Is 14:12-15; I Tim 3:6; Jude 1:6). He hates self-esteem, strife, haughty thoughts, self-promotion, proud anger, an irreligious life, selfishness, boasting, conceited eyes, and stubbornness among other sins (Pr 13:10; 14:3; 21:24; 25:27; 26:16; 30:17; Ps 10:2-6; Is 2:11-12; Rom 12:3; Gal 6:3; II Tim 3:1-5).

The LORD hates a lying tongue. He loves truth, and He hates all deception. The devil is the father of lies, and his children are just like him (John 8:44; Eph 2:1-3). Liars are going to hell (Rev 21:8; 22:15). God hates exaggeration, fraud, misrepresentation, false witnessing, slander, haggling, flattery, silence under oath, and jesting among other sins of lying (Pr 10:18; 12:22; 19:5; 20:14,23; 26:18-19,28; Ex 23:1; Deut 19:16-21; Job 17:5).

The LORD hates murderous hands. He loves life, for He is the living God, and He gives life and breath to all (Gen 2:7; Is 42:5; Acts 17:25). Life is sacred, not because man is special, but because God created it and defends it. He demands capital punishment for murder (Gen 9:6), and anyone disagreeing is a fool. The devil was a murderer from the beginning, and so are his children, who are all going to hell (John 8:44; Rev 21:8; 22:15).

God hates abortion, backbiting, bitterness, debate, envy, grudges, malice, manslaughter, negligent homicide, strife, foolish anger, neglecting child discipline, railing, foolish killing of animals, ignoring cries for help, lack of mercy, wrath, withholding capital punishment, and talebearing as other sins of murder (Pr 12:20; 13:24; 22:6-7; 23:13-14; 31:8-9; Ex 21:22-25,28-29; Deut 22:6-8; Matt 5:21-26; Gal 5:19-21; Eph 4:31-32).

God’s word is to be interpreted and applied broadly (Matt 5:27-32; Luke 10:29-37). Its demands go far beyond the limitations your heart wishes were on them. These are things God hates, and yet they are hardly preached against today. Seeker sensitive types want you to think all is well. But you can see there might be one or two sins that condemn you. You need to get them out of your life and then teach these rules to your children.

Is it fair to say pride is accepted today? Definitely! Psychologists, educators, and pastors exalt self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence as cures for most relational problems, which are nothing more than psycho-babble terms for a naïve, selfish adoration of self. This is just one example of pride being accepted today. True Christianity is the opposite – the love of others over self (Matt 22:39; Rom 12:10; Eph 5:21; Phil 2:3-4; II Tim 3:1-2).

Is it fair to say lying is accepted today? Definitely! Politicians make promises they have not calculated or never intend to keep. If caught in a moral or political error, they will spin words to avoid guilt. Legalese is a term often used to describe lawyers playing with words (Luke 10:29). Have you ever haggled with a seller by pointing out flaws in the merchandise and then later boasted about getting the item at a low price (Pr 20:14)?

Is it fair to say murder is accepted today? Definitely! Anger or name-calling without a righteous cause is murder (Matt 5:21-22). Any abortion for any cause is murder (Ex 21:22-25). If strict child discipline can save them from an untimely death, then its neglect is a form of murder (Pr 23:13-14). Backbiting, talebearing, and whispering are means of destroying another’s reputation, which is a form of taking a life (Pr 18:8; 26:22; 12:18).

Reader! You are condemned! David put it this way, “If thou, LORD, shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord, who shall stand? (Ps 130:3.) Even David, God’s favorite, knew he was in trouble if God held his sins against him. If God marked and recorded all sins, then every man is doomed to eternal judgment. Since He does just that, He will show you every violation of this proverb in a day fast approaching (Eccl 12:13-14; Rev 20:11-15).

But that is not the end of the story, for David wrote next, “But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared” (Ps 130:4). Without forgiveness, God would be unapproachable, but there is mercy for those that call upon Him, which only the elect will ever do (John 3:19; 5:40; 6:44; 8:45). Faith is the result of predestination (Acts 13:48), for man by nature has only disgust and rebellion for the gospel (I Cor 1:18-24; 2:14).

God chose to forgive His elect before the world began by ordaining Jesus Christ to die as a substitute for them (Jn 6:38-39; 10:26-29; 17:2; Rom 5:6-21; 8:29-39; Eph 1:3-11; I Pet 1:20). God owes mercy and love to none; He gives it only to those He chooses (Ex 33:19; Rom 9:15). If you love Him, He loved you first (I John 4:19). By hating these three sins for His sake, your virtuous life by faith proves your election (II Pet 1:5-11; Ps 15:1-5).