Proverbs 6:13

He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;

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Wicked persons often hide naughty intentions behind subtle body language. Rather than declare their evil goals and be rejected as dangerous, they use covert and indirect methods for wickedness. A wise man will learn to recognize these hypocrites and liars, even though they make efforts to cover their malicious designs. All noble and virtuous men should reject such secret methods and make their godly intentions fully known.

The proverb is preceded and followed by others that indicate the subject is a wicked, malicious, and naughty person (Pr 6:12,14). This is no ordinary winking, foot movement, or teaching with fingers. The context requires that these movements are part of a froward man’s repertoire in communicating his evil thoughts to others. Those who wisely use winking, foot movements, or pointing out things need not fear from this proverb.

Wicked persons are controlled by the folly and evil in their hearts (Pr 6:14). They cannot stop their sinful thoughts or actions (Pr 6:14). They talk with a froward, or arrogant and rebellious, mouth (Pr 6:12). They constantly work their vile business of sowing discord (Pr 6:14). They cannot rest if others are at peace, for they are always at war (Ps 55:21; 120:7). Mouth, eyes, feet, and fingers all work in one direction – to defraud others.

Judas betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ with a kiss (Luke 22:47-48). The wounds of a friend are better than such kisses (Pr 27:6). Whorish women do not openly declare they are whores – they communicate their intentions by their eyes, clothes, and body movements (Pr 6:25; 7:10; Is 3:16-23). Rebellious children roll their eyes at their parents rather than curse them verbally, but God counts both actions equally vile (Pr 20:20; 30:17).

This proverb teaches you to identify wicked persons by their arrogant mouths and covert body language, to avoid them lest you become a victim of their evil intentions and subtle communication, and to know that God will soon judge them without remedy (Pr 6:15). The blessed and holy God of heaven hates such men (Pr 6:15-19). Stay away from these dangerous men, or they will devour you when it would profit them (Pr 10:10; Ps 35:19).

This proverb also teaches you to be direct, honest, and virtuous in word and deed. The speech and body language of righteous men should be entirely different from the wicked snakes described above. Your words should be clear, concise, noble, and right. Your actions should be open and honest without subversive intentions or even the appearance of such. Let your gaze be sober and constant, without winking. Let your feet be used only for walking. And let your fingers only point righteously in the sight of all men.

Jesus Christ was such a Man, declaring things openly to the world, teaching publicly in synagogues and the temple, and saying nothing in secret (Jn 18:20). He is called Faithful and True, because He is the faithful and true witness (Rev 3:14; 19:11). His true ministers are like Him, using great plainness of speech without craftiness or deceitfulness (II Cor 3:12; 4:1-2). Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you have one of His pastors to teach you?