Proverbs 5:6

Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.

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Son, your great enemy is adaptable. She will alter her methods in order to entice and keep you, for she cannot allow you to examine your life or consider the consequences of further dealings with her. Do you know this enemy? Do you know her tactics? Do you know how to save yourself from her? Be forewarned and live, my son (Pr 5:1)!

Solomon used many proverbs to warn men about the strange woman and how she destroys men (Pr 7:26; 23:28). A strange woman is any woman not your wife, but especially a whore; he warned his son carefully about her (Pr 5:1-5). He knew her pain himself, and experience said she was a great threat to destroy young men (Eccl 7:25-29).

He knew many of her enticements. He knew about her flattering words (Pr 6:24), her beauty (Pr 6:25), her eye contact (Pr 6:25), her kisses (Pr 7:13), her pretended character (Pr 7:14), her romantic affection (Pr 7:15), her creative lovemaking (Pr 7:16-18), and her precautions for a safe rendezvous (Pr 7:19-20). But he did not know them all.

Escape from a strange woman requires a man to soberly and unemotionally examine his life and the future results of his actions. Calm reflection will show he is hanging over the pit of hell, with bitter pain and death the certain results. All she can offer is momentary and temporary pleasure. He needs to immediately get as far away from her as possible.

A whore cannot allow you to think soberly, for it would ruin her game, so she uses all her wiles to keep you from realizing your fatal situation. She entices you unrelentingly in various ways, so that you cannot escape her draw. She uses womanly instincts, hellish training, and devilish seduction to keep you off balance and under her spell. She cannot afford to let you consider your ways. She must keep your soul a slave to her desires.

Solomon had learned the hard way that her “heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands” (Eccl 7:26). Snares and nets are the tools of those who trap unwary animals, birds, or fish. They are disguised from view; they are often moved; and they have attractive bait attached. Whorish women are like beasts of prey, crouching, sneaking, hiding, and then pouncing on their unwary victims to their mortal destruction (Pr 23:27-28; 22:14).

Samson knew Delilah sought to destroy him, by three other events; yet he could not resist her seductive wiles, and so she destroyed a strong man (Jdgs 16:4-21; Pr 7:26). Samson’s ruin is hard to believe, so Solomon gave a clear warning in the proverb here. Tamar knew she must alter her appearance and ways to snare Judah, and they worked (Gen 38:12-19).

Whores can play hard to get – or easy to have. They might be down and dirty – or upright and noble (Pr 7:14). They can offer love – or threaten revenge. They might take you with words – or with touches. They can be mysterious – or bold. They can appear to be slipping away – or promising eternal adoration. They can pretend to be innocent and virtuous – or they can be wildly bold. They will change to chain you to them!

Young man, certain safety is only by staying far from her (Pr 5:8; 4:15; Rom 13:14). Do not deceive yourself about your ability to resist her temptation. To expose yourself to her wiles is more than you can handle. Nearly any whorish woman is too much temptation for nearly any man, so get away, now! Flee fast and far (Gen 39:12; II Tim 2:22)!

You will never escape an inviting woman unless you ponder the path of life. Do you examine yourself in the light of God’s word, where the path of life is detailed for you (Ps 139:23-24)? Do you prepare for the preaching of God’s word to convict you of any errors in your life? This exercise is essential to your safety and success in life (II Cor 13:5).

Beyond whorish women, the devil is also your enemy. He walks about seeking whom he may devour, just like a wanton woman looking for a victim (I Pet 5:8). Take the whole armor of God and stand against his enticing wiles (Eph 6:10-19). Jesus withstood the devil’s three best efforts to ruin Him by soberly applying God’s word (Matt 4:1-11).

Beyond influencing whorish women in their wicked tactics of seduction, the devil also influences false churches to change their methods to beguile unstable souls (II Pet 2:14). The chief of these churches is that in Rome, which has seduced billions of souls into her religious brothel with many abominable spiritual inventions (Rev 17:1-6).

Jesus was tempted in all points, yet without sin (Heb 2:17-18; 4:15). Being a perfect man, He experienced malicious and weak women pursuing Him (Pr 6:26), but He gloriously resisted them all. Having lived so successfully, He is a most merciful high priest for those facing such temptations. Go to Him for strength, and go to Him for forgiveness.