Proverbs 5:21

For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and he pondereth all his goings.

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God’s eyes are everywhere, watching all actions (Pr 15:3; Ps 11:4; 139:1-12). Every thought, word, and deed is naked and exposed to the all-seeing eyes of the omniscient God. He sees and considers all your doings, so you should fear Him and hate sin. You should order your life, both in private and public, to please Him in all ways, at all times.

But the warning is considerably more pointed – you should fear God seeing your sexual sins. Here the wise father Solomon warned his son about the strange woman and taught the cure for her. She is bitter, painful, and takes men down to death and hell (Pr 5:4-5); she destroys lives (Pr 5:9-11); she brings bondage (Pr 5:22-23). Inspired safety is to be totally in love with your wife and content with her body and lovemaking (Pr 5:15-19).

Sexual sins are done in secret. Adulterers meet in private or dark places (Pr 7:9; Job 24:15). Pornography addicts hide materials or media and make excuses for being alone (Ezek 16:17; 23:14-16). The fantasizing person believes thoughts, imaginations, and desires are totally hidden from everyone (Pr 24:9; Ps 10:11; Ezek 8:12). The defrauding wife thinks she is justified and safe avoiding sex with her husband (I Cor 7:3-5).

But the Lord God sees and knows all such deeds and thoughts. Nothing is hid from His eyes. Darkness is as noonday to Him. He fills heaven and earth; where will you hide? He discerns the very thoughts and intents of your heart. He knows and considers it all. And He hates and judges sexual sins (Ex 20:14; Lev 18:6-25; 20:10-21; Matt 5:28; Heb 13:4). It means nothing at all to Him that you have hid your sexual crimes from other men.

The father asked his son, “Why love or touch a strange woman?” (Pr 5:20). She brings terrible pain and destruction (Pr 5:4-11); she causes bondage and death (Pr 5:22-23). But he especially wanted his son to know that God sees every sexual activity and thought, and He considers and weighs them all. The Lord of heaven will give blessings to the sexually pure and faithful; He will send painful, punishing judgment upon the filthy and foolish.

People go to great lengths hiding sexual sins from others for guilt, fear, and shame, but the only Judge they should fear sees every deed and the thoughts behind them clearly. Why fear others knowing your sexual sins, when the holy God is a much greater Judge? This proves the deceitfulness and insanity of the depraved and willful human heart, using fig leaves to cover nakedness, when only the blood of an innocent life can truly protect.

The LORD sees and knows your sexual secrets, and you had better keep your sexual life pure and holy, for this is the will of God (I Thess 4:1-8). He watches all your sexual activities, thoughts, and words. He will surely bless the righteous and judge the wicked. You cannot hide or escape His penetrating view, and you cannot avoid the consequences.

The Lord Jesus Christ was tempted in all points as you are, but He remained faithful to His God, even better than Joseph. Single, followed by many devoted women, and more desirable and affectionate than any man, He lived with absolute fidelity and purity to God His Father. Confess and repudiate your sexual sins already committed to Him, and then follow His holy example today. He will give you increasing strength as you obey Him.