Proverbs 5:18

Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

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Married men have a fountain. They should thank God for it, protect it, honor it, and use it. It is the wife of their youth that gives birth to their children. A wife is like a fountain in that she sends forth children to spread a man’s influence. A wise man highly values this advantage of a lawful wife over a whore. He should enthusiastically enjoy life with her.

Fathering children with a wife is a glorious and wonderful thing. Solomon warned his son against adultery by praising the privilege and pleasure of a legitimate family (Pr 5:15-18). The fountain is a man’s generative power with a woman, which he restricted to only his son’s wife. And he exalted a happy family as a blessing and delight worthy of rejoicing.

Adultery destroys this good thing. Whores cannot give it. They avoid conception, lest they be discovered. When a child is born out of wedlock, it causes more problems than blessings. And adultery crushes the heart of your wife. It is only legitimate children from a monogamous marriage that bring blessing and joy to two loving parents. Solomon condemned adultery by promoting a legitimate family.

Boys should be taught early that marrying young – the wife of thy youth – and having a happy family with children are great sexual and social goals. Girls should believe being a wife and mother are their most fulfilling and noble roles. Childbirth, a nursing mother, and happy children are blessings (Pr 17:6; Job 21:11; 42:16; Ps 107:41; 127:3-5; 128:1-6). They are also great deterrents to the short, deadly pleasure of fornication or adultery.

This perverse generation despises and ridicules the large families of several generations ago. Family size in America has fallen from an average of 7.0 children in 1800 to 3.5 in 1900 to 1.6 in 2000. This collapse is partly due to change from an agrarian/rural society to a service/urban one, but it also reflects the selfish and whorish lifestyles of most adults.

Defying the wisdom of a happy family, this lascivious generation promotes a lifestyle of casual sex, multiple partners, commitment-free love, professional women, marriage without children, and spousal independence. The family unit God ordained and blessed, which was for man’s pleasure, prosperity, and protection, has become an item of scorn.

Divorce, single parenting, cohabitation, and same-sex marriages are in. Many children are raised in one-parent homes. When there are two parents, the one child they have is spoiled beyond description. These children’s dysfunctional lives condemn the trends of this evil generation by the obvious results. God’s wisdom of the family is never outdated.

The righteous, who fear God and trust His Word, must restore the glory and prosperity of the family – a man and wife committed for life, loving their several or more children, and rejoicing in their family extension by grandchildren. You can do this by building your own marriage and family to be an example of blessing and pleasure, by condemning and avoiding all forms of casual sex outside marriage, by teaching your children these things, and by reproving and ridiculing all societal trends against God’s family ordinances.