Proverbs 4:11

I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.

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Fathers! Mothers! Consider this confident and noble parent. What a claim! Can you speak as boldly and virtuously as Solomon about the instruction you have given your children?

Read the proverb again. Will you be able to say these words at the end of your life? Can you say them today? Will God and your children agree with you? What have you done for your children today? God’s blessing and your children’s success depend on it.

Have you taught your children how to have a long and prosperous life (Pr 4:10)? Have you taught them how to avoid the distractions, troubles, and traps of life (Pr 4:12)? Mothers, you are not exempted from this privilege and duty (Pr 1:8; 4:3; 6:20; 31:1-2).

The proverb has three lessons – the duty, content, and confidence of good parenting and teaching. Read Solomon’s words, and see all three lessons, and purpose to apply the lessons today. You must teach; you must teach right things; you must do it confidently.

Graduating from high school or getting a college degree does not impress God, nor does it help children much. Many pagans have college degrees, and most college graduates are pagans. Only 1% of the saints in history even thought of going to college. These humanistic and worldly goals of the N.E.A. are foreign to Heaven and true success. The excellent spirit of Daniel and the unfeigned faith of Timothy are what you must cultivate.

The “way of wisdom” and “right paths” are contrary to a liberal arts education. These things, which lead to pleasing God and man in life, are no longer taught. The scope and sequence of today’s schools is a curriculum from hell to make little humanists. Parents, you must teach godly wisdom and true knowledge at home. The pastor is not responsible, for a few hours a week does not come close to the daily instruction of faithful parents.

Are your children gracious? Diligent at work? With high energy and focus? With sterling character? With financial wisdom? Do they hate sin? Being late? Injustice? Are they socially skilled? Good communicators? Considerate and generous? Do they know the gospel? Answers for common questions? How to solve problems Biblically?

Is their word as good as gold? Are they merciful and forgiving? Wise and prudent? Holy and pure? Are they esteemed in the real world? Are their names honored? Do they have many friends? Do they care about others? Even those that cannot repay in any way? Do they serve the kingdom of heaven? Willing to do anything for the church at anytime?

Parent, are you confident like the father in this proverb? God did not give you the truth for you to apologize for it or minimize it. Read Job 32 and see the godly confidence of young Elihu. You must be bold, dogmatic, and critical, for Satan and the world are increasing efforts to oppose you and destroy truth. You have the only and final answers, and you should say so. You should reject anything to the contrary (Ps 119:128; Is 8:20).

Fathers, what will you give your family tonight? Read a chapter of Proverbs and explain one verse to them. One such small point each day will soon form a mountain of wisdom. If you do not believe this, watch the ants in your yard (Pr 6:6-11). Done every day, you can speak boldly like Solomon. It is for God’s blessing and your children’s success.

The lesson here is not a suggestion for fathers – it is a commandment (Eph 6:4). Let every man fulfill his charge from Heaven, and let him see the future with the eye of faith. A godly seed to God’s glory, the defense of the faith, and the happiness of your family is well worth it. Consider the duty, the content, and the confidence of teaching – and do it!