Proverbs 30:29

There be three things which go well, yea, four are comely in going:

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How important is carriage? How do you carry yourself in manner, demeanor, deportment, and behavior? It is not enough to do right and be wise, for you should also be attractive and pleasing in the way you practice both. Do you adorn virtue by attractive manners?

The inspired prophet Agur used sets of four things to teach Ithiel and Ucal (Pr 30:1). He had taught four lessons of great practical wisdom from four little creatures – ants, conies, locusts, and the spider (Pr 30:24-28). Then he advanced to the carriage of other creatures.

God created all things in infinite wisdom, so that they include lessons for man (Job 12:7-10). Great men and women not only live righteously and wisely according to truth, but they also conduct themselves in such a way to add luster and conviction to godliness. It is a shame many Christians disgrace their religion by social faults or boorishness.

Here are four things comely in their going – beautiful in appearance, movement, and conduct (Pr 30:29-31). They are impressive and glorious in discharging their gifts and roles given to them by God. If you meditate carefully on these four creatures and their unique features, there are lessons of wisdom to be found (Pr 30:24; Ps 107:43; 119:96).

Consider the lion – a male lion for his much greater size and regal appearance. His beauty is his great strength and fearlessness with which he carries himself. His head and mane are glorious. He is a beautiful and terrifying sight. He has a bold and majestic walk, showing confident courage; he fears no creature, and he does not turn away from any (Pr 30:30). He is the king of beasts and illustrates boldness, confidence, and fearlessness.

Consider the greyhound. It is a slender, streamlined dog, having loins tightly girded for exceptional running speed. With long legs and tail, compact muscles, and slender profile, the greyhound is attractive, fast, and agile. It is comely in its going, whether walking elegantly or agilely chasing down a rabbit in an open field, a task only a cheetah could match. He is the fastest of dogs, and he well illustrates quickness and speed at duties.

Consider the he goat. Remember Agur’s instruction to look for his comely way of going. With a long beard, magnificent horns, and constant presence at the head of the flock, the he goat presents a strong picture of grave and sober leadership. It was common knowledge that he goats go at the front of the flock (Jer 50:8). The he goat is an excellent guide and protector, illustrating the beauty of a faithful, patriarchal leader.

Consider an invincible king. National rulers today have little authority or power in comparison. A king was not voted into office; he answered to no one but God; opponents did not draw rude cartoons about him; he did not shake hands or kiss babies. His face and voice caused criminals to tremble (Pr 16:14-15; 19:12; 20:2,8,26; Eccl 8:2-5). He crushed all evil in his realm (Pr 14:35; 16:10; 20:8,26; 29:14). The trait you are to admire is his invincibility and irresistibility, illustrating how authority in an office should be exercised.

What lessons can be learned by this list from the natural creation? First, the Lord Jesus Christ fulfills these traits perfectly; and second, Christians should also seek to fulfill them. Agur’s lessons were for man, so the perfect Man Christ Jesus will have these traits to a far greater degree than any other man. Look to Jesus Christ to see perfect carriage.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and turns away from none (Rev 5:5). He is like the greyhound, for he is quick in understanding (Is 11:3) and coming quickly (Rev 2:5,16; 3:11; 22:7,12,20). He leads His people, as their Apostle, Bishop, and great High Priest, much like the he goat. And there is no rising up against Him, for He is King of kings, the Blessed and Only Potentate (I Tim 6:13-16)! Hallelujah! Amen!

It is not enough for you to be righteous: you should also be comely in going, by adding beauty and grace to every action. It is by comely conduct in duties that Christians add glory and praise to their religion. Duty and righteousness are excellent, but the manner and spirit in which you do them adds to their beauty (Pr 22:11; Matt 5:16; I Cor 13:5; Gal 4:18; 5:6; Phil 1:27; Titus 2:1,9-10)! Christian, are you comely in your going?

Are you bold and fearless like the lion in doing your Christian duties, regardless of opposition or threats (Pr 28:1; Job 32:1-14; Ps 119:98-100; Heb 13:6)? Are you quick to keep the commandments of God, like the greyhound (Ps 119:60; Gal 1:15-17)? Are you a leader by example in your marriage, family, and church, like the he goat (I Cor 16:13; Eph 4:16; 6:4)? Are you unmovable, like a great king, in defending God-ordained authority, righteousness, and the apostolic gospel (Pr 22:17-21; I Pet 3:15; Jude 1:3)?

Christian, the only living and true God, Jehovah of the Bible, adopted you as His son, and through Jesus Christ made you a king and a priest (I Jn 3:1; Heb 2:12; Rev 1:4-6). Do you carry yourself in such a way to glorify God and cause others to glorify Him by your attitude, demeanor, and actions (Matt 5:16; I Cor 10:31-33; I Pet 2:12)? God mercifully gave you great privileges. Seize the opportunity to adorn His gospel (Titus 2:1-10)!

The inspired prophet used four of God’s creatures that are comely in going – beautiful in appearance, movement, and conduct (Pr 30:29-31). They are impressive and glorious in discharging their gifts and roles given to them by God. If you meditate carefully on these four creatures and their unique features, you will learn the wisdom of adding carriage to your bare performance of godliness and wisdom. Carry yourself well today!