Proverbs 30:16

The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough.

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Discontentment is a horrible vice. It is the mark of a bloodsucker (Pr 30:15). Men who are never satisfied are compared here to four other things that are never satisfied. The grave, a barren womb, dry ground, and a raging fire illustrate the sin of discontentment.

Foolish man is never happy. He loves silver, and gets some, but he is not content, for he wants more (Ec 5:10). He marries a beautiful woman, but he lusts after others’ wives (Jer 5:8). Covetousness, a hideous sin, denies men contentment, peace, or satisfaction in life.

Men’s lusts continue to greedily crave and seek pleasure regardless of sinful indulgence. Their sinful fleshly lusts never reach satisfaction to turn to godliness or righteousness instead. They persist insatiably in their pursuit of vain fulfillment in the world’s pigpens.

The grave is never satisfied. No matter how many are buried today, cemeteries will take more tomorrow. They will have room for you when it is your turn. Do not worry about no room at this inn. Though death cuts men down by the thousands, there is room for more. The grave never says, “It is enough!” It has an insatiable desire for the bodies of men.

The barren womb is never satisfied. Today’s liberated women do not count – they are perverse. In Bible times, women craved children. Rachel said to her husband Jacob, “Give me children, or else I die” (Gen 30:1). The barren womb has an insatiable desire for children. God placed a longing need for children in women, and they crave them.

The earth that is not filled with water is never satisfied. Dry ground absorbs water applied to it and is still dry. The water disappears, and the ground demands more. Though much water is supplied, it yet wants more. The dry ground has an insatiable desire for water. Rain on such ground is quickly absorbed, and it needs much more. It is never filled.

The raging fire is never satisfied. As long as it can find combustible material, it will continue to burn. It never approaches a forest or house and stops due to lack of desire to burn. The raging fire has an insatiable desire to burn anything it can touch. It is not content with one acre of forest, for it will quickly burn another ten if not contained.

These four things – never satisfied and with insatiable desires – powerfully picture man’s sinful lusts. Some men are never content, though given much, for they always want more. They live frustrated and painful lives, with their eyes always looking for more (Pr 27:20).

Contentment leads to happiness, and it is easy to have, but few men find it. It has nothing to do with circumstances (Phil 4:12). It is a learned choice (Phil 4:11). To the hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet (Pr 27:7). Be content by making God your portion (Gen 15:1; Ps 73:25-26; Heb 13:5-6). Great gain is godliness with contentment (I Tim 6:6).

Are you content, reader? Or are you frustrated? Why? God has given you much, and promised you more. What else could you possibly want? You are like the grave, the barren womb, the dry ground, and a raging fire, if you do not choose contentment today.