Proverbs 3:7

Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

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Prosperity and success are three simple steps away (Pr 3:8). This is how you gain God’s favor in life (Pr 3:5-6). If you can reject your opinions, humble yourself before the God of heaven, and hate sin and worldliness, you will be great in the sight of God and men.

These three fundamental steps are connected. You will not fear God until you crush your pride and despise your wisdom; a proper view of Almighty God will help. And you will not despise sin and this world until you rightly fear the LORD (Ps 4:4). Here are the simple, yet precious and true, means to a successful life (Ps 111:10; 112:1-3; 128:1-6).

Pride is arrogant and haughty presumption your thoughts have value and deserve hearing. Though in diapers and nursing like a baby gerbil yesterday, you believe your ideas today have merit. You cannot avoid a common cold, but you speak on moral matters. You were born with this curse, and it is fed by the devil, who lost his place in heaven for his pride.

You know nothing, and the sooner you learn this fact, you are on the road to wisdom (I Cor 3:18-20). Apart from God’s revelation, you do not know where you came from, where you are going, what you are, or why you exist, let alone what you should do. You struggle to keep the grass cut, and yet you question the Word of God? Fool, get down!

You are a pitiful, weak, helpless creature. Two fingers squeezing your nose will end your life (Is 2:22). Jehovah God, Lord of heaven and earth, is the independent and eternal sovereign Creator of the universe. You should tremble before Him and His word (Is 66:1-2). He can and will suffocate you, if you persist in rebellion against Him. Think Flood!

His mercy and grace are visible to anyone looking (Matt 5:44-45; Acts 14:17). His kindness is obvious. You are still alive, are you not? And Scripture declares He can and will forgive those who confess and repent of their pride and rebellion. It is because of this forgiveness you should be in reverent awe of Him and desire to please Him (Ps 130:4).

With your pride eliminated, and your life dedicated to pleasing the blessed God, you will despise and reject sin. You will be perfect and eschew evil, like Job (Job 1:1). You will cut off evildoers from your house (Ps 101:2-8). You will love righteousness and hate sin (Pr 8:13). You will hate wicked men and their profane ambitions (Ps 15:4; 139:21-22).

In which of the three areas are you deficient? Correct your faults today, for your good!