Proverbs 3:35

The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

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You will get either glory or shame. Your decisions today will earn one or the other. In fact, you may already have some glory or shame. Are you living well by God’s definition with a glorious reputation? Or are you ashamed of the mess you have made of your life?

There are consequences to every decision. Some consequences are not immediately seen, but you cannot avoid them. If you choose wisdom as the basis for life’s decisions, then the natural process of life and the supernatural blessing of God will bring you glory and honor. If you choose foolishness, you and God have guaranteed your pain and shame.

Wise men make decisions by the Bible, the revealed will of God. Fools make decisions by their feelings, their thoughts, popular opinion, tradition, habits, educators, news anchors, televangelists, and other evil sources. The rule of this proverb is simple: if you live wisely, you will be honored; if you live foolishly, you will be punished in disgrace.

Consider two men and their choices regarding women. Joseph resisted seduction by Mrs. Potiphar on the grounds it would displease God: he ended up on Egypt’s throne. Samson pursued the painted faces, offered bodies, and flattery of Philistine whores to please his lusts. He ended up a blind, manual laborer, who committed suicide to end his pain.

Consider two men and their choices regarding wealth. Moses rejected all the pleasures and treasures of Egypt to honor God, and he became one of Israel’s greatest heroes. Lot lusted greedily for the lush valleys of the Jordan, where the city of Sodom was situated; he ended up losing everything, living in a cave, and impregnating his two daughters.

Consider men and their choices regarding education. Saul of Tarsus flushed one of the finest educations as dung for the knowledge of Jesus Christ (Acts 22:3; Phil 3:4-8). He became the greatest apostle. The philosophers of Athens adored their own thoughts and mocked Paul’s vital teaching about Jesus Christ (Acts 17:22-34). They drowned in their own profane drivel, and their nation today is a disgrace compared to what it once was.

Consider two men and their choices regarding the Lord from heaven. One thief on a cross beside Jesus confessed his guilt and wisely chose to honor Him as King; he went to Paradise that day for an eternity of unspeakable glory. The other thief cursed Jesus in his anger and pain, and he went to hell that day to suffer eternal and unspeakable shame. Your choices of wisdom or folly will bring present and future glory or shame. Beware!

Only blinded idiots or stubborn rebels would think they can make their own choices in life and avoid the painful consequences. The evidence is all around them that human foolishness leads to incredible dysfunction, misery, and pain. And furthermore, the Bible, from beginning to end, including detailed facts about a terrible worldwide flood, shows God’s certain judgment for your selfish choices. Be sure your sin will find you out!