Proverbs 3:23

Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble.

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A carefree and smooth life is possible. You can be safe from most trouble and live without most problems. If you have either, you will know how to get out. Solomon had seen such lives, and God inspired him to write about them. The conditions are given – do not forget wisdom and understanding; keep sound wisdom and discretion (Pr 3:19-22).

Here is the value of wisdom: it will help you live your life without the pain and trouble of others. A great encouragement to learn wisdom is to consider its benefits. Look at the preceding list of benefits (Pr 3:13-18). This proverb is in the middle of another list (Pr 3:19-26). Wisdom can both adorn and protect you (Pr 3:22-23; 2:11; 4:6; 11:16; 22:11).

Where is wisdom found? It is found in the inspired words of the Bible and the religion of Jesus Christ. It is not found anywhere else. The Bible is able to make you wise in ways that the world cannot grasp, and you will be saved from their troubles (Ps 19:7-11). The word of God is a divine light and lamp for the paths and choices of life (Ps 119:105).

The financial and professional wisdom of Proverbs can keep you from discrimination (Pr 17:2; 27:18), foolish pleasures (Pr 21:17,20), get-rich-quick schemes (Pr 14:23; 28:19), risk (Pr 6:1-5; 22:26-27), sleep (Pr 20:13), sloth (Pr 6:6-11; 12:24), and waste (Pr 13:23; 18:9). Rules for success in business or employment are throughout the book. Those who obey the instruction will work safely and not trip financially. The choice is yours, reader.

The marital wisdom of Proverbs warns you about odious women, who destroy men (Pr 12:4; 19:13; 21:9,19; 30:21-23). Instead of her, you are shown the virtuous woman, who will enhance your entire life (Pr 5:15-19; 11:16; 12:4; 19:14; 31:10-31). And you are graphically warned about whorish women and their traps (Pr 5:1-23; 6:23-35; 7:1-27; 22:14; 23:26-28). Rules for marrying right are throughout the book of Proverbs.

The family wisdom of Proverbs teaches you the nature of children and the necessity of their training (Pr 17:25; 22:6; 29:17). Though the world may be confused, there are methods to correct and discipline children that work (Pr 19:18; 22:15; 23:13-14; 29:15). Rules for building a great family and estate are throughout the book of Proverbs.

The book deals with authority (Pr 15:1; 25:15), drunkenness (Pr 23:29-35), savings (Pr 30:25), the folly of modern welfare (Pr 20:4), the importance of reputation (Pr 22:1), the nature of true friends (Pr 17:17), a good work ethic (Pr 6:6-11; 22:29), treatment of fools (Pr 26:1-5), treatment of scorners (Pr 9:7-9), the value of good speech (Pr 16:13; 22:11), and very much more. Following these inspired rules will save you from pain and trouble.

Dysfunction, hopelessness, misery, and strife are very common in the world. They follow the ideas of Hollywood, the NEA, the PTA, the DNC, and CNN. Your safety is in Bible Christianity, which will save you from their fears, fighting, and troubles and will prosper you with confidence and success (Ps 1:1-6; 19:7-11; 34:11-16; 119:11). You will have a heritage for your children, while the world ignorantly corrupts another generation.