Proverbs 3:17

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

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A woman offers you pleasantness and peace. If you follow her, your life can be happy and quiet, joyful and comfortable, delightful and secure. What more could you want? Lady Wisdom offers the good life to you, if you will simply learn wisdom from her.

Wisdom and understanding are very valuable things to obtain, far superior to silver and fine gold (Pr 3:13-14). Wisdom is personified as a woman, who is more valuable than rubies or anything else you can compare to her (Pr 3:15). She brings long life, riches, and honor (Pr 3:16). She is a tree of life and brings happiness to those who have her (Pr 3:18).

The fear of the LORD and keeping His word is the foundation of wisdom (Pr 1:7; 9:10). The man who fears the Lord, keeping His commandments and living by His truth and wisdom, will enjoy a life of pleasantness and peace. He will avoid the painful pitfalls of sinners, and God will show him favor as one of His delightful children (Ps 128:1-6).

If you consider the proverb naturally, in light of the rest of the book, you find it perfectly true. Wisdom saves men from the pain and trouble of whorish women, excessive financial obligations, unruly children, bad investments, anger of rulers, odious wives, drunkenness, lack of friends, spoiled reputations, speech problems, gluttony, fear of the unknown, guilty consciences, wicked friends, poverty, and many other snares.

If you consider the proverb spiritually, you will also find it perfectly true. The man who wisely walks with God has pleasure and peace in his soul that others cannot obtain by any art or language. The eternal God is His refuge, and the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit in his heart far exceeds any and all other possible pleasures and security in life.

There is no lasting or solid joy to the fool or hypocrite. Solomon experimented with man’s toys and dreams to a degree that all other men can only fantasize about (Eccl 2:1-10). And what did he find? “All was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun” (Eccl 2:11). What a foolish, empty, and painful pursuit of pleasure!

There is no peace to the fool or hypocrite, for the LORD will put thorns in his way and terror in his heart (Pr 10:24; 13:15). And when he cries for help in his great calamity, heaven will shake with the laughter of God (Pr 1:26-28). Do not mock Lady Wisdom!

The pleasure and peace of wisdom do not depend on health, circumstances, or friends. They can be as great in poverty, as in wealth. They cannot be stolen in this life, and they lead to everlasting bliss in the next. What more could you want? With Jesus Christ at the right hand of God, there are pleasures forever and incredible peace (Ps 16:11; Phil 4:7).