Proverbs 3:13

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.

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How can you be happy? King Solomon told you how. The man who had everything knew more about happiness than anyone. What was his advice? Knowing that wisdom and understanding greatly affect every part of your life, he said to find and get both of them.

Daily goals for your life should include seeking wisdom and understanding. They will do more for you than any other thing. They will bring you true happiness and many other blessings. What is your chief ambition in life today? Are you chasing vanity instead?

Solomon taught his son to search for wisdom (Pr 2:1-9); it would save him from much trouble (Pr 2:10-21). To encourage his son, and you as well, to pursue wisdom, he described its great blessings (Pr 3:14-18). It and understanding can make you happy.

Compared economically, obtaining wisdom and understanding is better than a prosperous business in gold and silver (Pr 3:14). They are of greater value than rubies (Pr 3:15). In fact, wisdom and understanding are more important than anything you could possibly seek in your life (Pr 3:15). Financial gain does not give lasting happiness to any man, and it brings enormous worries and problems with it (Pr 23:4-5; Eccl 5:10-17; I Tim 6:9-10).

Wisdom and understanding will give you a long life, riches, and honor (Pr 3:16). They will bring you pleasantness and peace (Pr 3:17). They will be the source of a wonderful life; and if you keep them, you will be very happy (Pr 3:18). There is nothing this world has to offer that can compare. Why waste any more effort chasing their soap bubbles?

If this fabulous description of the benefits of wisdom and understanding were only half true, you should still make getting them a priority. Nothing else you are working for even comes close. But Solomon, king of Israel, knew what he wrote. Having tried every sort of project and pleasure to find profit and happiness in this life, he concluded that wisdom and understanding are the great goals (Pr 8:32-36). Trust his efforts (Pr 25:2; Eccl 2:12).

Wisdom and understanding know the basis and purpose for life and how to deal rightly with each situation life brings. Instead of the hopeless confusion of not knowing what man is here for nor how to handle life’s problems, those with wisdom and understanding find life a pleasant and peaceful experience with much happiness. They are successful and rich, as measured by noble standards, and they are honored among good men.

Wisdom and understanding are built on the foundation of fearing God (Pr 1:7; 9:10). They are increased by rejecting your own ideas and trusting the Lord’s instruction (Pr 3:5-7), which is found in His holy scriptures (II Tim 3:16-17), especially Proverbs. God raised up Solomon and inspired these select proverbs to teach young men, and every reader, wisdom and understanding (Pr 1:1-4). Learning them should be your daily goal.

Every day should include begging God for wisdom (Jas 1:5), repudiating your own folly (Job 33:27), searching the Scriptures for it (Acts 17:11), and doing what you learn (Jas 1:22). With effort applied in these areas, you will find a liberal supply of wisdom and understanding (Pr 2:5,8; 8:17). But you must sacrifice to make this a priority (Pr 18:1).

Ultimate and infinite wisdom and understanding are in the Lord Jesus Christ (Col 2:3). He came to give His elect children the abundant life, as they believe and obey more and more perfectly (John 10:10). In Him is full and unspeakable joy (I Pet 1:8; I John 1:4). Believe on Him and follow His scriptures today for happiness in this world and the next.