Proverbs 28:25

He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the LORD shall be made fat.

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Pride causes fighting, but faith brings prosperity. Here are two rules of wisdom – one saves you from conflicts and disagreements, and the other brings blessing and success. These are opposites: proud men do not trust the LORD, and those who have faith in the LORD are not proud. You cannot be both. Are you a proud man or a man of faith?

A man with a proud heart will always be in conflicts – with many others at different times. Pride will not let matters drop, for he must avenge himself. Until he feels he has got the last word or act in on a disagreement, he will continue to push, fight, and disagree. Pride will not overlook minor offences; pride will not admit error or ignorance.

Pride will not easily forgive those who seek it; pride will not easily say, “I am sorry”; pride does not want to be corrected, and it resents those who make an attempt to do it. Pride resents the advantages of others, and it seeks to grab whatever honor or position is at stake. Pride does not have sympathetic appreciation for the pain or trouble of others.

When a person has pride in his heart, he will not have peaceful relationships with others. A proud husband will not forgive his wife for her minor failures. A proud wife will not submit and obey the husband she chose to be her leader. Proud children will not honor and obey parents in rules that encroach on their freedom or pleasure. Proud employees resent difficult assignments; proud church members resent pastoral rebukes.

Humility can end any conflict by giving in and seeking peace. When a person is at peace with God and themselves, they can overlook the offences of others, they can forgive easily, and they can take correction. They know they are not important, so they do not continue fighting. Submitting and seeking peace is more important than winning the day.

There is another way to live than by pride. Wise men, godly men, put their trust in the LORD. They do not have to protect themselves – the LORD will protect them. They do not have to resent correction, oppose others, and fight to get ahead. The LORD rewards their faith by blessing them by His power. The humble man who trusts the LORD will always outstrip the proud man who puts his confidence in himself. Always!

Fat is good, when it means God’s blessings of peace and prosperity. And the man who believes God will take care of him, without any fighting on his part, will become fat. He will have the blessing and protection of the LORD on his side. He will enjoy peace and safety, while the LORD rewards him for laying down his pride and trusting Him alone.