Proverbs 27:8

As a bird that wandereth from her nest, so is a man that wandereth from his place.

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If a bird wanders from her nest, she destroys her young and exposes herself to danger. In the same way, men or women who leave their proper roles are dangerous to their families and put themselves at risk. Will you faithfully fulfill your roles and responsibilities?

The world is changing, but not all change is good. Change is everywhere, but not all change is right. Many current ideas are foolish, destructive, and profane, though the world tells us they are good. Many are deserting the posts that God and nature gave them.

There is much foolish thinking, by both sexes, at various ages, about many offices or roles, which is selfish and dysfunctional. Rebellion against previous generations and their faith, philosophy, and practices is not wise without much superior, proven evidence.

Some traditions are good. Not only good, they are often necessary and profitable. There are ordained and established roles, rules, and norms for things. Some inspired by God; others required by nature. Violating either brings pain, trouble, and decline. Staying the course and following tradition is often safer than striking out with novel ideas and plans.

The Psalms of David address the breakdown of authority and relationships in society, for David saw the confusion and diminishing of Israel by Saul’s corrupt reign. In Psalm 11, he described the foundations of society being destroyed and its effect (Ps 11:3). In Psalm 75, he committed to God to reign differently and bear up the pillars of civil government (Ps 75:2-7). In Psalm 82, God blasted corrupt rulers and warned of their ruin (Ps 82:1-8).

Duty is key to prosperity and success. God has determined the duties of men, women, and children in their various roles and responsibilities in and out of the family. Those duties must be understood and fulfilled for the happiness and progress of everyone. Do you know your duties? Are you fulfilling them in every sphere of your life? Or have you wandered away from some of your duties by the seduction of this dysfunctional world?

The present generation wants change. They are like female birds hating the restrictive life of staying with nests. They want to expand their horizons. They want to test new waters. They want to realize greater potential. They want to explore new vistas. They want to eradicate the old stereotypes (as they call them). They want to revolutionize the world.

They are like silly birds that leave their eggs to destruction and are snared by the fowler.

What would you think of a bird that laid eggs and then left them to wander the skyways looking to find herself? You should think the same thing of the current birdbrains who rewrite human existence, functionality, morality, productivity, and relationships. They have lost their minds, because God has rewired them to do inconvenient things (Rom 1:28). They want to find themselves? God determined their roles. They should do them.

They say boys should play with dolls and girls should play with guns. Boys should sing in the glee club, and girls should be football players. Boys should wear long hair and earrings, and girls should wear short hair with denim and boots. Boys should be nurses, and girls should be doctors. Boys should be agreeable, and girls should be independent.

So there are women fighter pilots, men as home nannies, college students voting, men having sex with men, labor unions grounding airlines, wives defying husbands, children divorcing parents, policemen tried for roughing up criminals, career women moving their husbands, men learning their feminine side, women judges and governors, illiterate juries ruling in capital cases, and moronic athletes and actors making more money than CEOs.

There are girls in the Army writing to guys waiting at home, couples living together before marriage, human bodies burned in incinerators next to pet cemeteries, women voting, deacon boards judging pastors, women trying to lead the home spiritually, athletes thinking they have only a mom, wives working husbands to death to support decorating addiction, women not giving birth until an average fifteen years after puberty begins, women preachers, and girls in the Boy Scouts and Little League. What insanity!

Is this old-fashioned? Neanderthal? An anachronism? Only as much as expecting birds to stay with their nests and hatch their eggs. Old-fashioned is wisdom. Believe it. Love it. Do it. This world has already proved its ideas bankrupt by the dysfunction everywhere.

God created the universe and every role and relationship in it (Gen 1:1). He does not accept altered roles. Korah was discontent being a Levite under Moses and Aaron, so God buried him and his family alive. Uzziah was discontent with being God’s king, but when he tried to be a priest for an afternoon, God gave him leprosy for the rest of his life.

Today, mothers abort unborn babies in premeditated, sadistic, and violent ways – torture they would never allow to be performed on rabid dogs. Solomon would not need to use a wandering bird as an illustration for this generation. These modern wicked creatures destroy their own young for their own mere selfish pleasure. Where are real mothers?

Solomon, the greatest philosopher, observed an evil that is allowed and/or promoted by civil government (Ec 10:5-7). Folly was exalted; the rich were put down; servants rode horses; princes walked. He knew folly should be ridiculed and condemned, the rich deserve honor and glory for their achievements or authority, servants should be walking as they neither deserve nor can afford horses, and princes should be riding above them.

Thus saith the LORD! The woman was made for the man, and she is to be an obedient and submissive wife, with her primary duties at home (Gen 3:16; I Cor 11:9; Titus 2:4-5). If she is restless or resentful of this God-ordained axiom for human success, society immediately begins to deteriorate, her family suffers real pain, and she is miserable, if she has a conscience. Proof? Nature teaches it, just like the bird wandering from her nest.

So-called Christians are doing the same. Silly women are ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (II Tim 3:6-7). Instead of asking their husbands at home (I Cor 14:34-35), they want to teach their husbands at home. They want greater roles in the church. They want a voice. They want to preach. They run from seminar to seminar to apply their weaker abilities to subjects they will never master, that have little to no value for spiritual progress, and that undermine established truth and practice.

But men are just as bad. In fact, women would be in their roles, if men had kept theirs. The most influential factor in dysfunctional lives is a lazy or AWOL father. God charged the man to protect and train his children; the Bible is filled with reminders. But men leave home to work unnecessary overtime, play with the boys, or to marry another woman. If they stay at home, they watch sports, surf the Internet, or work at a hobby in their shop. They forfeit their role as the single most important person in their children’s lives.

They excuse themselves by attending their sons’ athletic events, and they gladly pay for a lavish wedding, but they refuse to take a stand and help their sons marry wisely. Being too busy and not interested, their sons seldom ask them anything of importance. If the son does ask any weighty question, they often reply, “Ask your mother.” Where are men like Abraham and Joshua who led their families as mighty men (Gen 28:19; Josh 24:15)?

The formal era of the patriarchs ended with Moses (Rom 5:12-14). But every man should be a patriarch by leading his family to love and serve the LORD God of heaven. He should lead his wife, train the children, and be a pillar in his local church. He must fulfill his role of preparing all under him to live productive lives, serve Jesus Christ’s kingdom, and be ready to stand before God and give an account of their lives in Judgment Day.

A faithful man will not forget, ignore, or reject his position and influence. He will grab the opportunity and make the most of it for his God and his family. He will not defer duties to Sunday school teachers or pastors. He will not abdicate his position to his wife. He will not care that the world mocks fathers on every side in their program to abolish God’s institutions on earth. He will man up and be God’s representative for his family.

He recognizes the perilous times of the last days (II Tim 3:1 – 4:4). He chooses to make up the hedge and stand in the gap for the Lord; he is moved by God’s search for one faithful man (Ezek 22:30). Though all others compromise, he knows he is not in a popularity contest except with the Lord. He is committed to the old paths of the LORD, and he sets his family in those paths (Jer 6:16), and he follows up and enforces godliness.

What is the source of this insanity? Men did not glorify God or give thanks for His truth, so He blinded them to pervert the right way of things and rush after sick perversions like sodomy (Rom 1:18-32). The insane mind of modern man – think Picasso, abortion, rap, and women’s liberation – is God’s reward for ignoring Him. America wandered into the cesspool of evolution, so the blessed God has turned men over to perversely degrade themselves with all sort of abominations. Lesbians are preachers, policemen, and parents.

Praise His glorious name! There are some things that never change. Jehovah of the Old Testament – think worldwide flood, Sodom burning, and Pharaoh drowning – is one and the same with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who reigns over the universe as the High King of heaven. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever” (Heb 13:8). The whole duty of man is still fearing God and keeping His commandments (Eccl 12:13-14).

The LORD Jehovah of the Bible graphically described a similar situation in Israel – His judgment upon the Jews for their willful rebellion (Is 3:1-26). He took away their mighty men and left women and children to oppress them, who obviously led them into many foolish errors. He promised to strip the arrogant and haughty women and leave them rotting. Is this too harsh? What would you do to a mother bird that left a nest of eggs?

Reader, are you standing in the place your Creator assigned you? If a woman, are you happy as a loving, obeying, serving, and waiting wife? If a man, do you zealously lead and love your wife and train your children in the fear of the Lord? If an employee, do you faithfully serve your company’s goals rather than your own? If a child, are you thankful for your parents and committed to honoring them well? If a Christian, are you in a church where you worship Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth? Or have you wandered out of the way of understanding and joined the congregation of the dead (Pr 21:16)?

Do you know your place in your family, at school, on the job, under government, and in the church? Do you know God’s rules for your attitude and conduct in these and other roles, relationships, and responsibilities you have? You need to know your place, and you need to know God’s expectations for your conduct in it to be safe and successful. All you need can be found in the Bible, the manual for wise and productive living.

Paul taught, “Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called” (I Cor 7:20-24). Roles and relationships are to be maintained, even involving pagans. Though a fellow believer might be involved, the duty and responsibility remain (I Tim 6:1-2). Though believing men and women are equal in Christ, godly women know their role is to submit and reverence their husbands, even if unconverted (Titus 2:3-5; I Pet 3:1-6).

Rather than chafe against God and His ordinances, love and obey them. The roles and duties He has ordained are for His glory and your good. They are gifts of divine wisdom to protect, preserve, and prosper the human race in general and the kingdom of God in particular. If you allow or choose the current and modern road of change, you reveal you are a silly bird without care for those trusting you, and you will be punished yourself.