Proverbs 24:15

Lay not wait, O wicked man, against the dwelling of the righteous; spoil not his resting place:

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Wicked man, be warned! Do not conspire against the righteous to disturb his tranquility, for God will punish you (Pr 24:16). Righteous man, be comforted! God is on your side and sees any evil against you. You may fall, but God will lift you up again (Pr 24:16).

Solomon was David’s son (Pr 1:1). He saw his father’s enemies try to spoil righteous David’s rest. He saw his father’s God bring mischief upon them (I Chr 28:9; Ps 18:48). He saw his father fall, but he also saw God raise David back up on high (II Sam 23:1-7).

How could anyone hate David? Envy! Jealousy! Wicked men hated him because of his superior character and relationship with God. They could not match his wisdom or the loyalty of the people to him, so they despised and feared him for both (I Sam 18:6-16).

King Saul repeatedly tried to disrupt David’s peaceful coexistence. He conspired against him and tried to kill him outright numerous times. But what was the outcome? God delivered David and deserted Saul. He spent his last night on earth with the witch of Endor and was beheaded and nailed to a Philistine wall a day later. What mischief!

Absalom conspired against David. Though the cause was related to David’s sins of adultery and murder, Absalom had no right to do the things he did. His father was still far more righteous than he. And what was the outcome? With superior forces, he lost the battle and war; as he hung in a tree, Joab used him for dart practice. What mischief!

Shimei cursed David when he fled from Jerusalem during Absalom’s revolt. His trusted men wanted to take the dead dog’s head off, but David submitted to the affliction as from the Lord. On his triumphant return, Shimei begged for mercy, which David granted temporarily. Solomon put him to death for his father a few years later. What mischief!

Adonijah and Joab conspired to take the kingdom, while David was weak on his deathbed. But God revealed the matter to David, who sent his personal security force, the Cherethites and Pelethites, to install Solomon as king. And what was the outcome? After a little respite, Solomon had them both killed by the captain of his guard. What mischief!

It is foolish to mess with the righteous, whether prophet or peon (I Chron 16:22; Ps 68:5; 105:15; Zech 2:8). God will help them (Job 5:19; Micah 7:8). Ask Haman! Ask Judas! Ask forty Jews still fasting against Paul (Acts 23:12)! Ask the Jews that crucified Jesus Christ and met Titus Vespasian forty years later in a close encounter! What mischief!