Proverbs 22:4

By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.

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Only God Jehovah can teach secret wisdom with great promises in fourteen words. Praise His glorious name! And thank Him for the opportunity to learn divine truth from the true and living God. The world stumbles on in educated ignorance, wondering why they are so poor, despised, and dysfunctional. They will never know this wisdom or its rewards.

Here are two conditions for three blessings. A wise man will grasp each of the five aspects of this simple and direct proverb. Neglecting an inspired jewel like this is self-deceit and self-hate, for the blessings are great and the conditions easy. Humble yourself before your Creator, and reject every idea you have contrary to the wisdom before you.

Humility is the first condition. It is thinking lowly of yourself. It admits you are a sinner, you do not have all the answers, and without God’s help cannot do anything well or right. It is proven by taking correction, saying you are sorry, avoiding public praise, serving others quietly, being reserved publicly, never talking about yourself, and praising others.

The fear of the LORD is the other condition. This is reverently seeking to honor God in all you do. Such a man does everything he can to obey and please the true God, and He avoids anything to dishonor Him as much as possible. It is identified by the desire a man has for preaching, the Bible, and righteousness, and how much he hates sin (Pr 8:13).

Riches are the first blessing. Sometimes these are financial blessings, but they are often other things as well. There are many things greater than money in the bank to everyone but greedy misers (Pr 15:17; 16:8; 17:1). Spiritual blessings here and hereafter are also included. If you are disappointed or unmoved by heavenly riches, you have neither humility nor the fear of the Lord, and you do not understand real wealth (Luke 16:11).

Honor is the second blessing. A humble man who fears the LORD will grow in favor with God and men (Luke 2:52). The great God honors those who honor Him (I Sam 2:30; Jas 4:10). A man who fears the LORD will be honored by others, for his conduct will be gracious and righteous (Pr 18:12; 22:11). Men will want to be his friend, and he will be lifted up from among other men by these two excellent and exceptional traits.

Life is the third blessing. The senses in which life is meant here include things that cannot be described (I Cor 2:9). But Scripture does mention an abundant life, a good life, a joyful life, a peaceful life, a productive life, an extended life, and eternal life. And both now and eternity will be spent with God Himself as your friend (Gen 15:1; Ex 33:11).

You have never read fourteen words that offer you so much for so little. What will you do with God’s inspired wisdom by the pen of King Solomon? You cannot have riches, honor, and life any other way. There is no shortcut to avoid humility and the fear of God as the necessary conditions for prosperity and success. Grab this wisdom and run with it!