Proverbs 21:2

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.

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Of course you think you are right! You always think you are right. You even think you are right when others say you are wrong. But what does the LORD God of heaven think about your ways? He knows every thought of your mind and intent of your heart.

A great curse on humanity is every man’s arrogant confidence in his own opinions. Only a few men learn to distrust their own ideas, and they are great and wise men in the earth. It is a horrible handicap for a man to allow his opinions and thoughts to remain unchecked in his mind. He will make disastrous blunders in life and finally be destroyed.

The LORD Jehovah, creator of heaven and earth, sees and considers every human heart as to their motives, their humility, their fear for Him, their reverence of His Word, and their use of counselors and teachers. He has no regard for any man or his opinions, for He knows that all the thoughts of all men are foolish and vain (Ps 94:11; I Cor 3:18-20).

From a foolish teenager driving over the speed limit to a promiscuous secretary, each person thinks he is right and will not suffer for his actions. They rush blindly forward in conceited folly to their own destruction. Only the grace of God can keep this evil aspect of man’s inherent depravity in check from consuming and destroying every man.

The man with cruel or vain thoughts justifies himself and condemns others, because he presumes he is right. What a perverse and profane error! What horrible self-deceit! The woman with an obnoxious mouth cannot stop talking, for she arrogantly presumes others should appreciate her odious belches. Male evildoers presume as well that they are right.

Men approach the Bible with the same arrogance. Though barely removed from their mother’s breasts, they pontificate on settled matters. They decide capital punishment is cruel, election is a horrible doctrine, using a rod on children is abuse, sprinkling babies is as good a baptism as immersing believers, and a Baal tree at the winter solstice by order of the Pope honors Jesus. But the LORD Jehovah ponders their wicked hearts.

Do they think He does not see? He fills heaven and earth (Jer 23:23-24)! He knows the thoughts and intents of every heart: all things are naked and open to His holy eyes (Heb 4:12-13). Your most intimate and secret fantasies are exposed (Pr 5:20-21; Eccl 12:14). The Jews found Jesus’ perception to be supernatural more than once (Matt 9:3-4; 12:25).

Cure your disease. End your curse. Humble yourself, and worship your Creator (Pr 9:10). Think and pray like Solomon, who told God he was only a little child and did not know how to rule Israel (I Kgs 3:5-9). The Lord of heaven and earth hides truth and wisdom from those who think they are wise and reveals them instead to babes (Matt 11:25-27).

Hate vain thoughts, even your own (Ps 119:113; 101:2). Ask God to search your heart for them (Ps 139:23-24). Esteem Scripture above all knowledge, and hate every contrary idea to it (Ps 119:128). For major decisions, use a multitude of counselors (Pr 15:22). “Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil” (Pr 3:7).