Proverbs 20:8

A king that sitteth in the throne of judgment scattereth away all evil with his eyes.

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You have been deprived. You have not seen a real king, great authority, or evil judged rightly. A great king was a glorious sight; he used his throne to rightly judge his people; he greatly restrained evil. It was one of the world’s most beautiful things (Pr 30:29-31).

Good government, of any sort, emphasizes the throne of judgment, where wrongs are corrected, the oppressed defended, the wicked punished, and the righteous honored. Such a government will reduce evil by the consistent fear of revenge it conveys (Rom 13:3-4). Kings that hate wickedness and enforce righteousness will endure (Pr 16:10-12; 29:14). It was this kind of king that the Queen of Sheba witnessed in Solomon (I Kings 10:9).

This is not every king; this is a great king. Many good judges in your nation are like this proverb. They take their job seriously, and they use their office for the prudent exercise of justice and judgment to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. A wise king will scatter the wicked and crush them under the wheels of justice (Pr 16:14; 20:26). Consider what David did to the two generals who beheaded Ishbosheth, Saul’s son (II Sam 4:1-12).

But many rulers, including kings, compromise the throne of judgment. They use their throne and office for luxury, entertainment, and selfish ends, rather than the zealous use of justice and judgment for citizens (Eccl 8:11; 10:16-17). God will judge them (Ps 82)! This is the abuse of authority, office, and power. May God bless all righteous rulers.

Reader, are you a man in authority? As a husband and father, you have a throne of judgment. As a master, magistrate, or pastor, you also have a throne. Do you exercise your office and authority for the greater benefit of those under you, rather than yourself? Do you promote righteousness and condemn evil? Do your eyes make the wicked fear?

Good rulers fear God, love truth, and hate covetousness (Ex 18:21). They examine issues to judge righteously (Pr 25:2; John 7:24). They balance mercy and truth (Pr 20:28); they rule justly, ruling in the fear of the Lord (Ex 23:6-8; Deut 16:18-20; II Sam 23:3). They do not shirk their duties and rule by consensus (Eccl 10:5-7; Is 3:1-15). They beg God for wisdom to rule (I Kgs 3:7-9), and they will not tolerate the wicked (Ps 101:3-8).

No man rules like Jesus of Nazareth (Is 11:4-5; Jer 23:5; Zech 9:9; Heb 1:8). Every man will soon appear before His terrible throne (Rom 14:10-12; II Cor 5:10-11). Heaven and earth will flee from this King’s face and eyes (Rev 1:14; 19:12; 20:11). Sinners will be naked and condemned in His sight (Ps 5:5; Hab 1:13; Heb 4:12-14). And the wicked He will scatter in His fury to an eternal hell (Rev 20:12-15). Dread Sovereign, have mercy!