Proverbs 2:8

He keepeth the paths of judgment, and preserveth the way of his saints.

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Heaven rewards wise men. God blesses and favors those who diligently seek knowledge and understanding. Such men are known for their good judgment and sanctified living, because these are two benefits of wisdom, and then the Lord of wisdom further rewards them. There is pleasure and prosperity for you for doing things right (Ps 19:10-11).

The LORD Jehovah is the source of all wisdom, protection, and blessing. When a man chooses equity and justice as his paths in life, the Creator God will prosper and protect him. When a man chooses holy living as his way of life, the same God will preserve and provide for him. There are certain rewards for seeking wisdom. Thank you, blessed God.

Solomon exhorted his son to the passionate pursuit of wisdom and understanding, and he promised that he would obtain the goal (Pr 2:1-5). He then explained the LORD gives wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Pr 2:6), the LORD protects those that walk uprightly (Pr 2:7), and the LORD keeps and preserves the lives of believers (Pr 2:8). By pursuing wisdom with all his might, his son would realize every related blessing (Pr 2:9).

Context is important to understand words and phrases, especially in Scripture. Most of Solomon’s proverbs are individual observations about life and rules for success, so context is less important in Proverbs than other books of the Bible. But in this connected section, you have the pursuit of wisdom (Pr 2:1-4) and the obtaining of it (Pr 2:5-9).

Not only is the true God the source of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Pr 2:6), He is the benefactor and defender of those who seek Him and His wisdom (Pr 2:7-8). It is this glorious combination of blessings and rewards that completely supplies the righteous with all they need and desire (Pr 2:9). He will keep them and preserve them (Pr 2:8).

Consider the first clause, “He keepeth the paths of judgment.” A man pursuing wisdom walks in the paths of judgment, for he is fair, just, right, and equitable. He does not make decisions by appearance, but carefully assesses situations to draw righteous and wise conclusions (Pr 17:15; 24:23; Deut 1:16-17; 16:18-29; Is 11:1-5; John 7:24; Eph 5:15).

God promises to keep the man that walks in righteous paths, and He will keep him in the righteous paths. God will bless and protect him in life, for He is the God of righteous judgment, and He loves those who love His wisdom and righteousness. He will bless him with divine power to partake of divine traits and avoid worldly corruption (II Pet 1:1-4).

This first clause has an ellipsis, which is a figure of speech leaving out obvious words. God Himself keeps to paths of judgment, and He endorses and honors the paths of judgment themselves (Deut 32:4; I Sam 2:3; Ps 99:4; Is 42:1-4). But the context emphasizes that God keeps persons who walk in judgment, for it is the righteous (Pr 2:7), upright (Pr 2:7), and saints (Pr 2:8) under consideration that He keeps by this proverb.

The clause is elliptical, in that it could easily read that He keeps the paths of judgment for the righteous, for them that walk uprightly, or of his saints. The point is that He keeps righteous men more than that He keeps righteousness. God blesses and protects those who walk in paths of good and godly judgment, and He helps keep them in those paths.

Consider the second clause, “And preserveth the way of his saints.” A saint is a sanctified person, a holy person consecrated to God. The men in context are those pursuing God’s wisdom and knowledge (Pr 2:1-5). This includes the fear of the Lord, which is reverence for His purity and hatred of all sin (Pr 2:5; 8:13; 16:6; Ps 97:10; 119:104; Amos 5:15).

The great God promises to preserve the way of such men, for they are the delight of His soul (Deut 33:3,26-29; Ps 34:11-22; 37:23-24). He will prosper and protect them in their godly lifestyle, and He will assist them to persevere in it as well. These men are greatly blessed in many different ways by living careful lives to please God (Ps 112:1-10).

What is the lesson for you? The dedicated and diligent pursuit of God’s wisdom will be successful. But it will also bring His blessing and protection on your life, which will not be given to those neglecting God’s wisdom. Does your life match the descriptive statements of what the person does that is committed to obtaining wisdom (Pr 2:1-5)?

Have you committed yourself to seeking the knowledge and wisdom that only comes from God and His word? If you have, you may confidently claim the promised blessings here, for they were written for you by God’s inspiration through Solomon’s pen.