Proverbs 2:14

Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the frowardness of the wicked;

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Sinners enjoy sin. Their conscience is seldom grieved, and their soul is seldom vexed. They are excited about the opportunity to sin, and they count it great sport to see the perverse actions of other sinners. They do evil, and they take pleasure in others doing evil. This is the character of wicked men, and wise men will avoid them at all costs.

Solomon taught his son the benefits of wisdom, knowledge, discretion, and understanding (Pr 2:10-11). These blessings would save him from wicked men and wicked women (Pr 2:12-19). They would lead him into the company of godly men and their blessings (Pr 2:20-21), and they would keep him from the judgment of the wicked (Pr 2:22).

The wicked never think about God: He is not in all their thoughts (Ps 10:4). They rush into life with thoughts only of pleasing themselves. They do not tremble at God’s warnings. They are excited about sin. Like Ahab, they sell themselves to do wickedness in the sight of the LORD (I Kgs 21:25-26). Their damnation is coming fast (II Pet 2:3).

These wicked men are not like Lot, the righteous and just nephew of Abraham. His soul was vexed daily while he lived as a carnal compromiser with sin in the city of Sodom (II Pet 2:6-8). But the wicked are only vexed when they cannot sin (Pr 4:16; Micah 2:1)! They love sin. And they love watching others sin, even heinously. Think Hollywood!

The world is filled with such madmen. Paul described them as “being past feeling” and giving “themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness” (Eph 4:17-19). The reason for this horrible condition is the vanity of their minds, their darkened understanding, and their blinded hearts. He warned against living like them.

Men rejected God’s truth in creation, so he blinded them (Rom 1:18-21). They foolishly created versions of gods to their own liking (Rom 1:22-23), so God blinded their minds further to do abusive and inconvenient things to themselves (Rom 1:24-31). Though they knew such sins deserved death, they sinned and enjoyed others sinning also (Rom 1:32).

This generation flatters wicked men. Sin is no longer a horrible thing with consequences. Sin is good material for comedies and jokes for entertainment. But only fools mock at sin (Pr 10:23; 14:9). Not only is sin destructive of men’s lives, it offends a holy and just God.

The value of wisdom is salvation from such wicked men (Pr 2:10-15). Young man, love and seek wisdom to be saved from their lifestyle and horrible judgment. Delight thyself in the Lord (Ps 37:4). Flee youthful lusts (II Tim 2:22). Pursue godliness instead (Tit 2:6).