Proverbs 2:10

When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul;

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If you desire success and safety in life, then here are the conditions for them. If you choose to love the wisdom of God, and if you choose to appreciate knowledge as a precious gift, then certain and substantial blessings will surely follow. But if you are not willing to meet these conditions, your life will be a dysfunctional and painful experience.

What are the certain and substantial blessings that follow wisdom and knowledge? They are discretion and understanding (Pr 2:11). They are deliverance from the lifestyle and punishment of wicked men (Pr 2:12-15,20-22). They are deliverance from the seduction and painful results of whorish women (Pr 2:16-22). These are great blessings indeed.

What is wisdom? The power of right judgment – ability to perceive and grasp a situation to know what should be done to please God and men. Wisdom begins with the fear of God – the submissive reverence that seeks to please Him in all things (Pr 9:10). The details of wisdom are God’s commandments found in the Bible (Ps 19:7-9; Eccl 12:13).

How does it enter into your heart? You choose to love it! You choose to make it a priority for your life by pursuing it sacrificially (Pr 18:1-2; Matt 6:21). Job valued God’s words more important than his necessary food (Job 23:12). David counted wisdom more precious than much fine gold and more delightful than honey (Ps 19:10). David chose to set his heart on wisdom (Ps 119:97,103,111,162). Have you? You should (Col 3:16).

What is knowledge? It is the worldview detailed in the Bible – the separation of fact from fiction, truth from lies, to know reality and righteousness. Knowledge also begins with the fear of God (Pr 1:7), for the existence of God is the first fact and the first cause of all things (Gen 1:1; Rom 11:33-36). Men who reject the existence of God are unreasonable: they are profane and vain babblers, even if called scientists (II Thess 3:2; I Tim 6:20-21).

How is knowledge pleasant to your soul? You choose to admire it as a precious and valuable thing. You cry to God for it (Pr 2:3; Ps 119:66); you crave instruction for it (Pr 12:1; 19:27; 21:11); and you use it with holy confidence (Pr 22:17-21; Job 36:1-4). When you choose to delight in knowledge, you will certainly be rewarded (Pr 24:13-14).

The greatest wisdom and knowledge in the universe are the mysteries revealed in the gospel (I Cor 2:6-16; I Tim 3:16). In it are fabulous secrets unknown to natural men, but clearly revealed to sincere believers (Matt 13:35; Rom 16:25-27). Has this precious wisdom entered your heart? Is this special knowledge pleasant to your soul? It will bring understanding and assurance of eternal life to those who appreciate it and embrace it.