Proverbs 19:14

House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.

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Here are two rules of marital and family wisdom. Only the God of the Bible could put so much wisdom in so few words. Do you understand the two rules for success here? Do you know how to apply the wisdom practically in your life or the lives of those you love?

Good fathers leave an inheritance for children, and only a virtuous wife from God will do. If every father provided financially for his children, each generation would be better off. If every family demanded exceptional women, each generation would improve in godliness. These two rules are fundamental for building a great, long-term, godly family.

Many men do not leave an inheritance for their children. They fail for two major reasons. Either they do not work hard enough and smart enough to generate income beyond their needs, or they waste what they earn through foolish spending or risky investments. Either they are too slothful to earn more than they consume, or they are too foolish or selfish to preserve capital for the next generation. Both are sins condemned by Solomon (Pr 18:9).

Children should help parents in need (I Tim 5:4-8,16), but this is not God’s plan for great families. Parents that do not provide for themselves, and need help from children in old age, destroy families. Christians should save for their grandchildren, not for their parents (II Cor 12:14). Good men leave an inheritance for children and grandchildren (Pr 13:22). This is God’s rule for great families. Note Caleb and Job (Josh 15:17-19; Job 42:12-17).

Great families need more than wealth for prosperity. They also need the blessing of virtuous women, for by their character, diligence, reputation, and training, families are helped to greatness (Pr 14:1; 31:10-31). Great women make great families. Finding an average wife is easy; finding a great wife is like searching for hidden treasure. The LORD must bless such a search by His criteria and His favor (Pr 31:30; 18:22).

A lazy, odious, worldly, or self-righteous woman will keep a family from greatness. She will undermine the son she married, and the grandchildren will have her example and genes. God forbid! Wise parents avoid average girls; they beg God and search for exceptional girls – those rare girls with great diligence, graciousness, spirituality, and humility. Parents should point out examples from scripture and life of these rare women.

A great woman can do more for a family than most other factors. Settle for nothing less. Seek and win them with zealous guile. Pray fervently and often for this rare treasure. Explore every avenue to find one for each son and grandson. Never compromise a rule of Scripture for wives, or you will pay for it. Let nothing distract or hinder you from demanding the very best. Do not settle for average. Forbid your sons to marry down (Gen 26:34-35; Judges 14:1-3). Find holy girls for them (Gen 24:1-67; 28:1-5; Ezra 2:61).

Parent, catch the vision! Plan now, prepare now, and pray now to build a godly family for generations to come by saving money for your children and grandchildren and searching land and sea for great women. Make estate planning a godly goal. Trust the LORD; make the fear of the LORD the most important criterion; and beg Him for mercy in your search for godly women. Commit this family project to Him for His honor and glory.